10 Freakiest Beauty Trends Ever

#10 – Yaeba

Dental care is one of the most important things when it comes to beauty in the United States. People obsess with having the whitest and straightest teeth, trying to look like Hollywood stars. In Japan, things are a bit different. There is a trend circulating, called Yaeba, where people are actually willing to pay to have their teeth pointed into different directions.

The word Yaeba comes from the Japanese meaning of “double tooth.” The procedure involves making the canines and front teeth pop out much farther than the rest of the teeth. It’s not a permanent process, but is actually a veneer that is pasted onto the canines to make them protrude further. Some take it to the extreme and make it permanent, leaving us to wonder what on earth they are thinking.

#9 – Stiletto Surgery

Have you ever found yourself struggling to fit into stilettos or other high heels because your feet don’t quite conform to the shape of the shoe? Now there is a way to fix that, it’s called the Stiletto (or Cinderella) Surgery. The surgery can be quite painful as bunions are removed, toes are shaved to a shorter length, and even fat is injected from other parts of the body into the bottom of the foot.

For those that have a great insurance policy, this isn’t considered to be a cosmetic procedure (although that’s what you’d likely use it as), so it is actually covered in most cases. It can be a bit scary to have your feet chopped in a few different places, but that’s still not as scary as the price, which is over five figures for both feet.


#8 – Eyeball Jewelry

Have you ever watched Japanese animation (otherwise known as Anime)? One of the most noticeable parts of Anime is the fact that every cartoon character has enormous eyes. Now you can look just like one of these characters with a special pair of contacts that makes your eyes look like they are about to pop out of your skull. That’s a safe trend since many people wear contacts in general, but there’s another eye-catching trend that can be downright dangerous.

Many people are getting jewelry in their eyes (yes, in their eyes). This is known as eyeball jewelry. People have actually paid thousands of dollars to have a piece of platinum jewelry (that comes in different shapes) implanted under the outer coating of their eyeball. If these people ever come to their senses that eyeball jewelry wasn’t such a great idea, it’s going to be hard to remove.

#7 – Armpit Hair Dye

Women have been dying their hair since the beginning of time, and have been shaving their underarm hair for just as long. Therefore, it is very common for women to have colored hair on the heads and bare armpits. This new trend reverses both of these traditional beauty ideas for women.

This trend involves women growing out their armpit hair and dying it in different colors of the spectrum. If you really want to show this off to the public, then you probably shouldn’t be wearing long sleeves or it will simply feel like a waste. The real starter of this trend was the master of reinvention herself, Madonna.

#6 – Rainbow Beards

Women aren’t the only ones into dying hair on parts of their body that normally wouldn’t be dyed. With beards in fashion for men, some have been taking their beards to the next level with bright colors, including blue, green and orange. Beards seem to be popular with hipsters, but those that want to be mega hipsters opt for a rainbow beard.

If you want to stand out even farther (which is the ultimate cry for attention), you can even accessorize your beard. Some guys even add glitter and flowers into their beard, of course they can only pull that look off if they work at a coffee shop or a tattoo parlour. You better hope you can pour a mean cup of coffee or create some sweet tats if you want a rainbow beard.

10 Celebrities you didn’t know were gay

#10  Sam Smith!

Smith rose to prominence back in late 2012 when he was featured on the song “Latch” by Disclosure. Smith quickly broke off to his own success with his debut album “In the Lonely Hour” that produced hits such as “Stay With Me,” which landed him his Grammy Awards.

Smith was believed to be straight for the first two years of his career until an interview back in May of 2014 where he revealed that he was actually homosexual. Smith also admitted that he had been in a relationship with the model and actor Jonathan Zeizel, who he revealed was actually the subject of his entire Grammy winning album! During a speech that no one saw coming he thanked Zeizel for breaking his heart, as it allowed him to become successful and win the awards that he had. Despite how recent the news is for us Sam says that he actually “came out” when he was four years old, and that his family has been wonderfully supportive and dependable in helping him to keep his current lifestyle a secret until now.

#9  Zachary Quinto!

Zachary Quinto is 37 years old now, and has said that he knew he was gay at the age of 9.For years it was assumed that Quinto was straight, but he surprised everyone by coming out in October of 2011; his sexuality was announced after the teenaged Jamey Rodemeyer committed suicide as a result of being bullied for being gay.

Many stars had powerful reactions to Jamey’s death, and a lot of momentum was added to the “It Gets Better” campaign, which shows young people that once they get past the unforgiving schoolhouse environment that life becomes much more pleasant for those with differing lifestyles.Quinto felt that he had an obligation as a star to be proud of who he was and to show to young and potentially impressionable fans that it is possible to live a successful life as a gay person and not to be ashamed of one’s nature.

Since Quinto’s announcement he has been a steady activist for LGBT groups, dated the actor Jonathan Groff for two years, and is currently dating the artist Miles McMillan (who he is currently moving in with).

#8 Amber Heard!

Despite the fact that she is married to the mega star Johnny Depp, Heard has said that she is absolutely bisexual, and she has the relationship record to prove it: Heard dated Tasya van Ree for four years before moving onto Depp.

Heard told Elle Magazine back in 2013 that she, “Didn’t want to look like I was hiding anything. I’m not, and wasn’t ever, ashamed.” and is currently an active LGBT activist.Heard originally came out in 2010 at GLAAD’s 25th anniversary event, but made sure to specify that she doesn’t like to be labeled or to label herself; she considers herself as a “free” person who wants to pursue what she wants as it appeals to her.

Amber claimed that her decision to come out was influenced by a profound question she asked herself, which was whether she was contributing to the lack of gay rights by not being more active with her career’s media opportunities, and she ultimately decided that she would begin using her star power to bring awareness to the largest civil issue of our generation.

#7 Bob Harper!

Harper has been on “The Biggest Loser” for more than a decade now, but nobody knew that he was gay until the fifteenth season when he shocked his co-stars by coming clean on the show; a contestant was having problems with admitting their sexuality to their parents, and that’s when Harper admitted to him that he could relate as a result of having to go through the same issues.

Bob Harper’s reveal was given a substantial amount of media coverage, and he used that opportunity to reference the show as a prime example of the narrow-mindedness that can come from those who are judgmental.Harper originally came out to his parents at the age of 17, and he knew at the time that there would be several obstacles that would present themselves to him, but he reached the conclusion that being gay doesn’t mean being weak, and he felt he had to pass that on the viewers at home.

“It’s just who you are,” Harper was greeted with an outpour of support for him on Twitter, although a fair share of Biggest Loser viewers said they were forever done with the show: a decision that Harper says further cemented that he did the right thing.

#6 Jim Parsons!

Although “The Big Bang Theory” had been on the air for more than five years at the time, hardcore fans were still surprised to learn that Parsons was gay: in a New York Times article in 2012 he said that he had been in a relationship with Todd Spiewak for more than 10 years; Parsons doesn’t talk too much about it, so it still continues to surprise people today when they learn about it.

Parsons has described his relationship with Spiewak as “an act of love, coffee in the morning, going to work, washing the clothes, taking the dogs out – a regular life, boring love.” During a recent interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Parsons was pressed on whether he and Todd would be tying the knot anytime soon, but he said that the whole situation is a very complex and that the two were undecided; when Ellen pressed the issue again later in the show, he quipped that she sounded like his mother!

7 Amazing Coloring Books For Adults You Should Buy Right Now

1. ColoringNotebook


ColoringNotebook is the “new kid on the block” in the world of adult coloring books. It is a new startup now taking pre-orders for hand-sewn, made-to-order notebooks with incredible coloring pages inside. The hardback cover is made from Japanese paper and covered in soft leather and you can choose blank, doted or lined paper for jotting notes.

The coloring pages have been designed by graphic artists from all over the world and include animals, mandala, abstracts and patterns, as shown above. This happy combo of a coloring book and notebook will bring you hours of fun and mental relaxation!

Pre-order price: $19.95

Regular price: $25.95

2. Yellow Bird Indie Rock Coloring Book


If you haven’t visited the Yellow Bird website you should. The site is dedicated to supporting indie rock musicians – individuals and bands – primarily by T-shirt sales advertising the musicians and designed by great illustrators. Now, Yellow Bird has created both a coloring book and a coloring poster book, featuring some of the great designs from its illustrators. The poster book is unique, in that each poster is removable for framing (or not).  If you are into indie rock and/or music in general, you will love these designs and have great fun adding your personal touch by selecting your own palette of colors for each design.

The story of Yellow Bird is inspiring in itself. Two college grads decided to set up a site to promote indie rock musicians and to support an array of charities at the same time. As the illustrators design the T-shirts, and now the coloring and poster books, the sales support both the site owners and the musicians. As well, each sale results in a donation to a charity of the musician’s choice.

Indie Rock Coloring Book: 32 pages – $10.00

Indie Rock Poster Coloring Book: 30 removable posters – $25.00

3. Outside the Lines Coloring Book


Here are 256 pages of illustrations by true contemporary masters of cartooning, graphics, music, photography, street artistry, and animation. Assembled by author Souris Hony-Porretta, a blogger about arts and culture, Outside the Lines coloring book holds 256 pages of just phenomenal pictures, patterns, designs, cartoon characters, and more that will inspire your creative juices as you select just the right colors.

What a great book to keep at the office, just for those times when you need a break from a really intense or boring project, or when everything is just “getting to you.” Or what a great way to “wind down” in the evening before going to bed. There is a lot to be said for art therapy for kids. Now you have your own art therapy without the cost of a therapist.

Amazon Price $12.40

4 Reasons Why Crossing Your Legs Is Bad For You


Crossed legs

1. It may temporarily raise your blood pressure

Various small scale studies have been done on this. Most studies confirm that this habit does put up your blood pressure, but only temporarily. Crossing your legs is not going to cause high blood pressure. According to one study, crossing your legs can increase systolic BP by 7% and diastolic by 2%. The researchers noticed that crossing the ankles made no difference whatsoever in the BP readings.

2. It may cause back and neck pain

According to one physical therapist, Vivian Eisenstadt, you are liable to have increased back and neck pain if you cross your legs frequently. She maintains that the hips are slightly twisted when in this position and can cause imbalances in the pelvis. This will put pressure on the spine and that is likely to lead to back pain and even neck pain later on.

“Days and weeks of doing this (leg crossing) are one of the main reasons we have back and neck pain, as well as herniated discs.” – Dr. Vivian Eisenstadt

3. It may be linked to spider and varicose veins

Almost half the US population have spider veins (55% of women and 45% of men) according to the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).Is there a link between these veins and keeping your legs crossed? Some experts believe that genetics, sun exposure and long periods of standing are mainly to blame. However, others believe crossing legs can be a factor. Dr. Hooman Madyoon, a cardiologist at Cedars Sinai Medical Center explains how this happens:

“Crossing your legs increases the pressure on your veins that are responsible for returning blood back to your heart. The pressure of one leg on top of the other impedes your blood flow, which can weaken or damage the veins in your legs. If the veins are damaged or weakened, the blood can leak into them and collect there, causing spider veins or exacerbating existing ones.” – Dr. Madyoon

4. It can cause nerve damage

As we know, the sciatic nerve is the largest in the human body and stretches form the lower back right down to our feet. One branch of the sciatic nerve is the peroneal nerve. Any pressure on this such as leg crossing can cause numbness and tingling and over time may actually damage the nerve. This damage can result in long-term numbness and foot drop, according to the Mayo Clinic.

How to break this habit

Here are some suggestions for you to follow if you find that you are keeping legs crossed for too long and too often. Try to avoid it for longer than ten or fifteen minutes. Every half hour, you should get up and walk around, if working conditions allow for that. Try to get a decent chair which gives you adequate support for your lower back and also make a conscious effort to keep both feet on the floor, with knees and hips as close to ninety degrees as possible.

“The best advice is always not to sit with your legs crossed.”- Dr. Richard Graves, podiatrist

Last, but not least, your leg crossing is sending the wrong message when you are in meetings and networking. If you cross your legs tightly, it presents a rather unwelcoming and closed view of yourself as if you are trying to build a mini fortress around yourself. Body language is often sending more information than what we are actually saying.

“Our nonverbals govern how other people think and feel about us.” – Amy Cuddy


Source: http://www.lifehack.org/

The World’s First Heartless Human Able To Live Without A Pulse

Craig Lewis, a 55-year-old suffering from a life threatening heart problem was admitted to the Texas Heart Institute with a condition called “amyloidosis.” It’s a rare autoimmune disease that fills internal organs with a viscous protein that causes rapid heart, kidney and liver failure.

Source : toptrending

9 Things You Didn’t Know About Spongebob

1. The voice of Spongebob Squarepants is married to the woman who voices Plankton’s computer wife Karen!




2. Squidward from Spongebob Squarepants is an octopus, not a squid.



3. Patrick and Gary the Snail are first cousins.

p and g

[Must Watch] Prison School Live Actions Episode 1 is here!

We’ve waiting for Prison School Live Action. And now its here. Enjoy!



Nakama Presents : LIVE-ACTION SERIES! PRISON SCHOOL : Episode 1SHARE & TAG your friends here so that they can watch this too..Doflamingo_The Joker

Posted by One Piece Nakama on Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Joey de Leon’s “Kabayo” tweets sparked an outrage online! Check this out!

Once again, Joey de Leon took over his Twitter account to express what he’s thinking.
Once again the very vocal entertainer posted a statement on his Twitter account saying that everyone should treat their career the same way they treat love. They shouldn’t rush things and that they shouldn’t compare it to a horse race.

Despite that the comedian-host didn’t even mention a single name, people started assuming that his post pertains to It’s Showtime’s host, Vice Ganda.
However, a lot of netizens defended Joey. They claim that they shouldn’t be assuming things because he didn’t even mentioned any personality.
Source : crackerdaily

World’s First Head Transplant A Success After Nineteen Hour Operation

Johannesburg, South Africa — A 36-year-old man has undergone the world’s first successful head transplant. The ground-breaking operation took a team of surgeons nineteen hours to complete and has allowed the patient to be cancer-free.

Paul Horner, who was diagnosed with bone cancer five years ago, was on the verge of death when he was approved for the controversial and possibly deadly operation.

Doctor Tom Downey, who was part of the South African team who carried out the operation, told CNN he is thrilled about the results.

“It’s a massive breakthrough,” Downey said. “We’ve proved that it can be done – we can give someone a brand new body that is just as good, or better, than their previous one. The success of this operation leads to infinite possibilities.”

Surgeons at Charlotte Maxexe Johannesburg Academic Hospital inJohannesburg carried out the operation in February but waited until they could confirm it was successful before they made any public statement.

Downey spoke to reporters about the complexity behind the first ever head transplant.

“This procedure is another excellent example of how medical research, technical know-how and patient-centered care can be combined in the quest to relieve human suffering.”

The operation was led by Professor Myron Danus and took place on February 10th of this year.

“Our goal is for Horner to be fully functional in two years and so far we are very pleased by his rapid recovery,” said Danus. “Before the operation, Horner’s body was riddled with cancer and he had less than a month to live. We were fortunate enough to find a donor body; a 21-year-old man who has been brain dead from a serious car accident that happened in 2012. The boys body worked just fine, but his brain was not functioning whatsoever, and there was absolutely no chance of recovery.” Danus continued, “We received approval from the young man’s parents to use their sons body to do the operation. They were extremely happy their son could save a life even in the vegetated state that he was in.”

Doctors say Horner has made an 85% recovery; walking, talking and doing the normal things a healthy individual does.

How to avoid being a victim of ‘laglag-bala’ in NAIA

Manila- (CAAP) The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines has issued advisory tips to air transport passengers on how to avoid falling prey to those who extort money using the ”tanim-bala” scheme.

Eric Apolonio CAAP spokesperson advised the Following

  • Strictly monitor all their luggage and never allow strangers to handle them.

  • All zippers, pouches, and pockets of their luggage must be closed, locked and sealed so that if the seal gets broken, a passenger will immediately notice that his bag was opened without his permission.

  •  You should never lose sight of their respective luggage,when passing through airport security X-ray and walk-thru metal detectors .


  • You should immediately get their bags as they exit the X-ray machine.

  • Refuse to carry or accept any luggage or items from strangers.

CAAP will also require all airport security personnel under the Office for Transportation Security (OTS) to wear white gloves while on duty for sanitation purposes.

This will also serve as deterrent against unscrupulous individuals who will try to victimize innocent passengers.

“Security is everyone’s concern so we must all be vigilant for the protection of the riding passengers,” Apolonio said.

CAAP has already allotted funds for additional and upgraded cameras to all CAAP-managed airport.

CAAP is currently managing 84 provincial airports, 42 of which are involved in commercial operations.

The OTS recently came under fire after some its personnel were accused of engaging in the so-called ”tanim bala” modus. Some of its personnel were also accused of stealing the bag of an overseas Filipino worker.

Source : abs-cbn