This new ‘beautifying’ app will make you realize that nothing on the internet is real!

Online romance has been prevalent in the past decades and it is never an assurance that ‘what you see is what you get’. Especially now with hundreds of apps that can change one’s appearance in different social media sites. This new app is one thing netizens should be aware of—and be on the lookout people who ‘edit’ out so much!

This ‘beautifying’ app will definitely let you have trust issues. It does not simply ‘beautify’ the user, but it ultimately transforms you into a whole new different person!

While many women (and men) strongly disagree to magazines ‘editing’ their pictures, it is a fact that almost half of the women of today’s society edit their own pictures before posting them online.

Let’s just be ourselves, please!

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This is how the 2015 Miss Universe contestants look like without makeup

There is no denying that the recent Miss Universe contestants look really gorgeous in their gowns and swim suits. Many viewers had their own biases and favourites in the different contestants

Many people use makeup to transform or improve their looks. It even takes a woman minutes or hours at a time, to enhance their ‘beauty’. The purpose of wearing makeup is for a little improvement—but not to totally cover the face in colour. Can you imagine the Miss Universe 2015 contestants barefaced, with no makeup?

These contestants share their selfies and show the world how beautiful they are, with or without makeup!


Miss Australia

2015 Miss Universe contestants look like without makeup_1


Miss Peru

2015 Miss Universe contestants look like without makeup_2


Miss Ireland

2015 Miss Universe contestants look like without makeup_3


[New Trend] Behind the back ‘Breast Grab’ Challenge

Behind the back ‘Breast Grab’ Challenge_1

A few months back, the “belly button challenge” has taken over the internet. With thousands of women grabbing their own belly button from behind, to show off their ample assets. By being able to touch their belly button from behind, shows how slim their waists are. Yet another craze is taking the internet by storm—the ‘behind the back breast grab challenge’!

Behind the back ‘Breast Grab’ Challenge_2

This new craze is similar to the belly button challenge, the only difference is you have to grab your own breast from behind—proving how slim you are! The craze started on June this year, shortly after the belly button challenge came up.

Behind the back ‘Breast Grab’ Challenge_3

On the Asian social media site, Weibo, a hashtag for the said challenge has reached over 50 million hits and thousands of comments. Up until now, many netizens are taking the challenge and showing off their fit bodies.

Behind the back ‘Breast Grab’ Challenge_4

Would you dare take the challenge?

Most beautiful Japanese Anime Voice Actress

Here are Top 10 Most beautiful Japanese Anime Voice Actress , feel free to add any you like in the comments!

Miyuki Sawashiro (29 Age)

Top 10 Most beautiful Japanese Anime Voice Actress
Play As: Umi Sonoda (love live!), Himawari Furutani (Yuruyuri), Sherlock Shellinford (Milky Holme) and Shion Sumeragi (GJ-Bu)

Miyuki Sawashiro (30 Age)

Top 10 Most beautiful Japanese Anime Voice Actress

Play As: Shinku (Rozen Maiden), Yomi/Dead Master (Black Rock Shooter), Celty Starluson (Durarara!) and Kurapika (Hunter X Hunter)

Maaya Uchida (25 Age)

Top 10 Most beautiful Japanese Anime Voice Actress

Play As: Rika Takanashi (Chuunibyou), Rea Sanka (sankarea), Mao Amatsuka (GJ-Bu!)

[TOUCHING] This old man passed away spending the holiday alone. What happened during his funeral will surely move you!

While most people are asking for extravagant gifts, there are some who are willing to give up everything for the sake of having their family together in a simple meal.
Most elderly people spend their Christmas season alone because their children were too busy creating plans for their own families. It is like the kids that they raised have already forgotten to include them in their own holiday plans.
This old man and a father as well was sad that his children could not make it again for the holiday season. They said that they had other plans.
He was tired of spending the Christmas season all alone.
So the man claims that he had a wonderful yet absurd idea of how he can make the grown up kids come home for Christmas.

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[OFW STORIES] A Short Film That Shows What’s Really Happening At The NAIA! You’ve Got To See This!

There’s a good and bad news for every Filipinos out there. The good news is that the Ninoy Aquino International Airport was finally removed from the list of the worst airports in the world, and the bad news is that the Philippines was now on the list of the most dangerous airports!
There were endless cases of Laglag bala and more and more Filipinos were being afraid to go to the airport.
Due to this case, Brillante Mendoza decided to make a short film that will definitely open your eyes and your minds to the reality!
This film will show all the typical scenarios that are happening in the airport.
People claim that this video should serve as an eye opener to each and every Filipino to start doing something to change this country!

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Forget tattoos! These Led Light Implants are the newest trend

Want that ‘cyborg look’? Well, this new trend might be the perfect thing for you.

Forget tattoos! These Led _1

It takes at least 15 minutes until the procedure is entirely done.  The surgical procedure was offered by the Pittsburgh-based Grindhouse Wetware by Swedish tattoo artist, Jowan Österlund. He thought of the design as something inspired by bioluminescent organisms.

Forget tattoos! These Led _3

Forget tattoos! These Led_2

He ensures that the procedure is safe and clean. “Everyone has to be hygienically clean and sterile,” said Österlund, who normally runs a tattoo studio in Sweden.

Forget tattoos! These Led _4

Once implanted and activated, the Northstar V1 device can backlight existing tattoos or mimic bioluminescence. When a magnet is placed on the device, its five LED lights start to blink. After ten seconds, it goes back into sleep mode.

Forget tattoos! These Led _5

According to its creators, the magnet-activated implant can light up to 10,000 times until the battery completely runs out. This is the time when the implants needs to be surgically removed or replaced with a new one.

Forget tattoos! These Led _6

“Today our creations may still seem like niche products, but once we’ve succeeded at developing a cheap heart implant that automatically warns you before a heart attack, everyone will want our gadgets,” Tim Cannon, founder of Grindhouse Wetware and last week’s recipient of the implant.

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