When Deadpool become anime!

We all know one of the best movie this year is Deadpool but what if it was converted to anime? Check this out!


10 Naruto Uzumaki Facts You Don’t Know

naruto facts naruto uzumaki facts

10.Naruto was actually a demon fox and lived his life as a human boy and the Nine-Tailed Fox that attacked the village was his father.

9. Naruto Uzumaki has never completed an S-Rank mission.



WWE Superstar Dave Bautista’s Call Pacquiao as an Idiot

Many famous celebrities, international stars and personalities offered their reactions and responses in regards to Manny Pacquiao’s controversial statements regarding same-sex marriage. People of all walks of life responded with criticism heavier than the punches the 8-time division world boxing champion weathered inside the ring.

Local artists and other international icons defended the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) community with their own opinions and statements. Pacquiao has been bombarded with attacks that rained down his head, with each blow heavier than the first.

The magnitude of his remarks drew worldwide attention, sending shockwaves throughout each corner sending global buzz that echoed loudly. Since then, Pacquiao offered his sincerest apologies to his statements and remarks about same-sex marriage, though made it clear that he still stands firm in his beliefs.

While many notable personalities have chimed in with their opinions, it appears that former WWE Superstar and Guardians of the Galaxy actor Dave Bautista, known by his ring name ‘Batista’ had a few minced words of his own about Pacquiao’s outlandish statements.

A son of a lesbian mother, he was asked about his thoughts on Pacman’s opinions and gave an answer that left many people surprised!

An open letter for Vice Ganda has gone viral online! Find out why!

We can still recall the hate tweets of Vice that served as her reaction to Manny Pacquiao’s remarks about the same s*x marriage. Vice Ganda literally fired Manny Pacquiao with spicy words because of the thought that he was really offended by the words that Manny Pacquiao used.
And now, Vice is being criticized because of the way he reacted about the issue.
An open letter was created by a netizen, that’s addressed to the most popular comedian in the Philippines, Vice.
In the open letter, the netizen revealed why they’re starting to lose respect for Vice. They revealed that when Vice insulted other artists through his jokes, they never left him.
Read the open letter here:
An open letter for Vice Ganda has gone viral online! Find out why!
Some netizens also agreed with the writer’s thought about the issue. They claim that maybe Vice was just over reacting to things.

First man in the world to get pregnant is back in shape after giving birth to his 3rd child!

Have you heard about the story of the first ever man in the world to get pregnant? Well, it sounds a little insane, but it’s true.
A man named Thomas Beatie who was born as a woman named Tracy Lagondino back in 1974, was hailed as the first ever man in the world to get pregnant, not just once, not just twice, but thrice!
Thomas claims that he was born as a girl, but he knew it then that he wanted to be a man, so at the age of 20, he began taking testosterone injections that made his facial hair more visible, lowered down his voice and minimized his sexual organ.
In 2012, he decided to remove his breasts, while his wife removed her uterus. But then Thomas decided to keep his femal reproductive organ.
Through an artificial insemination, a child was developed. And now, he’s on his way to recovery after giving birth to three children.

Battle between Saudi and Syria may start the World War 3!

With more than 350, 000 soldiers sent to the state of Turkey as a part of a military exercise that was dubbed as the ‘Northern Thunder’.
Along with the troops, 20, 000 tanks, 2, 450 warplanes and 460 military helicopters are sent to the military base of the Turkey as well.
Battle between Saudi and Syria may start the World War 3!
This is inline with the possibility of Middle Eastern countries to invade Syria where the terroristgroup of ISIS has been dominating the government as well as the civilians.

Battle between Saudi and Syria may start the World War 3!
Based on the statement of the foreign minister of Turkey, Cavusoglu, ‘Saudi Arabia visited the base for exploration. Saudi Arabia declared its determination against Daesh by saying that they were ready to send both jets and troops.’
Battle between Saudi and Syria may start the World War 3!
But many claim that there will be a conflict since there are countries such as the Russia and Iran who has been allies with the Syria.
Source : crackerdaily

A teacher wrote an open letter for Vice Ganda saying: “Hindi pala siya makatao.”

Vice Ganda is the type of comedian who has a different way of entertaining other people. While others are simply cracking a corny joke, to make other people laugh, Vice Ganda is insulting a person’s appearance through his jokes.
In connection with the way Vice Ganda entertains other people, a teacher wrote an open letter for him.
The anonymous teacher claims that he/she’s quite disturbed by the way Vice Ganda expresses a joke. It was also stated in the viral letter that they’re getting more and more scared by the possible outcome of Vice’s influence to the children.
A teacher wrote an open letter for Vice Ganda saying: "Hindi pala siya makatao."
Yes, a lot of people are blaming Vice Ganda for the way children in this generation act and speak.
However, the supporters of Vice Ganda remained calm and simply defended the star from all the haters.
Source : crackerdaily

Student Who Disrespected The National Flag By Using It As A Mop!

A student is now gaining negative criticisms from the online community after a video of him disrespecting the national flag of the Philippines went viral on social media sites.
As seen on the video, the unidentified student was being filmed as he proudly used the replica of the Philippine flag using the small piece of fabric to clean the floor. The flag was used as a mop.
The netizens were furious by the act that he did saying that it is very disrespectful to do that.
It is being taught in every school from elementary to college how to respect and take good care of the flag.
According to the Republic Act No. 8491, “mutilation, defacement, defilement, trampling upon or casting contempt any act or omission casting dishonor or ridicule upon the flag over its surface.”
Anyone found guilty of violating provisions in said act will “be punished by a fine of not less than Five thousand pesos (5,000.00) not more than Twenty thousand pesos (P20,000.00), or by imprisonment for not more than one (1) year, or both such fine and imprisonment, at the discretion of the court.”

Walang galang na bata. Hindi ba tinuturo sainyo sa paaralan yan na dapat galangin ang ating bandila?dahil sa ginawa mo hindi lang tela binastos mo kundi ang lipunan kung nasaan ka ngayon. para kang hindi Pilipino sa pagpapasikat mo. Kung sa tingin mo popogi ka sa ginawa mong Pasikat ka. Nagkakamali ka. Pero wag ka mag alala sisikat ka dito sa kalokohan mo.Like Filipino Netizens.

Posted by Filipino Netizens on Monday, 8 February 2016

Source : trendingnewsportal

Joey De Leon Tweets for Vice Ganda

Another set of tweets as posted by Joey De Leon on his twitter account. It was a series of words which entitled as ‘Bored Of Wisdom’, which are often words coming from his mind as a result of being bored.
Joey is known as someone who will post something when he wants to. There are instances that people claim that it is unnecessary to post those things, but he still does it.
Now, these posts brought controversy once again as people claim that these tweets are pertaining to Vice Ganda.
It is known that there is a competition and argument between these two personalities because of the hits and blows that they give towards each other.
However, there are some that say that it might just be another coincidence. It might just be another random post which is created for his fans and not to bash Vice.

Characters Who Can Beat Goku

Top Ten Characters Who Can Beat Goku

Welcome to my new list that will take a look at characters who can beat Goku. There are not many characters who can do that. But still there are a few characters who are strong enough to actually beat Goku. And here they are in my Top Ten Characters Who Can Beat Goku.(keep in mind the list is not ordered)

10. Vados

Top Ten Characters Who Can Beat Goku

Vados is the sister of Whis. Whis is the strongest character in their universe and Whis was trained by Vados. So it goes to say that Vados can beat Goku.

9. Whis

Top Ten Characters Who Can Beat Goku
Whis is a character who trained Goku so that he was able to achieve the Super Saiyan Blue form. Without him Goku would still be struggling trying to increase his powers.