After seeing this you will believe why Japan is the weirdest country!

What do you think you can do with a transparent tube, two women, and a cicada? In Japan, this is easy…it’s a game show!

It was just recently when this hilariously odd Japanese clip from the variety show “AKBingo!” took the internet by storm. Well, who would have thought such kind of revolting game? I’m starting to believe that Japan is home to the most bizarre game shows in the world after seeing this!

crazy japanese game 6

The game starts with two girls placed on opposite sides sucking the end of the transparent tube…with a dead cicada placed in the middle.

crazy japanese game 1image credit: buzzfeed

The two will battle by blowing the insect against each other’s mouth…the loser will receive an instantly penalty. A stomach-churning penalty!

crazy japanese game 2image credit: buzzfeed


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This Is How Naruto Really Ends. Kakashi’s Mystery Finally Revealed! LOL

After 15 years the Naruto manga finally ends, but the ending seems to be a little bit lacking so some fans made their assumptions on how Naruto really ends. Here is a collecting of some Naruto fan art and memes that will put a smile on your face.

This is what really happens before chapter 700
So Naruto and Hinata got wed.


And they have one naughty son and cute daughter named Bolt and Himawari.


One big happy family.


This is how Sai and Ino feel in love.


Lucky enough to have their own families.


But it seems not all of them are lucky enough to have a wife. LOL


It could have been happier if these two were alive …


And of course pervy sage Jiraiya.


But the real mystery isn’t still revealed.


Curious enough to see how Kakashi look like without the mask?

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These are the signs that your Man is Cheating on you! Dont be a fool

Some guys are unfaithful to their partners for different reasons, but the signs of cheating are universal. Is your relationship getting colder? Does he suddenly wants space and privacy? It might be an indication that he has another women.

You need to be aware of those things and to give you a hint, below are 13 signs that your man is cheating on you. Some are obvious while others not. Just remember, any one sign by itself is not nearly as compelling as several or a pattern.

1. His mood changes quickly.

moodPhoto: dailymail

This might be the result of him being conflicted: being with you but wanting to spend time with the new woman. Naturally it will lead to frustration, moodiness, and even anger. He may even start fights in an effort to sabotage your relationship (there’s no real reason for him to leave, so he has to create one).

2. He deviates from his baseline behavior.

behaviorPhoto: wikihow

People have patterns to their behaviors and after spending time with someone for a number of months/years, you’ll know what their typical behavior is. When there’s a gross distraction such as an affair, patterns will change. You know how they will act in certain situations and when they act differently, there has to be an explanation. It could be something else real and tangible — but if not, this could indicate he is cheating.

3. He has sudden change in his appearance.

groomingPhoto: fashionbeans

Does his look changed rapidly? Is he getting in shape? Or developed a new taste in clothing and style? These changes must be a sign that a guy is cheating. Mostly men want to look fresh and new to impress a girl. It’s the body’s primal means of preparing for courtship or attracting a mate. In addition, they start taking much better care of themselves and take a lot of pride in their appearance. He’s suddenly pressing his clothes, coiffing his hair and shaving daily which he didn’t do before … especially when leaving the house without you.

4. He has an overnight change in musical taste.

musicPhoto: gizmodo

There’s nothing wrong with trying new things. But when it’s out of the blue and your significant other isn’t exposed to the change, it’s a warning sign that something is amiss.

This guy is so depress so he adopt a realistic daughter doll!

Some people show ways of loving differently. What may seem odd to others may seem like the ray of positive light that makes a person human and lovable. Such is the case of a Chinese man who took on a family in a form of a doll.

Song Bo was diagnosed with a serious illness years ago. He experienced a lot of headaches and pain, and because of this he became depressed. He was led to believe that he would never be able to marry or have children, as most men do.

But, fate has its way of changing his life. One day, while browsing the web, he came across a website called Taobao that offers a child-sized love doll.

He then bought a 4’10 doll for $2,200 and instantly fell in love with it.

Song Bo b

It may have been just a well-made, realistic-looking doll, but for Song Bo it’s someone important.

Song Bo a

Much like people who long for a child, Song Bo started treating the doll like his daughter.

Song Bo g

He brings it along all his trips, and so a girl he calls Xiao Die “little butterfly” made his days brighter.

Song Bo c

Song Bo is not alone, he lives with his mother who like any other mother loves Song Bo enough, that she posed no objections when he brought the doll, or his “daughter” into their lives. Like any supportive mother (to kids who bring home pets maybe or find imaginary friends) she decided to be open and didn’t tell him that treating it like a real child isn’t normal.

Song Bo e

Probably, Song bo’s mom noticed the positive effect it had on her depressed son.

Song Bo j

Song Bo seems to be happy with his doll daughter just like a regular “father-daughter” tandem, enjoying their days in cinemas and cafes.

Song Bo i

His face reflects genuine care and happiness, as though he is really with a real child.

Song Bo d

Some may see their relationship as sad and strange, but it is indeed heartwarming…

Song Bo k

How someone finds love no matter in what form it may be.

Song Bo l

May this relationship allow us to be more loving towards our families. And may we be moved to be more compassionate towards people with depression. If they have the capacity to show tenderness towards dolls, imagine how loving they could be too if given the chance.

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This man will call the real iron man

Do you remember how Hiro of “Big Hero 6” controls his microbots with his neurotransmitter that he wears on his head? Apparently, such thing isn’t just happening in movies but also in real life. Take this 31-year-old partially disabled man, who created something like the neurotransmitter to control his homemade bionic arm.

Wayan Sumardana from Bali, Indonesia, made himself a bionic arm in his workshop in the village of Nyuh Tebel in the Karangasem regency.
robot arm
Also known as Tawan, he suffered a mild stroke six months ago that paralyzed his left arm and hand, making him unable to work.
One day he saw his son crying because the poor lad didn’t have any money for snacks. That very moment, he knew he had to do something.
Obsessed with machine since childhood and with his knowledge in electrical engineering, the welder came up with an idea to make a bionic arm machine out of junk.
He then made a ‘neurotransmitter-like head band’ that send signals from his brain and amplified to his robotic arm.

Tawan said, “It’s similar to a lie detector. There are electrodes attached to my scalp, whose functions are to take small signals from the head. These signals would not be detected without this device. The signal is brought forward to an enlarged signal and then taken to the micro-control in my back and transferred to the front.”

bionic arm

“For example, I intend to move this part. Are all part of this activity, but depending on our needs. If the tool is not active, my hand silently sticks to the body. The process works like a dynamo; if there is a shortcut, it remains quiet but spends more energy,” he further explained.

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Must Read: 10 Symptoms That Could Mean You Have Cancer

Cancer can kill anyone, it doesn’t matter if you’re rich and famous, or the lowest of the low. Once you have it, you’re a dead man walking. However, the risk can be averted if it can be detected as early as possible, but sadly, most of us disregards these ‘red flag’ symptoms until it is too late.

It may sound like overreacting, but no! Experts have revealed 10 red flag symptoms that may mean you have cancer. Check out below

1. Persistent cough – Lung Cancer

Man sneezingPhoto:

Apparently, most lung cancers do not cause any kind of symptoms until they have spread too much to be cured. But, signs do occur in other people in the early stages of lung cancer. A persistent cough that does not go away, or changes in a chronic cough or ‘smoker’s cough’ can be an early indication of the disease. Chest pain related to coughing, deep breathing or laughing as well as hoarseness and coughing up blood are early warning signs.

2. Change in the appearance of a mole –  Skin Cancer


Melanoma is the most deadly form of skin cancer, it can appear anywhere on the body, but they are most commonly seen on the back, legs, arms and face and even underneath a nail. Despite being rare, they often spread to other organs in the body, making them more deadly. And the appearance of a new mole or a change in an existing mole is the most common sign .

Signs to look out for include a mole that is:

  • Getting bigger
  • Changing shape
  • Changing color
  • Bleeding or becoming crusty
  • Itchy or painful

A helpful way to tell the difference between a normal mole and a melanoma is the ‘ABCDE’ checklist:

Asymmetrical – melanomas have two very different halves and are an irregular shape.

Border – melanomas have a notched or ragged border.

Colors – melanomas will be a mix of two or more colors.

Diameter – melanomas are often larger than 6mm (1/4 inch) in diameter.

Enlargement or elevation – a mole that changes size over time is more likely to be a melanoma.

3. Persistent change in bowel habits – Bowel Cancer


There are three main indications of bowel cancer and they are blood in the stools or feces, a change in bowel habit, such as going more frequently, or having looser stools, and abdominal pain. Patients with the disease are mostly over the age of 60, and they will present to their doctor with one of the following symptom combinations:

  • A persistent change in bowel habit, causing a person to go to the toilet more often and pass looser stools, together with blood on or in the stools
  • A persistent change in bowel habit without blood in their stools, but with abdominal pain
  • Blood in the stools without other hemorrhoid symptoms, such as soreness, discomfort, pain, itching, or a lump hanging down outside the rectum
  • Abdominal pain, discomfort or bloating always provoked by eating, and sometimes resulting in a reduction in the amount eaten and weight loss

Teacher in China tries to rape his student on Daylight while other students are watching

Disturbing photos of an attempted rape in broad daylight has emerges which shows a naked teacher attacking a female high school student inside the school’s vicinity.

According to reports, on March 28 at Taiping High School in Guangxi, China, the naked man identified as Huo grabbed hold of the girl from behind and pushed her against a wall.

While students around them did nothing because of shock, other teachers immediately intervened and managed to free the student from the 30-year-old male teacher.

As per reports, the Publicity Department of Lingshan County confirmed the incident and said Huo has a suspected mental illness and had received treatment for psychotic episodes in 2011.

However, after two years he was declared fit to return to work and worked in the laboratories of the school.

Faculty members immediately called the cops and informed the man’s family who took him to the hospital for treatment.

The victim reportedly suffered no injuries in the ordeal.

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Enhance your breast size without any surgery. Exercise will do!

More and more women are dreaming of having the perfect shaped and perfect sized breasts. They claim that having the perfect breasts could possibly be the best asset that a woman could have.
Experts claim that the sizes of a woman’s breasts wouldn’t change unless she undergoes pregnancy or menopausal period.
Some women are spending so much money just to undergo such treatment or surgery for breast enlargement. What they didn’t know is that there are several exercises that could enhance their breasts.
Note: If you are thin, you might want to add a few pounds to your body. Gaining weight could also be a way to have a larger breast.
Follow the exercise on the video.
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Straight Women Touch Other Women’s Vaginas For The First Time and what happen is…

As you may have guessed from the title, this article is going to focus heavily on vaginas. That’s “heavily” – not “heavy”. In this context that would be kind of weird… You’ve probably all seen the video of gay men touching boobs for the first time, and thankfully this hilarious video is in a similar vein.

Lesbian themed YouTube channel BriaAndChrissy have been hard at work, getting straight women to touch VJs for the first time. Obviously these ladies have all touched their own over the years (quite a bit I’d imagine), but this time they are being tasked with exploring an alien version.

Maybe I need to choose my words more carefully…


As a straight man, I know that touching vaginas is great and I think it’s about time everyone got the memo. I can’t think of a time when touching a lady downstairs hasn’t made me happy – isn’t that what life is all about?

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Ten of the weirdest and easiest jobs you’ve probably never heard of

Today, many jobs require sitting or standing for hours in a day. Workers tend to develop spinal health problems and issues than can sometimes lead to their early demise. While many of these workers work for more than half of their lives, the money they earn isn’t even enough to send their children to school.

The following video shows a compilation of the weirdest jobs out there that you never thought existed—and they pay well! Imagine sleeping during your work time, and get paid? Yes, this dream job truly exists! Check them out—hopefully they are hiring, though.


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