Daniel Padilla Beast Mode on his Concert!

While Daniel having his concert some of his fans said F word to him that leads him to get mad on the stage watch the video below:


COA: Tacloban Goverment Misspent P17-B ‘Yolanda’ funds

Possible irregularities and numerous violations of the procurement law have been found in the way the Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA) spent P688.718 million for Typhoon Yolanda relief operations and its anti-coconut scale insect project last year.

Contracts were allegedly awarded to questionable suppliers using the emergency mode of procurement that gave “no assurance that the availed prices were most advantageous to the government,” according to the 2014 Commission on Audit (COA) report released over the weekend.

Concerned PCA personnel must face sanctions and be held liable for deviating from relevant provisions of Republic Act 9184, the Government Procurement Reform Act, as well as its implementing rules and regulations (IRR), the COA added.

A review of documents supporting the awarding of contracts to the suppliers allegedly showed “documentary and procedural deficiencies, which is an indication that the bids and awards committee (BAC) and other officials concerned lacked sufficient awareness or knowledge in the procurement processes prescribed under RA 9184,” the COA report said.

No Project Procurement Management Plan (PPMP) and Annual Procurement Plan (APP) were made prior to or at the onset of procurement of goods and services, state auditors said.

COA auditors also found out that one out of 5 beneficiaries of the million-peso Emergency Shelter Assistance (ESA) program of the city’s social welfare office were not eligible.

The report said: “For CY 2015, the City Government of Tacloban disbursed a total amount of P728,260,000 for the DSWD Emergency Shelter Program for 138 barangays. The [City Social Welfare and Development Office, CSWDO] did not follow some of the program implementation guidelines.”

These included giving assistance to families with monthly incomes of P15,000 or higher, and lack of physical inspections of the recipients’ homes. The auditors also found out that there was wide disparity in the amounts distributed to the recipients, which were not commensurate to the damage their homes incurred due to the typhoon.

Source: ManilaTimesPhilStar

Jim Paredes crticized for posting meme about Duterte

Jim Paredes in hot water after posting an image of president-elect Rodrigo Duterte wearing Sto Niño clothes on May 25, 2016.


Netizens felt that the singer disrespected both the Davao City mayor and the saint for putting Duterte’s face on the saint body.

“I now reject the Son of God from Davao.. I believe in Duterteronomy as my bible.”, the veteran singer captions the meme.


Student Caught “Up Skirting” Photo in Metro

A young man tried to sneakily take some pics up a young woman’s skirt while they were both waiting in line to board a Line 2 train at the Shanghai Metro’s Century Avenue station.

Photos posted on Weibo recently capturing a man brazenly taking upskirt photos in the Shanghai Metro have stirred public outcry.


Uploaded by the keen-eyed @Phillips_Vans, the photos show a young man using his cell phone to take several photographs up the skirt of a woman in front of him waiting to board the train.


However, he wasn’t quite sneaky enough. While his actions weren’t noticed by the victim, they were spotted by another commuter, who snapped some pictures and later uploaded them to Weibo, a Twitter like social networking site in China.

Check the video below (Its not the same person but still he was doing up skirting  video )

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Press conference of President Duterte May 31 2016

President Duterte is already elected and watch his latest press conference here!



It’s ON!

After the controversial video fight between Baron Geisler and Kiko Matos.

The call was made by URCC president Alvin Aguilar on Monday, after reports surfaced that Geisler and Matos figured in a bar brawl over the weekend.

“We’d like to extend the invitation to Baron Geisler and Kiko Matos. If you guys are really going to fight, the URCC cage is open for both of you,” Aguilar said. “Do it there instead of in the bars. So you’re very very welcome.”

Later on Monday, URCC announced that Matos has accepted the challenge.

“Kiko Matos already got in touch with our new match-maker, Ronald Catunao and said that he will fight Baron Geisler inside the URCC cage on June 25, 2016. Kiko Matos will start training as soon as Baron Geisler confirms as well. Stay tuned!” the promotion announced.

After a few moments Baron accepted the challenge.


“Baron Geisler just contacted our match-maker over the phone and says that he wants to settle everything with Kiko Matos inside the cage on URCC Fight Night this coming June 25, 2016 at the Palace Pool Club,” URCC confirmed through its Facebook page on Tuesday.

Check how Kiko Matos React on Baron statement:

Source : gmanews

Gorilla Shot Death who was Trying to Protect a Boy

The 450-pound gorilla fatally shot during a rescue operation inside Cincinnati zoo didn’t appear to be attacking the 3-year-old boy who fell into its enclosure, according to a witness.

Harambe, a 17-year-old male Western lowland silverback gorilla, was shot dead by a zoo response team after it was seen dragging the child through the moat in its enclosure. However, Kim O’ Connor, a zoo visitor who shot the video, said that the gorilla was protecting the child prior to its shooting.

O’ Connor believes that the screaming of people scared the gorilla.

“I don’t know if the screaming did it or too many people hanging on the edge, if he thought we were coming in, but then he pulled the boy down away further from the big group,” O’ Connor told NBC.

According to PETA primatologist Julia Galluci, it is common for gorillas to act in a nurturing way toward humans.

“Gorillas have shown that they can be protective of smaller living beings and react the same way any human would to a child in danger,” she said.

Despite the zoo’s claims that they needed to put down the critically endangered gorilla since the boy’s was in a “life-threatening situation”, social media users lambasted them for their decision to kill Harambe. PETA also criticized the zoo for not having a second protective barrier around the habitat of the gorilla.

“They made a tough choice and they made the right choice because they saved that little boy’s life,”zoo director Thane Maynard explained. “It could have been very bad.”

Furthermore, Maynard added that they opted not to tranquilize Harambe since the drugs aren’t fast-acting and may not be effective for his size.

Duterte says killing of corrupt Philippines journalists justified

The Philippines’ controversial president-elect has picked a new fight.

Speaking at a press conference to unveil his new cabinet Tuesday, Rodrigo Duterte said journalists killed on the job in the Philippines were often corrupt.
“Just because you’re a journalist you are not exempted from assassination, if you’re a son of a bitch,” Duterte said. “Freedom of expression cannot help you if you have done something wrong,” he added.
His comments were a response to a question about how to protect press freedom after a crime reporter was shot dead in Manila on Friday.
The National Union of Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP) was quick to blast the leader for his “appalling” comments.
“Nothing justifies the murder of journalists,” chair Ryan Rosuaro said in a statement.
The Philippines is one of the world’s most dangerous countries for journalists. The Committee to Protect Journalists, an independent press freedom organization, says 77 journalists have died in Philippines since 1992.
The NUJP claims 176 of their colleagues have been murdered since 1986.
Duterte’s outrageous comments are the latest in a bombastic campaign to fight corruption and threaten criminals. He’s previously declared that he will be a “dictator” against evil, and vowed to step down in six months if he failed to fulfill his promise to stamp out corruption.


CNN Version here : http://edition.cnn.com/2016/05/31/asia/philippines-duterte-journalists/


Here is another OFW from DUBAI who lost his items from his baggage at NAIA. Based on his statement the things inside his baggage is just his clothes and some chocolates to give to his family but unfortunately he lost it. His luggage is weighing 17 kilos to 7kilos.  Watch the video below :


WATCH : 3 Whistle Blowers Reveal Electoral Fraud Allegedly organized by Liberal Party

3 Whistle Blower revealed how Liberal Party cheat over this May Election. Their spokesperson, who is allegedly a supervisor in a government owned company revealed that they were used to manipulate the votes sent to Comelec server in favor of Liberal Party candidates. Watch the video Below:


Source : Rappler