Using Mobile Phones while Driving is now Punishable by Law!

We overheard that there are new bills that were passed recently, these are new road safety bills, Anti Distracted Driving Act and the Speed Limiters Act of 2016. The first one the Anti Distracted Driving Act. “Distracted driving is performing any of the following acts while driving a vehicle in motion or temporarily stopped at a red light”.

Such acts are using mobile device to text write send or read a text based communication, surf the internet compose messages etc is included.

There will be fines for violators. For the first offence PHP 5,000. second offence 10,000, third offence 15,000 together with suspension of drivers license. Speed Limiters Act of 2016 enforces the installation of Speed Limiters on selected Public Utility Vehicles. This act is for the safety of the people.

CBCP Ask to Arrest religious groups involved in illegal drugs trade and prostitution inside Bilibid

The executive secretary of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines said the government should arrest and prosecute any religious group proven to be involved in the illegal drugs trade.

“If there is evidence against any religious group allegedly peddling drugs, the government is duty-bound to arrest, prosecute and put them behind bars,” said Fr. Jerome Secillano.

Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre had said that a religious group was involved in illegal drugs inside the national penitentiary, and that the group even had a chapel at the prison.

The revelation prompted a temporary ban on preaching and other religious activities inside the NBP.

Secillano said that no one should be above the law in the war against illegal drugs.

He said that Aguirre was right in no longer allowing the religious group “to operate under the guise of proclaiming the faith” and that the group should be stopped from fooling the people.

“Religious groups are supposed to build and not destroy lives; they are to preach hope and not ruin the future; they are expected to help reform prisoners and not condone an anomalous lifestyle,” Secillano said.

Source: Inquirer

Jay-R Siaboc Reunited with Yeng Constantino On ASAP! Must Watch

Jay-R Siaboc , former contestants of Pinoy Dream Academy has recently reunited with Yeng Constantino in ASAP on Sunday.

On Sunday, Jay-R and Yeng performed Rivermaya’s hit song entitled “Himala.”

Their reunion was actually Jay-R’s first ever appearance on ASAP after he topped the headlines following his surrender to the authorities

Jay-R claims that he surrendered not because he’s a pusher, but because he wanted to clean his name.

Source: ABS-CBN,VK


Duterte tells communist leaders – Don’t touch my police, military; we’ll never give an inch of land


If communist leaders intend to continue peace negotiations with the government, they better heed President Rodrigo Duterte’s message: don’t touch the Philippine National Police and Armed Forces of the Philippines.

“What I cannot give you (leftist rebels): ‘Yung police pati military akin talaga. Nobody intrudes in that territory. All others, inyo na. I’m offering to you almost everything. ‘Wag lang police, military. It’s out of the question. Pag ayaw ninyong tanggapin ‘yan, thank you,” said a grim-faced Duterte in a speech during the wake of the militiaman killed in an ambush by the New People’s Army.

The killing forced Duterte to take back the unilateral ceasefire he declared just a few days ago in his first State of the Nation Address. Duterte said that from the start when he sent overtures that he would like to talk peace with the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP), he already declared that he would never agree to giving an inch of the country’s territory to rebels’ hands.

“Tell me that I will order the Army or Police out of the mountains. That is out of the question. Sinabi ko na ‘yan sa inyo noon, at the start, kay (NDFP spokesperson Fidel) Agcaoili. It is not an issue at all because ayaw kong makipag-usap ng (teritoryo). Ang may-ari nitong lupa dito lahat, Republic of the Philippines. The people of the Philippines,” said Duterte.
Duterte aired this warning to the communists to show he was dead serious : “Hindi ko kayo tinatakot. Pag ayaw ninyo, okay sa akin. We fight for another generation.”

President Duterte Dinner with Informal Settlers! Heart Touching!

President Duterte has been in office for just a few weeks but he already done a lot of things for our country. He has done a lot of good things. He has a lot of good plans set in improving our country. He has done a lot of things in making our country better. Our president helps people. He truly cares and helps people who are in need.

Well the usual picture of administration and informal settlers before are just mostly gang fights or demolition. But the President once again proved that he is different.

He even mag them canned goods. This speaks highly of his willingness to serve and that he understands the situation of the people especially those who are underprivileged.

I was touched when I saw this. Our president helps people. Thank You Mr. President.

Source:  TheseIFieBoy,vk

Look: Girlfriend of Jovit Baldivino Gives Birth To Their First Baby!

Many people were truly inspired by the love story of Jovit Baldivino and his girlfriend Shara Chavez.

Before, Shara Chavez is a avid fan of Jovit, to his girlfriend, and now, she has just become the mother of their first baby!

Jovit Baldivino is now a proud father after his girlfriend gave birth to their first baby on July 29, 2016!

On her social media account, Shara posted a photo of her and her baby which they named as baby Akeya.


“First we had each other, then we had you. Now we have everything! Welcome to the outside world little one. We love you so much baby Akeya!! Jovit Lasin Baldivino” She wrote

Congrats Jovit and Shara!

Source : TNP,VK

65-Year-Old Man Married a Child Bride To The Public. See how people Reacted!

Up to this day over 91 countries considers child marriage legal. In fact, each year about 15 million girls got married on their childhood.

A social investigation, a crusade initially did by a group called “KAFA”, was done initially by Youtuber Corby Persin just to gauge how individuals would respond on the off chance that they see an old man getting married to a child.

Watch the video below:

They took it to Time Square, New York, and showed a 65-year-old pensioner taking pictures with his 12-year-old bride.

Apparently, they leave everyone dumbfounded and in disbelief. And of course, they just cannot help but intervene. One woman, went to them and ask the girl if she was okay. She then lashed out to the man and asked angrily, “What are you doing with someone her age?”

Source : wereblog,vk

NBP tunnels confirmed by Aguirre used as ‘shabu’ labs. Must Read!

MANILA – Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II revealed Thursday how narcotics are smuggled into and cooked inside the New Bilibid Prisons (NBP) in Muntinlupa City.

Citing intelligence reports, Aguirre said methamphetamine or shabu is often mixed with bottled water delivered to the NBP.

Prisoners boil the narcotics-laced water until only shabu crystals remain, he said.

Watch the report below:

The Department of Justice has received offers of technological aid to search for the tunnels.

“Iyung pagpasok nila ng napakaraming bottled water diyan, iyun po ay kanilang iinitin at iyung tinatawag nating precipitate, iyung matitira — iyun po pala ay shabu for internal consumption diyan sa loob,” he said.

Aguirre said he also received information that drugs are being cooked inside hidden underground tunnels at the NBP.

Source : ABS-CBN, PhilStar, GMA news


BB Gandang Hari Exposed Her Body Uploading A Clothe-less! Going Viral Online!

Bb Gandanghari shows off her bare naked body on Instagram this afternoon.

She is a 49-year old transwoman, was captured lying on her chest on the beach without wearing anything. She also used no filter or makeup, based on her hashtags.

“I AM… my God’s creation,” she wrote.

Netizens were in amazed and even jealous of Bb’s “sunbaked” body.

Bb Gandanghari

“Hotness! Mas mainit pa sa araw!” @sunflower_gracie wrote.

“Awwsss im soooo jealous!” a netizen venz14 said.

“Wapak na pak ganern … bet ko yan!” @iamjdzap added. “Good job mother!!!!”

Viral: Ira Panganiban slams Inquirer having tally of the killings since Duterte assumed post

A post slamming the Philippine Daily Inquirer for crying out loud against the killings in the wake of the anti-drug campaign is making the rounds online.

In a Facebook post shared more than 2,000 times as of Sunday morning, journalist Ira Panganiban castigated the so-called “decent and progressive thinkers” for making a lot of noise on social media decrying the killings of suspected drug pushers during police operations.

Please check the full text below:

Syet da pwet!!!!

Let’s call a spade a spade.

Andaming matatalino sobrang ingay tungkol sa pagpatay sa mga pusher at adik!!!

These so-called decent and progressive thinkers all cry about the number of killings since President Rodrigo Duterte assumed his post.

The Philippine Daily Inquirer even has a running tally of the killings in their pages. The last number I looked at is 400+ nationwide!!! (Sorry PDI kayo lang may running tally eh.)

So, where was the Inquirer in 2014? Did they have a running tally then?

In May-June of 2014, the PNP recorded 993 riding-in-tandem killings in Quezon City alone!!!!

Sa Quezon City pa lang yan!!!!

Syet da pwet! Dalawang buwan lang at sa QC lang!!!!

And according to QCPD records, most of the killings are drug related with QC having the highest drug problem nationwide!!!!
Ulitin natin!

993 riding-in-tandem dead from May-June 2014 in Quezon City alone!!!! Mostly Drug related cases pa!!!!

Eh ano ang numero for the whole of 2014? Or 2013? Or 2012? Or 2011? Or 2015?

Meron bang mga drug adik at pusher na sumuko in those years? Gaano kadami? Umabot ba ng 75,000?

Bumaba ba ang crime rate incidents noon? May natukoy bang high ranking, high profile drug protectors?

Ngawngaw tayo ng ngawngaw ng “it could be us next.” Eh yung mga nauna ng mga biktima ng drug related terminations nasaan tayo noon?

Magbigay kaya tayo ng creative solutions? Puntahan kaya natin yung mga sumukong adik at pusher at bigyan natin ng pag-asa? Magtayo kaya tayo ng organisasyon na tutulong sa mga nagbalik loob para umayos ang buhay nila?

Hindi yung “ay adik at pusher, kadiri to death” ang ugali ninyo!!!

Leche!!! Para kayong commercial ng sabon!!! Yung 91% naging malinis na, kayo na lang ang natitira. Mga germs!!!


The aim of the noisy peeps is to galvanize public opinion against the Duterte administration and undermine the campaign for their own ulterior motives.

The post made a special mention of the Philippine Daily Inquirer who even created a running tally of the killings since Duterte assumed post to sensationalize the issue and scare the hell out of the netizens.

Mr. Panganiban cited an interesting statistics taken during the period of May-June of 2014, the PNP recorded 993 riding-in-tandem killings in Quezon City alone!!!!

He said, according to QCPD records, most of the killings are drug related in QC and having the highest drug problem nationwide!!!!

Source :Ira Panganiban