This Girl born without genitals? She reveals what making love feels like

A young woman found out she was born without a vagina after she spent years wondering why she had not gotten her period.

21-year-old Chelsea Poole was diagnosed with Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome at the age of 16.

Chelsea Poole

For years, Chelsea wondered why she had not gotten a period

She was told by doctors that she was born without a cervix, womb or genital tract. This has led Chelsea to wonder if she is even a woman.

According to her, “It took four years to get a diagnosis. I was just a young girl who didn’t feel normal because I couldn’t get my period. When I was diagnosed, I chose not to tell anyone, just close family.

Chelsea Poole

Chelsea was diagnosed with a rare condition at age 16

For her to be able to have sex, she had to undergo therapy to exercise her vagina so that it can be stretched into shape.

She had sex for the first time at age 19.

Chelsea Poole

Chelsea has sex for the first time at age 19

She says: “It was quite surreal because, at the time, he knew nothing about it. Later I confessed and he was really supportive, but I didn’t want my condition hanging over my first time.

Anne Curtis Caught Doing This off Cam! MUST WATCH!

Celebrity schedules can be so hectic at times that they don’t even have time for themselves. They are deprived of sleep and rarely have leisurely lunches when they’re working. It’s no wonder her co-hosts made fun of her when Anne Curtis was spotted eating backstage while ABS-CBN’s  noontime show ‘It’s Showtime’ was airing.

Vice Ganda and Vhong Navarro were hosting when the camera suddenly shifted to Anne Curtis enjoying her meal backstage. Vice Ganda joked and called Anne, ‘lamonera‘ which, of course, had the audience in stitches!

Source: ABS-CBN, VK

She Leaves her Groom At The Altar Why?!

A young bride left her groom-to-be at the altar during their wedding ceremony, but the reason for this unexpected act was truly magical. 

Brittany Wine Garner had been planning this gesture right from the start, hoping to surprise her deaf fiancé, Evan. The reason for her leaving the altar was to surprise him – by singing for a man who was deaf. 

She contacted sign language expert Nathan Roberts to help her “sing” a song for her soon-to-be husband. This was a song which meant so much to the couple. Practicing every day, Brittany kept her plans secret until the day of their wedding.

Evan knew there was going to be a musical performance during the ceremony, but had no idea what his wife had planned. 

He looked rather shocked when Brittany began moving away from him. The look on Evan’s face when she began ‘singing’ in sign-language is truly priceless.

Source: Newsner, VK

‘Martial Law Was The Best Thing That Happened To Our Country’ Cherry Cobarrubias

“The best thing that ever happened to our country was when Marcos declared Martial Law.” That was the statement by Marcos loyalist Cherry Cobarrubias in an interview with GMA

Cobarrubias is the leader of the Marcos Loyalists for God, Country, and People. She helped organize the Marcos-Tolentino campaign during the Snap Elections of 1986. She became close to the Marcos family when she visited them during their exile to Hawaii. She was also once the spokesperson for former first lady, Ilocos Rep. Imelda Marcos.

She states that the burial of late president and dictator Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani is the right kind of historical revisionism.

“Alam mo, unang una, hindi ako naniniwala na restored ang democracy. Unang una, hindi naman namatay ang demokrasya, eh. Nag-declare lang si Marcos ng Martial Law because that was necessary—that was the height of the cold war, ang daming kaguluhan. No choice ang presidente kundi ipagtanggol ang bayan,” Cobbarubias said.

Cobarrubias stated that Martial Law was the best “instrument” Marcos used to counteract the violent takeover of communist groups.

“Ito ang pinakamagandang instrument to prevent the violent takeover of the communist groups. Kaya nga kung sasabihing babaguhin natin ang kasaysayan, talagang babaguhin natin nang maitama,” she said

When asked about the protest groups, Cobbarubias expressed her dismay with the young activists and claimed they did not understand history.

“‘Yun ang nakakaawa, kasi ‘yung mga estudyante, alam mo naman na hindi nila naiintindihan ang kasaysayan. Sabi ko nga, the best thing that ever happened to our country was when Marcos declared Martial Law. Grabe ang kaguluhan noon,” Cobbarubias said

She claims that there was “no truth” behind the human rights abuses committed by Marcos.

“Yung kaso sa Hawaii nu’ng mag-file ‘yung human rights claimants, 3,000 ‘yung sinasabing claimants—doble-doble pa ‘yung pangalan kasi away ng mag-asawa, away ng boyfriend, nakalagay doon na victims.” she said

“Tapos ‘yung abogado nila, si Mr. Swift, pumunta dito, naglagay ng tables kung saan-saang probinsya … sabi kung sino ‘yung mga biktima ni Marcos, magpalista…What I’m trying to say is walang katotohanan. Masyado nilang pinalaki. Kasi sabi ko nga, Marcos has no human rights case in the Philippines. Sana nu’ng nawala si Marcos sa Pilipinas, nag-file sila” she added.

Cobbarubias said that the other Marcos loyalists were thankful for the decision of the Supreme Court to vote in favor of the burial. 

“Nagpapasalamat kami na finally, truth prevails. ‘Yung siyam na mahistrado na desisyon in favor of the burial of the late president. So we’re happy, we’re glad,” 

Cobarrubias said she was informed of the burial days before it was carried out. Her group decided not to go, due to the anti-Marcos groups that may oppose them.  She said the other Marcos loyalists will hold a thanksgiving mass in Tagaytay instead of clashing with antiMarcos rallyists

Source: GMA, VK

Kathryn Bernardo or Nadine Lustre? Americans choose between of the two

Because of their striking physical resemblance, Kathryn Bernardo and Nadine Lustre have always been compared with each other, up to the point that there are fans who will fight for the supremacy of one to the other.

Americans choose between Kathryn Bernardo and Nadine Lustre

Americans choose between Kathryn Bernardo and Nadine Lustre

These two women are undeniably some of the most beautiful and most talented actresses today.

Both Kapamilya actresses are also well-known in the country for their popular love teams, KathNiel (Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla) and JaDine (James Reid and Nadine Lustre).

Despite of their fans pitting them against each other, Kathryn and Nadine just shrug off the comparisons and point out that no one is competing against the other.

In a recently uploaded video, a group of Americans gave their opinion about the two actresses.

The Americans based their reactions on the Instagram posts, movie trailers, and music videos of the two.

In the first round, the Americans went through Nadine’s and Kathryn’s Instagram accounts and almost all of them were left in awe by Nadine’s very artsy photos.

The second round competition was based on their music videos and the Americans chose the cute and feel good video of Kathryn.

In the last round, the movie trailer of Barcelona: A Love Untold (starring Kathryn) and This Time (starring Nadine) were pitted against each other and the Americans chose Nadine!

Indeed, Nadine Lustre won the battle!

Watch the video below and tell us who you like more!

Look! Ellen’s Bikini Photos! You Must See This!

Actress and model Ellen Adarna is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and sexiest stars in the industry today.

Ellen recently became FHM’s cover girl for December, 2016 – the third time she’s graced the covers of FHM Philippines.

The ABS-CBN star will prove to you why she’s cover-girl with these 27 sexy bikini she’s posted on Instagram.

 Think Ellen's Bikini Photos are Revealing? Wait Till You See This!

Think Ellen's Bikini Photos are Revealing? Wait Till You See This!

Think Ellen's Bikini Photos are Revealing? Wait Till You See This!

Source: ABS-CBN VK

‘Mas Mayaman Siya’ Vice Ganda Reveals How Rich Coco Martin Is

In an interview on “Tonight With Boy Abunda”, comedian Vice Ganda revealed details of his new comedy film ‘Super Parental Guardians’.

Vice promoted the film by saying that people should get a happy feeling during the holidays, which they would get after watching the film.

The comedian/television host even shared details about fellow actor Coco Martin – from his attitude to his wealth.

Source: ABS-CBN, VK

Ex-Binibining Pilipinas Contestant Now a Drug Queen Arrested in Manila Drug Buy-Bust Operation

Former Binibining Pilipinas candidate Mariafe Garlit, together with her lesbian partner, Ma. Lovella Rival, were arrested in a drug buy-bust operation on Monday at 2:30pm along M. Dela Fuerte Street in Sampaloc, Manila

Chief Inspector Wilfredo Sy headed the Manila branch of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) who conducted the drug operation that apprehended Garlit and Rival

The former beauty queen was said to have been using illegal drugs while her female partner Rival was ranked number three on the police’s list of target personalities connected in the illegal drug trade in Sampaloc, Manila.

Back in 2014, the two were also arrested for drug possession. 

The authorities supposedly confiscated about 4 sachets of suspected ‘shabu’ and a hundred peso bill marked money from Rival, along with an improvised burner, a small transparent plastic sachet, cutter, and a pair of scissors from Garlit.

“She’s [Rival] one of the big-time players in the area who sold shabu at a price not lower than P500. For a poor community, where most of the residents are jobless, P500 is considered big money,” Sy said during an interview.

“That’s not true. I’m a user but I never sold drugs,” Rival said, denying the accusations levelled against them.

The couple even mentioned a certain “Igme” who they said set them up.

 Former Beauty Queen, Now a Drug Queen: Ex-Binibining Pilipinas Contestant and Lesbian Girlfriend Arrested in Manila Drug Buy-Bust Operation

Source: Kami , Inquirer, VK

‘Kahit Bestfriend Ko Siya, May Malisya Sa Akin Yun’ – Shower Scene of Vice Ganda With A Naked Coco Martin

The Super Parental Guardians is an upcoming comedy movie starring Kapamilya stars Vice Ganda and Coco Martin to be released this Christmas season.

Among the most talked about scenes in the movie’s trailer is the shower scene, wherein Vice unexpectedly sees Coco naked while bathing.

When asked for a reaction about how it felt to shoot the scene, Vice denied that it was awkward.

“No, it was fun,” says Vice Ganda when asked by the press.

“Sa akin, it was fun. Kahit best friend mo yung nakahubad, it was fun!”

“Nakahubad si Coco dun! Kahit best friend ko siya, may malisya sa akin yun,” he added.

“Ako naman, iba. Siyempre, hindi lang ako kumikibo kasi ayoko, e. Pero wala akong magawa kasi nga nakasulat [sa script].” Coco said.

“Kapag kaharap ko sila, okay lang pero deep inside, iniisip ko, ‘Ito na naman, e.'” 

“Wala akong choice. Pero nakakatuwa kasi deep inside, naa-awkwardan ako. Pero nakakatuwa yung eksena kasi hindi naman malaswa.” He added.

Vice Ganda admitted that at certain points during filming he became wary if the scenes were still age-appropriate, given that the movie aims for a young crowd. 

“Tinatanong ko nga si Direk Joyce, ‘Pwede ba ito sa bata. Sabi niya, ‘Pambata pa rin ‘yan. Kasi siyempre, hindi namansiya papayag na lumampas sa target namin.” Vice said.

“Ano lang yun, pangiliti lang yun pero wala naman talaga. Likod lang yun. Balikat lang naman,” he added.

Since the two have always been vocal about their friendship, the media took the chance to ask what they did to make the scene easier to shoot.

“Siguro mas madali. Kasi pag iba, katulad dati si Derek Ramsay, nahihiya ako. E, kay Coco, hindi ako nahihiya,” Vice said.

“Kampante kami sa isa’t isa. Actually, may mga iba pa kaming eksena na medyo mas initimate,” Coco admitted.

“Siyempre, may tension pa rin. Lalaki ako, si Vice, yun nga. Kumbaga, awkward pa rin. Pero nakakatulong kasi yun, e. Yun yung hinahanap ng eksena,” he added.

Vice Ganda On Shower Scene With A Naked Coco Martin: 'Kahit Bestfriend Ko Siya, May Malisya Sa Akin Yun'

Source: PEP, VK

This Motorcycle Driver Beat the Red Light and Hit this Innocent Girl caught on CCTV

A violent CCTV footage showing a reckless Pinoy rider slamming his motorcycle into a female student crossing the road and then fleeing the scene has angered netizens.


Hit-and-run incident involving motorcycle and Pinay caught on CCTV (Photo: Facebook) The video shows several cars and motorcycles making a full stop because of the red traffic light.

A young female pedestrian then decided to cross the street since all of the vehicles have made a full stop already. Unfortunately, a reckless rider decided to beat the red light which caused him to hit the innocent girl.

The girl flew into the air due to the impact before hitting the ground hard. Several bystanders decided to help the girl as the rider escaped the scene of his crime.

The online community members were angered by the hit-and-run incident.