Here is the reaction of Robin Padilla To His Daughter Kylie’s Pregnancy?

Recently, 23yearold actress Kylie Padilla generated buzz on social media after rumors circulated that she was 3 months pregnant. Furthermore, the baby’s father allegedly her boyfriend, Aljur Abrenica.


The couple were together for a year before they officially broke up in May of 2014. Kylie confirmed that it was Aljur who called it quits. However, rumors suggested that there was a third-party involved.

Robin Padilla, Kylie’s father, expressed his disapproval then, and stated in an interview: “Hindi ko ibibigay ang opinyon ko diyan kasi sumisikat ang ibang tao. Sinaktan na nga ang anak ko, e.”

He also gave Kylie a piece of advice, saying “Humanap [ka] ng barakong Pilipino.”

The two exes surprised everyone when they got back together last September 2016. They even spent some time together in Japan. The two then started posting sweet pictures of them together again. Their closest friends described them as “very much in love.” Fans were happy that the two finally resolved the conflicts they had.

However, a curveball was thrown when a credible source confirmed that Kylie is 3-months pregnant with her first child and that Aljur is indeed the baby’s father. There were also rumors that Aljur once again broke up with Kylie, but his camp immediately denied this.

Meanwhile, many fans are eagerly awaiting Robin Padilla’s reaction. Robin didn’t approve of them getting back together. However, things could change if Kylie really is pregnant.

Robin Padilla's Reaction To His Daughter Kylie's Pregnancy? READ HERE!

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Guy Bought a Car From an Auction He Was Shocked by What He Found on the Door!

There are two major reasons why people love auctions- it’s affordable and the items are worth every penny. That’s why this man knew he hit the jackpot when he bought this car.

According to him, the car was part of an auction in a police station. He bought the used car as it was affordable and was still working very well. When he was about to use it, he discovered that one of its doorswindows  wasn’t working and needed repair. 

Since he didn’t have the budget to bring it to a shop, he decided to fix it himself. But just as he was about to finish, he noticed something peculiar in the door. He discovered a black bag and inside were items covered in duct tape. 

He Was Fixing The Door Of This Old Car He Bought From an Auction When He Discovered This! You Don't See This Everyday!

When he cut them open, he was surprised to find stacks of $10 and $20 bills. 

He Was Fixing The Door Of This Old Car He Bought From an Auction When He Discovered This! You Don't See This Everyday!

He Was Fixing The Door Of This Old Car He Bought From an Auction When He Discovered This! You Don't See This Everyday!

Due to his excitement, he posted the story in his social media accounts. The post immediately went viral! He then realized how wrong it was to share it publicly and deleted it later on. 

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Beware of this Guy Pretending that he is ‘LTO Officer’ Scamming Motorists For Bribes!

Photos and a short video clip of an alleged scammer posing as an LTO officer have gone viral.

In a post shared by netizen Feliz Marie, a supposed LTO officer flagged down the vehicle she was riding in. 

Look Here! Beware of This Bike-Riding 'LTO Guy' Scamming Motorists For Bribes!

Reportedly upon rolling down her windows, they were immediately met with hostile language by the motorcyclist. The man identified himself as an LTO officer and accused the driver of trying to evade him.

Feliz made a wise observation in that the ‘LTO guy’ was wearing jacket and not in uniform. The officer then said the reason for him flagging them down was due to the car’s supposed broken tail-lights. He asked for Loren’s (the driver’s) license. 

Suspicious of the officer’s behavior, Feliz then made the smart decision of asking him for his mission order and ID. 

He couldn’t produce either one and began ranting to both women. The officer even dared them to call the President. That’s when the original poster recorded the quick video clip of the LTO guy just to catch his face. This angered the officer even more.

After more ranting from the officer, the two motorists finally decided to give him Loren’s license and waited for a ticket to be issued them. The two ladies got more nervous when he wouldn‘t issue a ticket and continued with his rant. 

Thankfully after 10 minutes had passed, another officer (this time in proper uniform) arrived at the scene. The uniformed officer then asked what the trouble was. He spoke to LTO guy and reprimanded him for wearing his jacket.

“Bakit ka nanghuhuli ng ganyan?” the uniformed officer was quoted in saying, “Tanggaling mo yan!” 

That’s when LTO guy passed the license he took from the motorists to the uniformed officer and drove off. 

According to the uniformed officer, LTO guy was not a part of their organization and was possibly extorting them for money. 

The original poster made it clear that they had to give up the license, for the potential danger the LTO guy posed. It was quite possible he may have been armed. 

Look Here! Beware of This Bike-Riding 'LTO Guy' Scamming Motorists For Bribes!

Look Here! Beware of This Bike-Riding 'LTO Guy' Scamming Motorists For Bribes!

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Ellen Adarna, Danita Paner and Arci Muñoz Did this when they get Drunk!

After announcing the breakup of her low-key relationship with Baste Duterte, actress Ellen Adarna is coping the way most single people do – by going out and getting drunk with friends.

In a viral Instagram video shared on her personal account, Ellen had a wild girls’ night out with fellow Kapamilya stars Arci Munoz and Danita Paner.

Earlier, Ellen issued a brief announcement on Instagram confirming that she and presidential son Sebastian BasteDuterte were no longer an item.

In a similar situation, Arci revealed on January 6th that she and her then-boyfriend Badi del Rosario had also broken up. 

So, what do 3 single beautiful women do to forget their troubles? 

Party all night of course.

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Woman Tries to Flirt With This Guy But She Didn’t Expect the Guy to Say This!

Some people just cannot handle their thirst when it comes to sexual pleasure. Some of them would even go to a point where they would just randomly ask a person to satisfy them. While some of them become successful, not all of them are fortunate enough to ‘achieve their goal‘. This is what happened to this playful college girl who did not expect the ending of her flirting session with a guy who is already in a relationship.

The story of this college girl sparked discussion from the social media community and her story went viral immediately.

According to a report by elitenewsfeed.org, a student from the University of Sto. Tomas asked a random guy to satisfy her through a Facebook message. Their conversation was posted by the girlfriend of the man she was flirting with.

Based on the conversation, the college girl introduced herself to the guy and even mentioned that they were enrolled in the same university. Moments after, the flirty girl asked the guy for a meet-up. She even gave the steamy details of what she wants to happen in the meet up. 

After a while, the girl blatantly asked the guy for a love-making session and even requested for “protection.” Take note, the college girl is completely aware that the guy is already taken and is currently in a relationship. She even praised the guy’s girlfriend later on the conversation.

Their conversation went on but the flirty lady did not expect its ending. When the guy claimed that he has something to bring for the extra pleasure of the girl– a picture of a gun, multiple knives and scissors!

WRONG MOVE: College Girl Tries To Flirt With This 'Taken' Guy But Their Conversation Had A Surprising Ending!

WRONG MOVE: College Girl Tries To Flirt With This 'Taken' Guy But Their Conversation Had A Surprising Ending!

WRONG MOVE: College Girl Tries To Flirt With This 'Taken' Guy But Their Conversation Had A Surprising Ending!

WRONG MOVE: College Girl Tries To Flirt With This 'Taken' Guy But Their Conversation Had A Surprising Ending!

WRONG MOVE: College Girl Tries To Flirt With This 'Taken' Guy But Their Conversation Had A Surprising Ending!

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Woman Caught Using a Different Kind of Milk While Making a Cup of Coffee!

Running out of milk? It seems like this woman thought of something to instantly get a supply of milk inside their office.

A woman was seen making a cup of coffee inside their office using her own breastmilk! At first, she was walking towards the fridge and grabbed a box milk. Moments after, she was seen pulling up her dress and started squirting some milk inside the box. She then pulled down her dress and returned the box of milk inside the fridge.

So, if you have a bottle or a box of milk in your office, better check it first cause you might be drinking milk straight out of a mother’s breast. But atleast, you’ll be having a cup of milk full of proteins and lactose.

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Tirso Cruz III Version of ‘Nung Ako’y Bata Pa’ with his Wife Lynn Cruz’ !

The “Ipapasa ko ‘to sa Facebook” video is now viral because of the celebrities who made a parody of it. Maine Mendoza who is also known as YayaDud and Pokwang made a parody of the now infamous siblings. However, Tirso Cruz III and his wife Lynn Cruz just made the best version of all time! 

Yes! Magazine posted the video of Tirso and Lynn’s ‘Ipapasa ko ‘to sa Facebook’ parody which already garnered 66,000 likes as of writing.

The couple, who just renewed their vows in Israel after 35 years of marriage, showed everyone that having fun together as a couple will make a relationship stronger.

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Congrats! Kapuso star Kylie Padilla is 3 months pregnant

Kapuso star actress Kylie Padilla is believed to be 3 months pregnant with her boyfriend Aljur Abrenica according to an official report from Inquirer.net which cited sources from PEP.ph.
It can be recalled that the couple had a rugged patch in their relationship after it ended last 2014 with many factors that contributed to their split. But two years and four months later, the two rekindled the flames once again and reconciled last year in which the couple happily confirmed.

Image courtesy of Youtube

The couple have kept quite mum about Kylie’s pregnancy which came as a complete surprise to many people when the news broke out. Avid fans and followers of Encantadia noticed Kylie’s (Reyna Amihan’s) loose costumes in the show, a stark contrast to her slim-figure which sparked the trend #BuntisSiAmihan on Twitter.
The news generated quite a lot of attention in the world of social media, with mixed reactions in the eyes of many people upon discovering Kylie’s pregnancy that will inevitable cause her to depart from the fantasy television series as hinted by director Mark Reyes over at Instagram.


This Guy Perform a Trick to Touch Her Boobs!

When we were young, we were told that we are never alone in this world. That there are many other creatures out there living among us.

Man performs 'pyramid magic' to touch his friend's boobs

This guy must be so creative for doing this. Photo from fb.com

We were also told that, while we humans can do so many things using our knowledge and wisdom, there are creatures lurking around who are capable of doing extra-ordinary things.

Things like moving objects without touching them; the ability to fly or to stay underwater during longer periods of time; the ability to travel through time and many more. They call it magic.

Man performs 'pyramid magic' to touch his friend's boobs

While there is no solid proof that real magic exists, many people still wonder if the idea of doing extraordinary things in a snap of a finger is possible.

This guy however proves that you don’t need magic to do things you want, like touching women’s boobs.

A video of a guy explaining how to touch a woman’s boobs by the use of ‘pyramid magic’ has gone viral on social media.

Man performs 'pyramid magic' to touch his friend's boobs

The video now has more than 100 thousand views with netizens calling the guy in the video a real Hokage, a term used to describe people whose ways of flirting with someone run smoothly in a snap of a finger.

na PYRAMID MAGIC Dre ! 😀 😀 😀

Video by Daryl Mazon

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Vice Ganda Impersonates Online Sensation ‘Bilog’! Must Watch!

The video of siblings Bilog and Bunak became a hit on social media as it brought entertainment and nostalgia to many. 

‘Bilog’ has become the newest and biggest online sensation today and even celebrities showed amusement by impersonating her. 

The girl Bilog was attempting to make a selfie video of her singing “Nung Ako’y Bata Pa” when she got distracted by her brother who was making faces beside her. This then led to a petty fight where the two ended up crying.

It seems like even host-comedian Vice Ganda is fond of the video after she impersonated the famous new online sensation Bilog on a segment in the noon-time variety show “It’s Showtime“.

Although the two weren’t in on what Vice did, it did not stop them from riding along.

Watch video here and share us your thoughts! Who made a better impersonation, Vice or Maine?



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