Luis Manzano Says He Having an Awesome S*x Life With Jessy Mendiola!

Remember that time when Enrique Gil got drunk in an airplane and reportedly harassed Jessy Mendiola while they were on a flight for their ‘ASAP’ taping? The incident caused Luis Manzano to defend the actress and since then the two have become quite close.

Fans were quick to claim that the two immediately dated following the incident. That was back in September of 2015. By July 2016, ABS-CBN News reported that Luis finally admitted there was something going on between him and Jessy. 

According to him, “Lumalabas kami. Kasi kapag-deny ko ‘yon ay magagalit kayo sa aking lahat. Mukha naman akong tanga kapag dininay ko ‘yon.”

Their relationship was met with controversies because Luis had just ended his relationship with Angel Locsin while Jessy just broke up with JM De Guzman. 

After admitting they were together, the two started to post more pictures of each other on Instagram. They were accompanied by sweet captions and followers and fans of the two sang praises for their burgeoning relationship. 

In fact, Jessy also appeared in Luis’ show, ‘Minute to Win It,’ as a contestant. The two were unable to show any kind of public display of affection, but the chemistry between them was described as “palpable.” 

Just like many celebrity couples, Jessy admitted that her relationship with Luis started on rocky ground because she was initially tagged as the one who caused the breakup between him and Angel — something which the actress vehemently denied. 

Now, the two are happily enjoying their lives, as evident in Luis’ latest Instagram post.

He posted a picture of two cockroaches making love with the caption, “Ang ipis na may lovelife at sex life, please tag a friend na tinalo pa ng ipis” with a series of laughing-with-tears emoji. 

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Gretchen Ho Finally Speaks About Rumors Regarding Robi Domingo and Sandara Park!

Amid rumors flying around suggesting a blooming romance between host Robi Domingo and K-Pop star Sandara Park, Gretchen Ho breaks her silence as she speaks up on Twitter.

The volleyball star-turned-television host asked fans and followers for some time before she clarifies issues. 

Although the message was a bit cryptic since no names were mentioned and Gretchen did not specify exactly what the issue was, netizens were quick to speculate. It also did not help that her tweet was posted after Robi and Sandara were linked together.

“Please don’t believe everything you read or hear. Will clarify soon enough. Just give us time. Thanks,” Gretchen wrote.

Truth Revealed: Gretchen Ho Speaks up About Rumors Regarding Robi Domingo and Sandara Park!

The rumors about Robi eyeing the K-Pop star sparked after they were spotted together during Sandara’s visit to the country as well as Robi’s visit to Korea.

Truth Revealed: Gretchen Ho Speaks up About Rumors Regarding Robi Domingo and Sandara Park!

Truth Revealed: Gretchen Ho Speaks up About Rumors Regarding Robi Domingo and Sandara Park!

Truth Revealed: Gretchen Ho Speaks up About Rumors Regarding Robi Domingo and Sandara Park!

However, Sandara also denied rumors about her and Robi possibly dating. During Vice Ganda’s Valentine Day concert, Sandara told reporters during an interview backstage that she and Robi are merely good friends.

“Friends kami,” said Sandara. “He’s very mabait na kaibigan.”

Truth Revealed: Gretchen Ho Speaks up About Rumors Regarding Robi Domingo and Sandara Park!

Truth Revealed: Gretchen Ho Speaks up About Rumors Regarding Robi Domingo and Sandara Park!

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Must Watch! Kathryn Bernardo’s Super Hot Workout Routines!

FACT: Television adds 10 pounds to your normal face.

That’s why it’s just understandable that many of our favorite ‘artistas’ frequent the gym to keep their bodies in perfect shape. 

But watching Kathryn Bernardo push her body to the limits, it seems like she’s not just doing it for the camera. 

It’s personal. 

In a series of Instagram posts, Kathryn Bernardo’s coach Bok Santos of Platinum Executive Fitness Gym showed just how eager the 20-year-old actress is at conquering whatever workout routine he throws at her.

Hard work! @bernardokath #salamatbok @theupperdeckph

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Now we know who to thank for these positively inspiring and highly motivating videos and photos. 

Come and experience what it’s like to be Kathryn’s gym buddy!

Wonder how she got those shapely buns? Mystery solved.

My favorite! Sipag ng alaga ko 😜 @bernardokath

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Behind her sweet smile is an intense gym game face.

You'll Sweat Buckets Just Watching Kathryn Bernardo's Super Hot Workout Routines!

Yep. We’re all warmed up.

Ibalik ang abs!!! @bernardokath

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You'll Sweat Buckets Just Watching Kathryn Bernardo's Super Hot Workout Routines!

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Pinoy Gay Celebrities Who Are Actually Fathers

The Philippines still has a long way to go when it comes to passing laws protecting the rights of the LGBTQ community. Although many law-makers are open to the idea of creating more laws for the LGBTQ community, it looks like we will have to wait a bit more for the government to finally legalize same-sex marriage in the country. 

Some people who are members of the LGBTQ community find it difficult to work on their dreams of starting families. Those who do get to do so ,however, risk being looked down upon by the more conservative majority. 

But did you know that there are people in Philippine showbiz who came out as gay a long time ago and who don’t care if they get judged for raising families despite the discrimination in this country? 

A list of seven celebrities gay celebrities has been doing rounds on the internet thanks to a popular trending news site. 

Check out the list here!

1. Director Wenn Deramas

 Deramas, the famous director behind a long list of very popular local films who passed away last year was the father of two.

MUST SEE: A List of Pinoy Gay Celebrities Who Are Actually Fathers

2. Arnell Ignacio

The actor and recently-appointed AVP for the Community Relation and services Department of PAGCOR is a father of one. He has a child named Sofia with his ex-wife.

MUST SEE: A List of Pinoy Gay Celebrities Who Are Actually Fathers

3. Joel Cruz

You’ve probably seen dozens of billboards of Joel Cruz over the years. He is the executive officer of the perfume brand, Afficionado Germany. And yes, he has four children to a Russian female surrogate via vitro fertilization.

MUST SEE: A List of Pinoy Gay Celebrities Who Are Actually Fathers

4. Ricky Reyes

The famous hairstylist and businessman adopted 2 girls with his current partner.

MUST SEE: A List of Pinoy Gay Celebrities Who Are Actually Fathers

5. Ogie Diaz 

The famous talent manager and Kapamilya actor has four daughters with his longtime girlfriend. 

MUST SEE: A List of Pinoy Gay Celebrities Who Are Actually Fathers

6. Jobert Sucaldito

The radio and televison host has a son named Carlo Bryan. 

MUST SEE: A List of Pinoy Gay Celebrities Who Are Actually Fathers

7. Jovit Moya

The former actor who is openly gay is the father of upcoming young actor, Rob Moya.

MUST SEE: A List of Pinoy Gay Celebrities Who Are Actually Fathers

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Face of the Suspect Involved in QC Road Killing Revealed!

On February 25, 2017, information technology (IT) professional Anthony Mendoza was gunned down by the driver of a sports utility vehicle (SUV) in a fit of apparent road rage in Quezon City.

The 27-year-old victim died at the scene from gunshots to the head.

An investigation by the authorities confirmed that Mendoza was riding on a Yamaha Fino motorcycle with his brother Michael. Witnesses described the gunman as a middle-aged male who drove a white Toyota Land Cruiser with the license plate “AHA 3454”

According to the victim’s brother, Mendoza confronted the driver of the SUV after the vehicle had nearly sideswiped the brothers’ bike. 

Their verbal altercation got very heated until the driver of the SUV pulled out a gun and shot Mendoza. 

The suspect immediately left the crime scene located at the corner of D. Tuazon street and Quezon Avenue in Barangay Doña Josefa.

Now a composite sketch of the suspect, provided by the Quezon City Police Department, has trended, circulating all over social media. 

This Just In! Face of the Suspect Involved in QC Road Rage Killing Revealed!

The suspect has been described to be somewhere between the ages 35 to 40.

QCPD Director, Chief Superintendent Guillermo Lorenzo Eleazar stated that the police will coordinate with the Land Transportation Office (LTO) to identify the owner of the white Toyota Land Cruiser. 

This Just In! Face of the Suspect Involved in QC Road Rage Killing Revealed!

Mendoza’s family has been distraught over the awful news. They revealed that he was about to marry his girlfriend in Singapore and had been preparing for his wedding before his untimely demise. They voiced their grievances on Facebook.

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LP Senators Stripped off Their Positions By Sen Manny

Liberal Party (LP) senators were removed from their positions and committee chairmanships on Monday due to the motion of neophyte Senator Manny Pacquiao.

On the start of the session  3:30 pm, Pacquiao announced his motion to declare the Senate President Pro Tempore position vacant. Senator Franklin Drilon who held the position, seconded Pacquiao’s motion.

“I will not interpellate Senator Pacquiao. I second the motion,” Drilon said.

Upon Drilon’s removal, Pacquiao elected Senator Ralph Recto, head of Senate minority group, to fill the post Drilon left vacant. Seventeen other senators out of 23 voted in favor of Recto, among these is Senator Francis “Chiz” Escudero.

List of Senators Stripped off Their Positions And Transferred To Minority

LP President Senator Francis Pangilinan was replaced by senator Cynthia Villar as a chair of the agriculture senate committee. Before Pacquiao’s motion, Villar was Pangilinan’s Vice on the committee. Also, another LP member, Senator Benigno Paolo BamAquino was also stripped off his position as the senate committee on education. Aquino was replaced by Senate minority bloc member Senator Francis “Chiz” Escudero.

Additionally, Akbayan Representative Riza Hontiveros was removed from her post as the head of Senate Committe on Health. She was replaced by Senator Joseph Victor “JV” Ejercito on Pacquiao’s motion. Hontiveros ran under the liberal party during the May elections last 2016.

The three LP senators are now part of the minority group to be headed by Senator Antonio Trillanes IV due to Recto vacating the post. However Recto said Trillanes’ take over of his previous post is temporary until the new minority comes up with a decision on who should best assume the post.

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This Road Rage Incident Killed Groom-To-Be after SUV Driver Shot Him Dead!

Another road rage incident led to bloodshed after a motorist murdered a 27-year-old fellow motorist last February 25 in an intense traffic conflict.

The victim was identified as Anthony Mendoza who works as an IT professional at HP (Hewlett Packard). According to the reports by Inquirer, the incident happened at the intersection of Quezon Avenue and D. Tuazon Street. Mendoza drove his motorcycle together with his older brother Michael from Banawe, Quezon City, to buy some car parts.

When he reached the intersection, an SUV nearly hit him and started the heated argument. The driver of the Toyota Land Cruiser with plate number AHA 3454, then pulled out a gun and shot Mendoza in the head. The victim died on the spot after suffering two gunshot wounds. The suspect, on the other hand, drove away instantly and is still at large as of the moment. Authorities are now conducting an investigation and will release the sketch of the suspect who is believed to be around 35-40 years old. 

Netizens were brokenhearted over the incident after learning that the victim is preparing for his wedding. His cousin even bought a wedding room for the forthcoming event before the horrible incident. 

Groom-To-Be Killed By SUV Driver in Road Rage! READ HERE!

Groom-To-Be Killed By SUV Driver in Road Rage! READ HERE!

Groom-To-Be Killed By SUV Driver in Road Rage! READ HERE!

Groom-To-Be Killed By SUV Driver in Road Rage! READ HERE!

Kickerdaily , Facebook

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Woman Went Deep Into A Tunnel And These Are What She Got!

There are people who would go the extra mile and who would go to great measures just to show compassion to all living creatures. These people really show that humans are not the only ones who need love and care. Moreover, these are the people who are more than willing to sacrifice what they can to assure the safety of every animal.

Let’s take as an example this viral Facebook video which touched and amazed the social media community. The video is not just a simple footage of a rescuing stunt, but it is an actual manifestation of love and bravery caught on cam.

Dogs World shared with its followers a footage of three women giving some extra effort just to rescue whatever was inside a deep tunnel. The video is now viewed more than 54 million times and was also shared by more than 850,000 Facebook users

In the clip, two women can be seen pulling another woman out of a 10-15ft deep tunnel. When she got out, she was holding a bag full of mud. When they opened the bag, it turns out that there are two puppies inside of it.

The online community praised the rescuers especially the woman who went inside the tunnel.

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Actress Elizabeth Oropesa reacts to Jim Paredes: Gagawin mo rin sa akin yun?

Actress Elizabeth Oropesa took to Facebook to show her indignation of Jim Paredes’s  now infamous  ‘Look at me Look at me’ line while badgering a Duterte supporter.

‘La Oro’, as she is fondly called in the showbiz industry, delivered a controlled and yet strongly worded message to the singer-songwriter who was caught on camera bullying a group of Duterte supporters who “gate crashed”  in the Yellow party in Edsa Shrine to commemorate the 31st Edsa People Power 1 anniversary. Check  Jim’s Twitter post calling Duterte Youth gate crashers in Edsa confrontation.

The actress assured Jim Paredes if and when they cross paths and the singer-songwriter act the same way in the viral video, she will respond differently from the Duterte supporters he bullied.

Mawalang galang na Mr Jim Paredes.

Posted by Jacqueline Elizabeth Freeman on Saturday, February 25, 2017

The actress described Jim’s behavior ‘ugly’ and called him a coward.

She also told the singer-songwriter that she is disappointed because despite their differences in opinion, especially in politics, she will respect him no matter what his political color or beliefs.

Mr. Jim Paredes, mawalang galang na. Masayado lang akong naapektuhan doon sa ginawa mo doon sa bata kanina. Kung ako ba ang makakaharap mo, gagawin mo rin sa akin yun? Sasabihin mo rin sa akin yun “Look at me, look at me? Ilalapit mo rin ang mukha mo sa mukha ko?” Nagtatanong lang ako.

Sana wag magkaroon ng pagkakataon na magkaharap tayo, tapos gagawin mo sa akin yun. Alam mo hindi lahat ng tao kaya mo.

Hindi ko lang mapigilan magsalita ngayon. Pasensya ka na di ako kasing galing mo pagdating sa pang-alipusta, pagsasalita na hindi ko, hindi yan ang style ko.

Sobra lang ako naapektuhan sa ginawa mo kasi matanda ka na pero tayo matanda na. Showbiz ka at pareho tayong showbiz.

Napakapangit. Alam mo ang lumalabas? Ikaw yung duwag. I am so disappointed kasi kahit na, kahit na hindi ko gusto ang gusto mo, igagalang pa rin kita eh.

Di ko maubos maisip na magagawa mo yun. Sana, wag mo na ulitin. Pero wag kang mag-alala, pag tayo dalawa nagkaharap, hihintayin ko lang kung gagawin mo rin sa akin yun.

Ingat ka lang talaga kasi hindi lahat ng tao ay may pasensya, hindi lahat ng tao ay kaya mo. Baka makatapat ka ng isang taong hindi ka sasantuhin. Maraming gustong maghamon sayo. Sighs.

Sayang, sayang gustong gusto ko pa naman ikaw noon kahit hindi tayo magkaibigan. Ang pangit eh, para ng wala kang pinagkatandaan. Sigh!