This is new life of Rita ‘Badjao Girl’ Gaviola After Joining PBB!

The wheels of change really has something planned for Rita Gaviola or more popularly known as the Badjao Girl

She caught the public’s attention when a Lucena City based photographer Topher Quinto Burgos took a picture of her as she was begging in the streets during the Pahiyas festival. After noticing her model like figure and striking looks, including gorgeous eyes and a jawline one would kill for, Quinto just had to photograph her. 

Rita used to live in Barra City in Lucena in a shaft near a concerete sea wall together with her family. They escaped Zamboanga City to alleviate their social status but ended up begging for food in Lucena. It was not an easy life for them. 

She related that they do not eat three meals a day, and to have rice and viand on their dining tables is already a big luxury for her family. 

Rita also was computer illiterate and not adept to the techonological age so she did not know that she was already famous until a child showed her the picture online. 

Fortunately for Rita, a single photo of her changed her life. People flooded her family with donations. Not only that, even the Badjao community got the exposure and help they needed because of Rita’s popularity. 

Fast forward to 2017, Rita already did several photoshoots with top of the line photographer, she was also given a chance to become one of the teen housemates in the latest edition of Pinoy Big Brother

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Charo Santos Almost Resigned From Abs-Cbn! Why?

Apart from hosting the long-running drama-anthology ‘Maalaala Mo Kaya,’ former ABS-CBN President and current Chief Content Officer Charo ConcioSantos revealed that she almost left Channel 2.

 Philippine Entertainment Portal reported that when she was the Executive Vice President for Entertainment of ABS-CBN, Channel 2 was affected by the economic crisis and advertisers lessened their ad minutes. 

This forced the executives to cut down on the network’s operation expenses. During that time, GMA Network was improving their programming. According to Charo, “Our solid hold on the Top 20 shows began to slowly slip away. Our rival, GMA-7, started to close in on the lead we had for over a decade.”

SHOCKING! Charo Santos-Concio Almost Resigned From Abs-Cbn Because of This Show! Read the Details Here!

She revealed that ABS-CBN decided to revamp their line-up of teleseryes. They produced ‘Marina’ in 2004 and tapped Claudine Barretto to star in the series. She was one of the network’s most bankable stars at that time. 

It boosted ABS-CBN’s ratings up but GMA retaliated by releasing ‘Mulawin,’ which launched Angel Locsin’s career and heavily affected Channel 2 as a result.

As ‘Mulawin’ garnered many viewers, ABS-CBN released another fantaserye in the form of ‘Krystala,’ which starred Judy Ann Santos. 

But Charo cited, “Our budgets were thin and we were emotionally spent. In the heat of the battle, what I had feared became very obvious. We began to lose our sense of story.” 

She continued, “We were being hammered about ratings, cost control, and profit so incessantly that we forgot about our emotional connection to our audience.”

By the end of October 2004, Vivian Tin, a former AC Nielsen executive, revealed that ABS-CBN was no longer the top in the ratings game. GMA had taken its place. 

Charo said, “GMA-7 had taken the lead on all the top 20 time slots, including the coveted primetime slots. TV Patrol lost to 24 Oras, Marina lost to Mulawin, and Krystala just couldn’t gain enough momentum. The gaps in the lead were devastating.”

SHOCKING! Charo Santos-Concio Almost Resigned From Abs-Cbn Because of This Show! Read the Details Here!

Then to her surprise, former ABS-CBN CEO and chairman Gabby Lopez hired Cito Alejandro as new the ABS-CBN President and General Manager.

Charo said, “I don’t remember exactly how he phrased it, but I thought I heard him say: I want to talk about what’s wrong with production. You have to change the way you are doing things. ‘How could you let this happen, Charo?’ I felt I was a failure and no longer worthy to be at the helm of my team.” 

Charo didn’t report to work after that incident and took an indefinite leave. She returned to the company after four months.

What do you think about Charo’s revelation? If she fully quit ABS-CBN, would you think the network would still be the same without her? 

Tell us your comments below!

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McDonald’s Release Their Heartbreaking Ad!

Fast food giant McDonald’s is not about to go down–not after Jollibee released their two Valentinesthemed ads, no. In fact, they’ve just started tugging at the heartstrings of us regular people–with their latest commercial that was featured on their official Facebook fan page

It was uploaded on March 28, Tuesday and has already garnered a whopping amount of 1.2 million views. Its caption is “Anyone can afford to be happy. Kaya mo with the Burger McSavers. #TuloyPaRin” 

In the beginning, we see a guy sitting down inside McDonald’s. Suddenly, he catches a glimpse of a girl in a corner. It turns out that he actually turned down the girl way back. 

After a few seconds of thinking, he decides to stand up and approach her. He gathers his meal tray, only to find out that the girl is actually with her boyfriend. He stops in his tracks, the smile gone from his face. 

He witnesses the girl he rejected and her new boyfriend, talking and seemingly having fun with each other. Sadness creeps up into his heart and a single tear is ready to make its way down his cheek. 

He sees the girl handing the guy a burger and he tilts his head away from the view, hurt. He sits down to his seat, grabs his meal, and then opens a McDonald’s Crispy Chicken Sandwich instead.  He closes his eyes as he takes a bite. He stares at the sun, his sadness unbelievably gone. 

Then it’s the girl’s turn to be surprised—she sees him, and then for a split second, she pauses. The guy catches her stare but this time, something is different. His eyes don’t seem to bear the heartbroken look he initially had. 

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Pinay Celebs Share Their Secrets to Staying Fabulously Hot at Forty

With summer just around the corner, the need to slim down for that toned bikini bod becomes even more important. 

While there are many local stars to look up to in terms of discipline and tenacity to stay fit, who better to tell you about getting in shape than these three Pinay celebrities who can still rock a bikini at forty?

Mylene Dizon is already 41 years old and has two children, but can go toe-to-toe with any women half her age when it comes to fitness.

Because what most other people do not know, she’s an avid surfer, making regular trips to San Juan, La Union to hit the waves. 

Surfers like her have toned summer bodies because the sport requires not just overall physical strength, but also flawless coordination and an acute sense of balance.

These 3 Pinay Celebs Share Their Secrets to Staying Fabulously Hot at Forty

Ina Raymundo made the cover of FHM at 40 and that’s a statement in itself.

She’s now 41 and has 5 kids, so just imagine what kind of discipline she has to keep herself in shape. 

Ina is into several physical fitness programs like Zumba and circuit training. Mixing up her exercise routines enables her body to use different muscle groups.

These 3 Pinay Celebs Share Their Secrets to Staying Fabulously Hot at Forty

Alice Dixon maybe the oldest on our list at 47 years old, but she proves that age is just a number. She made headlines last year when she posted photos of her in a bikini, making people wonder just how she managed to stay beautiful and fit throughout the years.

The actress says it’s all thanks to her dad who taught her to keep an active lifestyle. Alice is into several sports like biking, badminton, and swimming. She also does strength training, hot yoga, and cardio workouts on the sides. 

These 3 Pinay Celebs Share Their Secrets to Staying Fabulously Hot at Forty

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Graduated In Ateneo Is Now A Porn Star In America!

Porn stars are usually thought of as people who are not that sophisticated, cultured, mature, or at the very least, educated. 

The public usually perceives them as “lower class people” who lack decency and integrity. However, that is not the case with this woman, who holds a degree from the prestigious Ateneo de Manila University. 

According to Esquire Philippines, May Ling Su is a Communications graduate from the Jesuit school who migrated to the United States to start a self-publishing porn online with her husband Jay in 1996. 

She described them as being “frisky newlyweds.” In her interview, she stated. “We were a couple of horny newlywed artists with a camera.” 

“Taking sexy photos came naturally. We posted photos online anonymously and under various aliases at first just for kicks.” 

“It wasn’t until a couple of years later that we got comfortable with presenting a cohesive body of work and website. People started to notice and we gained a following,” she said. 

Su was nominated for a Feminist Porn Award and her portrait can be seen at the Erotisch Museum in Amsterdam, Germany.

Su said that she does her job because she believes that the society needs her to be a “spokesperson for health, sex education, women’s rights, freedom.”  

She reiterates that sex is an important part of health and that “it’s good for the body and soul.” Su also believes that if one has a healthy sex life, then all the other aspects of an individual’s life will “bloom” as well.

“When you’ve had good sex, di ba ganado ka? You feel good about life,” she said. The porn star also mentioned that her porn is different from all the others because it presents sex as a “wholistic” way.

The best part of the job, according to her, is when she starts to connect on a deep level with her husband—-emotionally, physically, artistically. In fact, she considers him her partner and collaborator in everything.

Su also stated that she won’t retire from her profession, and instead will evolve herself as a spokesperson for women’s rights, reproductive health rights, sex education, and women’s health and freedom. 

When she was asked on how people—-specifically Filipinas–would react to her if they think that what she was doing is “evil,” Su said, “If they set aside their preconceived notions of my job description, they might be surprised to see that the person behind it is someone worth getting to know.”

“I say this also on behalf of all the Filipino sex workers. Don’t judge us by our job description. We are people just as deserving of love and respect as you,” she continued. 

Her advice to fellow Filipinas who still find themselves limited by their sexuality is the following, “Be true to yourself. It is our nature to be sexy. Sex is how life happens. There’s nothing wrong with being shy or a ‘good girl.’” 

“And there’s nothing wrong with being a ‘bad girl’ either. Do what is right for you. Life is short. Love as much and as deeply as you can in this life.” 

Source: TNP,Esquiremag:, VK

Italian Model Has a Wardrobe Malfunction on Live TV! Watch Here!

A sexy Italian model and news presenter became a viral sensation after she suffered a wardrobe malfunction on live TV! 

Barbara Francesca Ovieni, who is also an actress, is the host of the Italian football television show “Rabona”

The gorgeous host wore a stunning white dress which accentuated many of Barbara’s ‘assets’. The short white dress featured a wide keyhole which very daringly exposed her cleavage.  

We can definitely see why a lot of football fans watch this program.

As she was talking, the TV host instinctively moved her clipboard in one hand and lifted her skirt a bit too high for live TV.


Lifiting her skirt just right, everyone who was tuned in to “Rabona” caught a huge peek at Barbara’s underwear.

Watch Ms. Ovieni’s viral live mishap here!

The live wardrobe malfunction was certainly an unscheduled ‘expose’ for the model – who has posed for the popular men’s magazine Playboy in the past.

Unsurprisingly, the short clip was uploaded onto social media and became a viral hit. After all, football is a very popular sport worldwide.

Let’s hope Barbara’s next story has more ‘coverage’ than this trending story. Not everyone is a fan of football, but we can definitely see why the sport might grow on a few people. 

The model-actress also has an official Instagram account, just in case you were curious.  

This Guy Caught Taking Up-Skirt Video on a Train! Shocking!

Commuting is an everyday battle. You have to tread the urban jungle with a bunch of people whom you’ve grown to view as enemies because all of you regularly scramble for the most comfortable seats on public transport.

It’s bad enough in Manila—with the heat, grime, and pollution—but it’s worse in China, where the population is bigger and the commute, extremely unforgiving.

The Diplomat reported that the police of Beijing have introduced new guidelines in 2013 that pertained to females in public transportation. According to them, females should cover up and avoid wearing “minimal clothing” in their commute to avoid being sexually harassed.

They also advised females to “sit on higher levels of buses and to stand on lower stairs, to avoid being the target of inappropriate picture-taking, and they should shelter their bodies with bags, magazines and newspapers.”

The source also claimed that women in China frequently complain about being groped or touched inappropriately while they ride extremely crowded buses and subway trains in Beijing.

However, this might not be something exclusive to Beijing. Facebook fan page ‘Shanghaiist’ uploaded a short clip that showed just how sexual harassment is not just limited to touching, but to being inappropriately filmed as well.

The video has gained 21 million views as of writing and has drawn many furious comments from the netizens, especially the females.

Source: Facebook, VK

Sunshine Cruz and Boyfriend Macky Mathay Sweet Boracay Escapade!

It is truly great to see how happy Sunshine is after her struggles on her failed marriage with action star, Cesar Montano. Most fans cannot wait to see the actress feel genuine happiness again and they were not rewarded with false hopes when Sunshine finally met Macky Mathay, brother of actresses Ara Mina and Cristine Reyes.

It was confirmed months ago that the two started talking when Macky got Sunshine’s number from his sister Ara. Sunshine then received a message from Macky they continued talking until they finally met and started going out with each other.

Sunshine and Macky started the summer with sweetness as they shared snaps of their Boracay escapade. Even though sweetness cannot be seen on the photo captions, you will see in the photos that the two truly enjoy each other’s company. They really spent quality time with each other on one of the most famous islands in the country!

Sunshine Cruz and Boyfriend Macky Mathay Share Photos of Sweet Boracay Escapade Together!

Sunshine Cruz and Boyfriend Macky Mathay Share Photos of Sweet Boracay Escapade Together!

It is not just Sunshine who posted photos, but Macky also showed how proud he is about their relationship through posting photos on his Instagram account, too. 

Sunshine Cruz and Boyfriend Macky Mathay Share Photos of Sweet Boracay Escapade Together!

Sunshine Cruz and Boyfriend Macky Mathay Share Photos of Sweet Boracay Escapade Together!

This proves that Sunshinehas found genuine happiness with her new love.  For many, she deserves what she is having now. 

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Pinay Died During a Liposuction and Enhancement Surgery!

Cosmetic surgery is a wonderful thing, especially when you want to boost your self-esteem by altering your appearance to adhere to what others would call “beautiful” or simply because you wanted to feel good. 

But did you know that these kinds of treatment have their own dangers as well? 

In fact, it was reported by Health Line that cosmetic surgery can cause you to have nerve damage, deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism, infections, organ damage, scarring, blood loss, and anesthesia complications. 

A similar incident happened to a 29-year-old businesswoman who subjected herself to undergo liposuction and surgery on her breast and butt. She availed this on a clinic in Mandaluyong City last Sunday, March 26. 

Pinay Businesswoman Died During a Liposuction and Enhancement Surgery!

Philippine Star reported that the doctors have tried to save Shiryl Saturnino, who lost her life at approximately 3:21 in the morning of Sunday, March 26. 

According to Chief Superintendent Romulo Sapitula, who is the Eastern Police District (EPD) director, “We should determine whether there is negligence during the operation and file necessary charges.” 

Their initial investigation showed that Saturnino, along with her relative Shiela Mae Anabe Deinla, came in the Icon Clinic around 5 in the afternoon of Saturday, March 25. 

Senior Superintendent Joaquin Alva, the police chief, said that Saturnino was appointed to undergo breast augmentation, liposuction, and butt surgery. 

She was brought to the operating room and the doctors of that time, Dr. Jose Jovito Mendiola and Dr. Samuel Eric Yapjuangco, were able to perform the procedure that lasted until 2:40 in the morning of Sunday, March 26. 

They noticed that the woman’s heart was no longer beating and tried to revive her through mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. They also sought the help of Makati Medical Center but around 3:21 in the morning, Saturnino was declared dead. 

Alva stated that “our police investigators that they would cooperate fully in our probe of the incident. They promised to forward their statements regarding the case as prepared by their respective lawyers.”

The chief police also mentioned that they would be waiting for the autopsy report before thinking of the charges that could be filed against the two doctors who performed the procedure.

Source:DefinitelyFilipino , Philstar, VK

Woman Rejects This Guy Who Asks Her To Hang Out, But When She Sees His Car, This Is What She Did!

Let’s admit it: Having a man drive you in a nice and sleek car adds up so many points. 

HoomanTV tried out a prank called ‘Gold Digger‘ to catch women who only gets interested once they saw the guy’s  car. 

A man pulled off at a park with his Lamborghini. He targetted this woman in sports attire who is holding a puppy. 

He approached her and attempted to flirt with her but she said she’s married. Still, the man insisted that they should hang out and be friends since the husband was overseas.

The woman repeatedly refused — until the guy told her that he owns the Lamborghini that was parked just near. She was about to walk away but when she saw the car, she came back and continued on the conversation.

They planned to go to the beach house because the woman said she hasn’t been there before.

However, when the two were about to enter the car, the guy told her that he will give her something. He pulled out a golden shovel from his car and gave it to her.

The woman was puzzled as to why the guy gave her a shovel.

He said he gave it to her because she’s a gold digger, the slang term for someone who goes after men only for their money. He later went inside the car and drove away, leaving the woman pissed and dumbfounded.

Moments later, the woman called the cops and complained that the guy harrassed her. The police, after hearing her story, did not buy it. He uncuffed the guy and let him go.

Source: Facebook, VK