5-Year-Old Babies Faced Each Other In A Fliptop Battle!


You’ve heard of the modernized form of Balagtasan, right? You know, the one where two individuals battle against each other in a war of words?

FlipTop has become synonymous with rap battling here  in the Philippines. In FlipTop, amateur and professional rappers face each other in a test of wits and humor. Typically, FlipTop battles have 3 rounds.  

The local rap battle scene gained prominence on YouTube in 2010. Lines are delivered in a freestyle format, ensuring that spontaneity and originality are the keys to victory. 

These lines, more often than not, are littered with vulgarity. 

FlipTop has patterned itself after foreign rap battles, wherein each rapper debunks their rivals’ notions with harsh insults and expletives.  

However, these rappers are different!

YouTube account ‘t r i c k l i f e’ uploaded a video featuring young boys duking it out in a rap battle. 

The video garnered various reactions from netizens, some saying that the lines are inappropriate for children, while others said that they admired the kids’ skills.

Here were some of the comments from the video: 

Beibei Wenceslao: “these kids should not be doing this. puro mura, bastos ang mga salita (with frowning emojis) they should have been playing tumbang preso at piko instead..” 

Sineth Racho: “Lol! Hahaha! Ang kulit” (with a laughing-with-tears emoji) 

Catherine Domingo: “yan ang epekto ng fliptop s mga bata,ogag rin nagvideo ni2.fliptop battlers tingnan nyo itinuturo nyo…” 

R-Dawn Casalan: “this not good bad image sa Comunidad. bata palang nag mumura na. dapat for good lang paki turo naman mga kuya.” 

Source: YouTube, VK

Nadine Lustre Shows off Her Wild Side at a Party!


Nadine Lustre is probably one of the most loved actresses out there. This is because of the roles she portrays on television, which feature her as a dutiful daughter or a loving wife. 

However, the actress’ persona off-screen is more or less different than the good girl roles she plays. In several of her interviews, Nadine has mentioned that she’s not the “conservative” type of girl. 

This followed after fans of the actress has seen her posting pictures of her in bikinis and in short shorts, a complete opposite to what her onscreen characters wear (t-shirts and pants). 

Despite the criticism, Nadine has learned to shrug it all of like most of the experienced actresses in the industry. 

Online bashing aside, Nadine is also known to go to parties with her boyfriend, James Reid. This is because James has a reputation for being a party boy, where he constantly posts pictures of him in bars or in parties, drinking with people. 

However, that was before and further inspection of the actor’s Instagram page now show an altogether different persona, where he currently posts curated shots of him and Nadine. 

Nadine, for her part, seemed to get more pulled into the party scene now more than ever, after being influenced by James’ attitude. 

In the YouTube video that was released by the account ‘Ohania Updates,’ the actress is seen dancing it off with a friend by her side.

She appears to be at a party and is moving her hips in a circular manner, slowly going down to her knees. 

The video switches to another scenario, where Nadine is seen circling a pole in a dim environment.

However, it could be noticed that her attire was not so party appropriate—she appears to be wearing an office suit or a smart casual ensemble, leaving us to speculate that perhaps, she may have been shooting a scene that time.

Source: YouTube, VK

Almost 90% of the Online Community Never Saw the Snake in This Picture!


We have all come across a “spotting game” picture, where we have to find out what’s hidden within those scraggly lines or colorful figures. It has been present in comic books, coloring books, and even on cereal boxes. 

It’s now a thing of the past but recently, Filtimes reported that a picture has been going viral which challenges netizens to find a snake among the scattered leaves in a forest.

There’s nothing much going on, except that you really have to look into the picture (of course). According to the source, lots of people have been having a hard time spotting the snake because of how the leaves were positioned.

Here is the picture in question: 

(We promise there’s no jump scare here, pinky swear)

TRENDING: Almost 90% of the Online Community Never Saw the Snake in This Picture! Can You Find It?

As you can see, there appears to be no snake in the picture. Look into it more closely! 

We’ll give you a few more seconds. 

Have you seen it? Nah? There’s actually an explanation for that. This is because the camouflaged snake is a copperhead. 

Copperhead snakes are known to be an ambush predator, where they position themselves in order to wait for unassuming prey to come to its territory. 

They are especially active and relentless when pursuing insects, such as caterpillars and freshly-molted cicadas. However, you don’t need to worry as these snakes do not actively seek or attack humans. 

In fact, they tend to avoid people and if near one, would immediately leave the area without biting. 

In addition to that, they also sport a brown (or as their namesake says, copper) color so that’s why netizens claimed they were having a hard time with the picture above. 

Here’s what the copper snake looks like: 

TRENDING: Almost 90% of the Online Community Never Saw the Snake in This Picture! Can You Find It?

We dare you to scroll up and look at the picture again! Go on, look! 

You would be surprised to know where it is hidden all along: 

TRENDING: Almost 90% of the Online Community Never Saw the Snake in This Picture! Can You Find It?

Source: Filtimes: , VK

Daniel Padilla Violated A Major Rule In Japan!


If you want to go to Japan, perhaps the majestic thing that will attract you most are the romantic cherry blossom trees that are very famous in the land. Thousands of tourists flock around these beautiful trees just to get their Instagram-worthy photographs.

Unfortunately, there are tourists who lack discipline and go the extra-mile just to have a shot with a picturesque cherry blossom background. Japanese authorities are doing their best effort to control human activities that damage this wonderful Japanese natural feature.

A viral video showing Daniel Padilla shaking a cherry blossom tree went immediately viral across the internet. According to the video posted by entertainment blog Fashionpulis.com, Daniel was shaking the tree so a falling petal effect would be made while his partner, Kathryn Bernardo is posing for a selfie. 

Daniel’s act prompted netizens to express disappointment over the actor’s lack of discipline. They also claimed that it is Daniel’s responsibility to be informed before visiting a country about certain rules and regulations. According to Daily Mail UK, some Japanese provinces like Nanjing already imposed absolute rules prohibiting tourists from damaging cherry blossom trees. Violators who would be caught will face fines and will be prohibited from visiting certain areas again. This means that the country is giving so much value to these state-owned trees.

Daniel Padilla Violated A Major Rule In Japan After Shaking A Cherry Blossom Tree For His Selfies!

Source: Danified, VK

WATCH: Vice Ganda ‘Binastos’ By His Own Maid While Eating

Kapamilya comedian Vice Ganda is very vocal about his very close relationship with his personal maid. Although he has reached ultimate success, Vice Ganda remains a humble person who does not lose connections with the ordinary people around him. This viral video below show how close he is to his personal yaya

In the video, Vice can be seen sharing his dining table with his maid, Jackie. At this point, it can be seen that Vice is not drawing the typical employeremployee line. He enjoys his meal with Jackie. Suddenly, Vice started acting and saying lines from the famous movie, ‘My Ex and Whys’. Just as when everybody thought that he is already funny enough for reciting the lines with full emotions, Yaya Jackie gave the most hilarious response. 

Watch the video and see it for yourself. 

This was not the first time Vice Ganda shared a hilarious moment with his personal maid. There was an instance when Vice shared an outrageous exchange of text message between him and his Yaya Jackie. He shared it in the national TV during one of the episodes of his Sunday night talk show, ‘Gandang Gabi Vice’.

Source: YouTube, VK

Bea Binene Shows Off Her Beach Body For The First Time!

Photos of the “Mulawin vs. Ravena” star Bea Binene by the beach posing for the camera in her sexy beach body are now setting social media on fire. 

She spent her Holy Week vacation at the Anvaya Cove Beach and Nature Club to catch some sun and relax from the stress of showbiz. 

The 19-year-old actress flaunts her soon-to-be obvious abs in her bikini photos. She even accompanied them with funny hashtags like “#nagpapapayatdontjudge, #paratingpalangangabs, #waitlangnatrafficangabs, and #absasanka.” 

Bea Binene Shows Off Her Beach Body For The First Time! You Have To See This!

Bea Binene Shows Off Her Beach Body For The First Time! You Have To See This!

Fans are already waiting and wanting for more of her summer getaway photos to leak online! According to GMA News, her bikini game gets stronger each time she goes out for a taste of sun. 

Bea Binene Shows Off Her Beach Body For The First Time! You Have To See This!

Her fellow Kapuso stars such as Analyn Barro and Barbie Forteza are also catching attention with their swimsuit photos during beach trips. Indeed, anyone can call the three as “beach babes“! 

Bea Binene Shows Off Her Beach Body For The First Time! You Have To See This!

Source: GMA VK

Lucia Joaquin’s Video Is Now Going Viral Online! Must Watch!

The horrific encounter of Lucia Joaquin and Enzo Cruz has caught the attention of Filipino netizens from the moment it originally surfaced in social media. 

The creepy story is about the two’s chat session that started at 3 a.m., which is known as the Devil’s hour. Things got scary during the latter part of their conversation and Enzo just had to share it. 

Up to this writing, it already gained whopping numbers: over 500,000 reactions, 22,000 shares and more than 26,000 comments.  

Read the full story here: 

“Rated Spg Story. 

Alas Tres ng Madaling Araw ng Magising Ako, Dahil, 

Nakaramdam Ako ng Pagka-ihi. Agad Akong Bumangon, At 

Nagbanyo sa Pag Akalang Pagkatapos ‘kong Umihi, Makakabalik 

na ‘ko sa Pagtulog. Pero, Nagkamali Ako. Dahil, Kahit Ano 

‘pang Pikit ‘ko ng mga Mata ko, Ayaw na ‘kong Dapuan ng 

Antok. Naisip ‘ko, Siguro mas Madali akong Aantukin 

kung Papatayin ‘ko Ilaw ng Kwarto ‘ko, Pero, Mas Sanay 

‘kong Natutulog na Bukas ang Ilaw. Kaya Iyon nga 

ang Ginawa ‘ko, Tumayo Ako ng Kama At, Pinatay ang Ilaw 

ng Kwarto ko. Pagkatapos, Humiga At Pinikit ‘ko na 

mga Mata ‘ko. Pero, Bigo pa rin Ako kasi Ayaw na talaga 

‘kong Dapuan ng Antok. 

Naisip ‘ko na mag Facebook na lang kaya ‘ko muna, Baka 

Sakaling Bumalik ang Antok ‘ko. Nakahiga ‘kong Inabot 

ang Isa sa Dalawa ‘kong Cellphone na Nakapatong sa Mesitang 

Katabi ng Kama ‘ko, At Nagsimulang mag-Facebook. 

Nasa Kalagitnaan Ako ng pagbabasa ng mga Posts ng mga 

Kaibigan ‘ko ng Makatanggap Ako ng Isang Message. At ng 

Tingnan ‘ko Pangalan sa Messenger, Napa-Isip Ako kung Kilala 

ko ba siya? ‘Lucia Joaquin’, Ang Pangalan niya. 


ENZO CRUZ: Hello. 

LUCIA JOAQUIN: Kuya, Pwede po ‘bang Makipag-usap? 

ENZO CRUZ: Ha? Tungkol saan? 

LUCIA JOAQUIN: Kahit na Ano po. Wala po kasi ‘kong 

Makausap. Nalulungkot po ako. 

ENZO CRUZ: Ganun ba? Bihira lang kasi ‘ko Makahanap ng 

Kausap sa mga Oras na ‘to. Karamihan sa mga Friends ‘ko, 

Tulog pa. 

LUCIA JOAQUIN: Bakit po kayo, Gising na? 

ENZO CRUZ: Actually, Nagising lang ako. Nagpapa Antok lang 

Ulit Ako, Kaya napa Facebook lang. 

LUCIA JOAQUIN: Hindi kaya Kuya kaya ka Nagising dahil may 

Gumising sa’yo? 

ENZO CRUZ: Ha? What do you mean Ate? 

LUCIA JOAQUIN: Wala po kuya. Nga pala Kuya ang Pogi 

mo. ‘Nung Nakita nga kita, Nagkagusto Ako agad sa’yo eh. 

ENZO CRUZ: Ha? Nakita Saan? 

LUCIA JOAQUIN: Dito sa mga Pictures mo. Tinitingnan ko 

kaya ngayon. 

‘Nang Mabasa ‘kong Tinitingnan ni Lucia mga Pictures ‘ko sa 

Facebook, Agad naman Akong Pumunta sa Timeline ‘ko, Para 

Alamin kung ano anong mga Pictures mga Tinutukoy niya. 

Pagkatapos, Pumunta naman Ako sa Profile niya para 

Tingnan din mga Litrato niya Ngunit ganon na lang Aking 

Pagtataka sa kanya. 

ENZO CRUZ: Bakit Walang Laman ang Timeline mo? 

LUCIA JOAQUIN: Kakagawa ‘ko lang po kasi ng Facebook ‘ko eh. 

ENZO CRUZ: Tapos yung Profile pic mo, Ang Dilim ng Picture? 

LUCIA JOAQUIN: Madilim po kasi dito sa Kuwarto eh. 

ENZO CRUZ: Wala bang Flash ang Camera ng Cellphone mo? 

LUCIA JOAQUIN: Meron naman po. 

ENZO CRUZ: Gamitin mo para Malinaw ang Picture. 

LUCIA JOAQUIN: Sige po. Nga pala Kuya Gawin kitang Close 

Friends Dito sa Facebook ‘ha?! 

ENZO CRUZ: Sure. Sige. 

LUCIA JOAQUIN: At Dahil, Close Friend na kita,Dapat Magkaron 

Tayo ng Litraro na magkasama tayo. 

ENZO CRUZ: O Sige Payag, Kapag Magkita tayo, Pa-Picture 

tayong Dalawa. 

Nasa ganon kaming Pag-Uusap sa Messenger. Ng Biglang 

Naramdaman ‘kong nag-Vibrate ang isa ‘ko ‘pang Cellphone. 

Kinuha ko ‘to para Tingnan. Ganon na lang ang Gulat ‘ko 

ng mag Flash ‘to ng Pagka-Unlock ko. 

Nakakapagtaka ‘rin kung Bakit nag Vibrate Bigla, Wala 

na’mang nag-Text o Miss Call sa’kin. 

Muli pa Pinatong ‘ko ‘to sa Mesita. 

LUCIA JOAQUIN: Kuya, Pwede ‘bang Malaman kung Ilang taon ka 

na po? 

ENZO CRUZ: Sa Tingin mo? Ilan? 

LUCIA JOAQUIN: Siguro mga 18? Haha 

ENZO CRUZ: Binobola mo naman Ako eh. 

LUCIA JOAQUIN: Hindi kuya yun ang Tingin ‘ko sa’yo dito sa 

Picture mo. 

ENZO CRUZ: O sige na nga, Thank you. Pero sa Totoo, 25 

na ‘ko eh. 

LUCIA JOAQUIN: Wow! Mukha ka talagang Bata Kuya. 

ENZO CRUZ: Salamat ulit. Eh, Ikaw ba Ilang Taon kana? 

LUCIA JOAQUIN: Anong Hula mo Kuya? 

ENZO CRUZ: Mahirap Hulaan eh. Ang Dilim kasi ng Kuha mo 

Dito sa Profile Picture mo. 

LUCIA JOAQUIN: Gano’n ba. O sige Kuya Sandali At 

Maglalagay lang Ako ulit ng Bagong Picture. 

ENZO CRUZ: Oh, Sige. 

LUCIA JOAQUIN: O, Ayan Kuya, Nakalagay na ako ng Bago, 

Check mo nga. 

ENZO CRUZ: Sige Tingnan ‘ko sa Account mo. 

Nang Pumunta Ako sa Timeline ni Lucia ay ganon na lang ang Pag 

Tindig ng Aking mga Balahibo, Matapos Makita ang 

Bago niyang Upload na Litrato. Sa Litrato ay Nakahiga siyang 

Nakangiti sa Tabi ‘ko.” 

Whether this story is fictional or not, we are still to confirm. Nevertheless, netizens continue on buying it and sharing it to their timelines! 

Now, one guy named Neil Henessy Cuare posted a re-enactment video on his Youtube channel to tell the story of Lucia Joaquin live.  

Source: YouTube, VK

Saudi Employer Sponsors All Wedding Expenses Of Their Housemaid!

Sometimes, bosses and their employees share a relationship beyond whatever business they formally have. Some bosses treat their workers as family most especially when they work and stay inside their homes. 

One employer from Saudi hosted a wedding for her beloved housemaid in Jeddah on Friday. She covered all the expenses needed to push through the ceremony. 

The bride’s friends and family were all invited to come. The boss didn’t feel that it was enough and she even offered to shoulder the newlywed’s honeymoon

Social activist Zahra Al-Muabi attended the ceremony and shared some clips on her Snapchat account.  

The happy couple are both Asians and they looked emotional during the ceremony. They are grateful for the Saudi woman who paid the cost just to make their dream wedding happen. She is truly a perfect example of a person free from racial prejudice. 

This Saudi employer is now receiving praises from people who have heard their story.  

Saudi Employer Sponsors All Wedding Expenses Of Their Housemaid, Invites Friends And Even Offers A Honeymoon Gift!

Source: Saudigazette, VK

Richard Poon’s Message to Pres. Duterte Goes Viral! Must Read!

Singer/songwriter Richard Poon is one of the few stars who doesn’t really cause too much controversy in showbiz. 

Despite his quiet nature, there are times when Poon breaks his silence in order to express his thoughts on certain issues. 

One example is his comment on President Duterte’s way of governing Davao when he was still mayor of the city. 

Poon was originally not a supporter of Pres. Duterte. However, he stated that his trips to Davao made him see what Pres. Duterte was really like. 

Richard Poon on Why He Decided to Support President Duterte: 'If one day you come FACE-TO-FACE WITH REAL EVIL, believe me, you will CALL DUTERTE for help!'

In his blog post, he said:

Years ago, I was skeptical at Duterte. I heard rumors that he was a feared “berdugo”(executioner of criminals). Curfews at night. No smoking in certain areas, Liquor bans. Maximum 40 kph on the road???!!!

But unknowingly, my MANY TRIPS TO DAVAO to sing for many years OPENED UP CONVERSATIONS with the people there. I was shocked yet CURIOUSLY AMAZED that taxi drivers, ordinary employees LOVE & RESPECT him! In their own words, Duterte was THE EXACT OPPOSITE of the MANY ACCUSATIONS. Many say this is because the Mayor PROTECTED THEM FROM EVIL.

In my circles, most of the people who judge Duterte as an ill leader have NEVER BEEN TO DAVAO to witness his reforms first-hand. And if Duterte’s ways are really off, will not Davao and the surrounding Muslim world rebel and oust him even in earlier days?

I must admit, WITHOUT MY MANY CONVERSATIONS WITH PEOPLE FROM DAVAO, I would not realize who Duterte really is. So from my heart, thank you so much Davaoenos for showing me Duterte’s truth in real everyday life.

I am voting for Duterte because he DID IT IN THE MICRO(Davao). I saw him change what many(including myself)thought to be UNCHANGEABLE—-the corrupt system of governance.

So I will put my hopes and faith that Duterte will do THE SAME in the MACRO(whole Philippines). Even if he takes more than 6 months, I’ll still support him. Rather than ACCEPT THE STATUS QUO of governance, crime, corruption and drugs.

Isn’t it ironic that Duterte—-who has DRASTICALLY CHANGED the CROOKED SYSTEM in micro Davao—- is being trashed by some as a joke in favor of those WHO HAVE NOT SIGNIFICANTLY CHANGED CORRUPT GOVERNANCE? And some expect these people to run MACRO Philippines?

I have to give a clap for Duterte opponents trying to DISTORT him being a tough, fearless, disciplinarian father THAT DAVAO LOVES & RESPECTS into a tyrant who will take away your candy, be like Marcos, choke you into Martial Law, and kill a law-abiding citizen like yourself.

If one day you come FACE-TO-FACE WITH REAL EVIL(murder, rape, robbery), believe me, you will CALL DUTERTE for help.

Source: Pinoytrending, VK

Teenage Boy Fake his Cancer So That They Will Give Him Money For Chemo! SHOCKING!

On April 13, netizen Pau Vislenio met Edward Pangilinan, a 14-year old boy who claims that he has cancer, at the Sanctuario de San Antonio Parish.

Pau was told by the teenage boy that he needed P100,000 for chemotherapy. He claims he already has P92,000 and only needs P8,000 to start treatment. He sells kamote in order to make up the missing amount.

According to Edward, P70,000 of his money came from his sponsorship under singer-host-actor Billy Crawford. P20,000 was from his uncle who helped him, and the rest is from selling kamote.

Pau and her friend Annsheerina became curious so they probed Edward about his condition. He mentioned that gets his medication from the Philippine Orthopedic Center in Banawe and his doctor’s name is Dr. Christian S. Potor. He also claimed that Billy Crawford gave him an iPhone 6 which he pawned to get more money for chemo.

Despite being suspicious, Pau still helped Lawrence sell his kamote. While she was with Lawrence, she was relaying her experience to her mom. When Pau got home, her mom told her that there is no Dr. Christian S. Potor working at the Philippine Orthopedic Hospital. She called the hospital to confirm the details of Lawrence’s story. She also discovered that they do not have a cancer patient named Edward Pangilinan.

Read Pau’s full post here:

This Teenage Boy Fools People Into Thinking He Has Cancer So That They Will Give Him Money For Chemo! SHOCKING!

This Teenage Boy Fools People Into Thinking He Has Cancer So That They Will Give Him Money For Chemo! SHOCKING!


Source: Facebook, VK