3 Suspects in Aeta Girl’s Brutal Rape-Slay Finally Arrested

Authorities have arrested three out of the four suspects involved in the rape-slay of a Half Chinese-Half Aeta at Hermosa, Bataan. 

The victim, identified as Angelique Charlotte Bulatao, was discovered at the Subic Bay Freeport area in Hermosa, Bataan. A villager found the body hung by the neck on a tree and had been decomposing for 4 days. Relatives said that a wooden object was inserted in her private areas. 

In a report by GMA-7, the suspects include the Ricky Pendora (the victim’s uncle), Rommel Pinio (the live-in partner of the victim’s mother) and a certain Melchor Zapanta. Police are still looking for the unnamed fourth assailant.

According to the victim’s mother, she was drinking with the suspects until she was completely intoxicated. By then the suspects had carried out their heinous intentions towards her pregnant 20-year-old daughter. The mother said she awoke a few times from her drunken stupor and was witness to some of the atrocious actions by the perpetrators. 

Source: GMA, VK


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