5 Scary University Horror Stories! So Creepy!

All Saints Day is an annual commemoration that pays respects to the dead that Filipinos, along with many international communities, observe. They believe that this will keep the dead from haunting them.

But what do you do when they stay on Earth? Here are 5 stories that will definitely set the mood for Halloween!

1.) Central Philippine University: Ruby Hall 

Ruby Hall is a medical center where cadavers are kept and is one of the most haunted places in CPU. Students and teachers report cold spots and furniture moving by itself in one of the classrooms. They also say they sometimes feel like they’re being pushed or tripped while walking. Some nights, after the doors are locked, the classroom’s lights suddenly turn on. Strange elf-like creatures have been seen running around the room.


2.) St. Paul University

Many of the restrooms in the St. Paul campus aren’t furnished with mirrors, even though holes and wear and tear on the tiles suggest that at some point there used to be mirrors. They say that a girl who committed suicide reveals herself in the mirrors to students, which is why the faculty had them taken down.

3.) ADMU: Sacred Heart Novitiate

The story of the ‘stairs’ is one that forces retreat-goers to seek safety in numbers. Legend has it that late one night, a group of students went downstairs to go exploring after the others had gone to sleep. The frightening thing was that no matter how long they kept going down the flights of stairs from the 3rd floor dorm hall they occupied, they could not seem to get to the ground floor. Even more sinister was that they kept passing the same eerie painting of Christ at each floor landing, over and over again. – OSC Catherine Candano


4.) CPU: Football Field 

If you are out jogging on the CPU football field early in the morning, don’t be surprised if you are joined by a young lady who strikes up a conversation. When she passes a certain spot on the track, “Poof!” — She suddenly disappears!

5.) De La Salle University 

One day, last February, even before the 7am classes started, a young Accounting sophomore decided to drop by the St. La Salle Chapel to say a quick prayer for her accounting exam. She reached the empty chapel, went to the very first pew, knelt down, shut her eyes and began to pray. A few minutes later, she heard a shuffling sound and frantic footsteps. The student opened her eyes and saw a limping, pale-faced man reaching out towards her, his torn clothes covered in blood, a bayonet sticking in his chest and mouthing the words, “Help me…” – OSC Paolo Gamboa

5 Scary University Horror Stories That Will Get Your Spook On For The Halloween!

5 Scary University Horror Stories That Will Get Your Spook On For The Halloween!

Source: TNP, Says, VK


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