5-Year-Old Babies Faced Each Other In A Fliptop Battle!


You’ve heard of the modernized form of Balagtasan, right? You know, the one where two individuals battle against each other in a war of words?

FlipTop has become synonymous with rap battling here  in the Philippines. In FlipTop, amateur and professional rappers face each other in a test of wits and humor. Typically, FlipTop battles have 3 rounds.  

The local rap battle scene gained prominence on YouTube in 2010. Lines are delivered in a freestyle format, ensuring that spontaneity and originality are the keys to victory. 

These lines, more often than not, are littered with vulgarity. 

FlipTop has patterned itself after foreign rap battles, wherein each rapper debunks their rivals’ notions with harsh insults and expletives.  

However, these rappers are different!

YouTube account ‘t r i c k l i f e’ uploaded a video featuring young boys duking it out in a rap battle. 

The video garnered various reactions from netizens, some saying that the lines are inappropriate for children, while others said that they admired the kids’ skills.

Here were some of the comments from the video: 

Beibei Wenceslao: “these kids should not be doing this. puro mura, bastos ang mga salita (with frowning emojis) they should have been playing tumbang preso at piko instead..” 

Sineth Racho: “Lol! Hahaha! Ang kulit” (with a laughing-with-tears emoji) 

Catherine Domingo: “yan ang epekto ng fliptop s mga bata,ogag rin nagvideo ni2.fliptop battlers tingnan nyo itinuturo nyo…” 

R-Dawn Casalan: “this not good bad image sa Comunidad. bata palang nag mumura na. dapat for good lang paki turo naman mga kuya.” 

Source: YouTube, VK


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