8 Most Annoying Habits of Many OFWs

It seems that despite the exposure of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) to a different culture while working abroad, the old, familiar annoying habits closely associated with Filipinos continue to manifest in many ways. Based on a discussion at OFW Exchange, users described the following bad habits that remain among OFWs.

  • Mayabang (arrogant). A simple conversation can easily escalate into a bragging opportunity. If one asks, “saan mo pinapaaral ang anak mo?,” and the other would answer, “ah sa  public school lang“, but when asked back, she’ll make remark “Yung akin sa private, exclusive school, mahal bayad ko dun” insinuating that she earns more, she loves her child more than the other OFW’s, even without the need to do so. While many Filipinos can understand — especially if what’s being said is true — there are sensitive ones who easily translate this as a sign of arrogance or superiority complex.Instead of bragging (or sounding like one), it’s best to be humble and thankful for the blessing of being able to send a child to a reputable school, live in an exclusive subdivision or own a fleet of luxury cars.

  • Inggitera (envious). Upon seeing a kababayan wearing nice dress, an envious OFW might utter snide remarks. “Wow, bongga naman ng Donya,  Armani ang dating. Hindi ako makabili nyan, hindi kasi ako mayaman“. An obviously envious (and poor) OFW could hardly hide her feelings and make such nasty remark instead of simply praising the nice outfit.

  • Hambog (boastful). When someone shares something, another one will try to outdo her. “Maganda ang gamit kong phone card, 24 hours flat rate, ” starts one. But the other will try to disclose something more appealing. “Wala ka sa akin, free 1000 minutes tawag kada buwan.” Occasionally, it’s not enough. “Yang phone card mo, walang silbe yan. Maraming pindutin na numero tapos biglang mauubos ang load.”

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