A Priest Is Planning on Making Cory as Saint?

In our country where the separation of the Church and State is still largely debatable, and the people’s beliefs and values are heavily influenced by the Roman Catholic religion, it is not a surprise that some would want to beatify a political figure. 

In an interview with Joanna Rae Ramirez, lifestyle editor of The Philippine Star, Fr. Catalino Arevalo revealed that he is planning to start the process of the late president’s ordainment into sainthood. He believes that Cory has the qualities and attributes fit for a saint

Fr. Arevalo talked about Cory’s life and suffering she had to undergo, particularly the loss of her husband, the political destabilization during her time as President, and ultimately her fight with colon cancer which led to her death. 

Fr. Arevalo commended how she battled all of this out without complaining, instead, choosing to live a life of prayer. According to the priest, this just goes to show that she has an outstanding strength of character and tremendous levels of perseverance

“From what I know of Tita Cory, I see no difficulty whatsoever and I think that we should start thinking of the possibility of starting a process ourselves.” Fr. Arevalo stated. 

To further prove his point, he talked about how Cory was inspired by St. Francis of Assisi’s life. St. Francis, one of the many martyrs of the Catholic Church, lived a modest and simple life despite all the suffering he endured. 

He related that, when Cory went down from her Presidential post, she went to Assisi, and was moved by St. Francis’ life. She then returned to her hotel, went down on her knees, and prayed to the Lord, saying that she will not complain if suffering comes into her life. 

In the Catholic church, a person can only be nominated for sainthood if she has passed away at least 6 years prior to the time of nomination. This makes Cory eligible since she died in 2009

Source:TheDailyPedia, VK


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