Adorable Couple Will Make You Believe That Love Is For Everybody!

Now that Valentines Day is just around the corner, we are once again filled with so much romantic stories in our social media feeds.

A video became viral online after this couple received many praises for sharing their heartwarming love story

Whether you are single or in a relationship, you will surely find this video touching since it serves as an example that love knows no boundaries.

Netizens admired their tandem even though it is unusual in the eyes of the society. However, they got backed up by the uplifting comments.

Facebook user Baymax Almario commented, “Kasi ang pagmamahal wala yan sa panlabas mo na anyo nasa loob yan sa puso walang dahilan kung nagmamahalan ang isang basta kung ano sinasabi ng puso mo sundin mo wala yan kun panget ka mataba basta ang pagmamahal nasa puso yan.”

“Kaka inggit nmn.. sweet nmn nla.. Happy ako pra sa knila..seems like they really love each other much..” said another Facebook user named Rolandski Villanueva.

Source: Facebook, VK


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