After being Bullied online this 12-year old live stream herself committing suicide

A young 12-year old girl who was subject to bullying took her life away after committing suicide on live stream. The disturbing footage garnered much attention throughout the online world that left many people wholly confounded.
With all the stress and bullying building up, the damage has taken its toll on the young girl and decided that it would be best to take matters into her own hands and end her life in which unfortunately she did.
The young girl took the time to record everything that led to such a build-up before she hung herself. The magnitude of the sorrowful video saddened the hearts of many who were distressed and heartbroken after watching the clip.
The video was uploaded by a YouTube user in an effort to spread awareness and open the eyes of people about suicide, bullying, and other issues which sadly does happen in real life. Sympathies and prayers were offered for the young girl as she finally rests in peace.

H/T: Today in ManilaVK


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