After Being Refused to Lend Him Money, Desperate Man Flipped Out After This Old Sari-Sari Store Owner!

A video of a desperate man becoming aggressive towards an old woman who apparently owned a sari-sari store is now circulating on social media. The man flipped out because he was reportedly denied a loan by the old store owner.

In the video, the man was seen arguing with the old lady. The sheer amount of rage shown by the male customer was quite evident.

He was even seen pushing one of the old woman’s companions when one of them attempted to calm him down.

The commotion lasted for a while as the old woman also started to lose her patience with the overly-aggressive customer. In her attempt to shoo the man away, her voice gradually became louder as she shouted at him.

The man even attempted to physically assault the elderly store owner.

Fortunately, one woman came to the rescue and defended the old woman by kicking the rowdy man. For a while, it worked. However, the video was unable to cover the entire incident, leaving us clueless as to what happened next.

Netizens slammed the man for his inappropriate and violent behavior.

Myhassy Cayap: “[siya] p n mangungutang sya p galit..magtrabho kc para me Pera…,” 

Jelmalen Jakob: “Utang? lista sa tubig. walang pambili. Pero away lakas loob pa. Work of the devil. Kung magaway away tas napatay sya. Sisihin Yong may tindahan. Sunod pulis bakit, bakit. Talagang utak green na ang mga ibang pinoy.”

Holiday Garcia: “Pa blatter yan bka blikan kayo kapal mukha yan magalit kung hindi pautangin sumbong sa pulïs bka manlaban pa barrel yan,saan ito?” 

Infires Betch: “Mangungutang nalang magagalit pa? Mananakit pa ng matanda?”  

Source: Kami, VK


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