After Checking Into A Hotel With Her BF OFW from Dubai Lost All of her Belongings!

Finding love is really hard nowadays. But what’s even harder is retrieving stolen items from a love interest who turns out to be a con artist.

A female OFW from Dubai was horrified to find out that all of her money along with her jewelry went missing after checking into a hotel with a boyfriend she met online

The couple slept in the hotel room together but when the OFW woke up the next day all of her important belongings were gone. Feeling helpless, she could do nothing but cry and plead for help as she tried to contact her supposed boyfriend who also went missing. 

Check out the post and the video below:

The video went viral, with netizens giving mixed reactions about the incident. Some of them empathized with her while others berated her for being too trusting.

Source: , Coolbuster, VK


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