‘After Each Fight, Half Of My Income Goes To The Poor.’ Pacquiao Loves To Give Than To Receive

Pambansang Kamao‘ and now Senator Manny Pacquiao shared his personal initiative to help his less fortunate countrymen by giving away about $200 million on projects that will lend hand to poor Filipinos.

Pacquiao said, “Every income I receive in boxing, almost half of it goes to the less fortunate.”

“After each fight, half of my income goes to the poor. But I don’t like to announce it.”

Some of the projects which were supported and sponsored by the boxer Senator includes the building of 1,500 homes in Mindanao and the purchase of new boats for fishermen in a coastal community. 

He insisted that he still needs to continue fighting to be able to do more charity works for the less fortunate people.

“I enjoy politics because I do not have a hidden agenda. I serve honestly,” he said.

Pacquiao Loves To Give Than To Receive- 'After Each Fight, Half Of My Income Goes To The Poor.'

Source: GMANetwork, VK


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