After Meeting With Indian Chatmate, 16-Year-Old Girl Went Missing !

Finding love nowadays is much easier through the use of modern technology that permeates our everyday lives. With just one click, you can quite possibly find the ‘love of your life’ – or at the very least a hook-up – thanks to the innovation of interpersonal messaging platforms like Facebook and Tinder

Most people use Facebook to meet and chat with people they would otherwise never get connected to. The site lets you search for people, look at their pictures, and connect with them through private messaging. You can even join groups where people establish virtual communities and exchange stories and experiences that relate to their common interests. 

So it comes as no surprise when a 16-year-old girl used the website to chat with someone who she thought she had a deep connection with, only to wind up missing five days after they met. 

According to Bombo Radyo Korono’s Facebook post, a mother named Eva Salutan went to the authorities of Polombok, South Cotabato to report that her daughter, Jessica, was missing.

Shocking: 16-Year-Old Girl Went Missing After Meeting With Indian Chatmate!

According to her mother, Jessica went to General Santos last Monday to meet with an Indian national named Suyiba Ansari. He was allegedly chatting with her on Facebook. After her daughter went to see him, Eva was bothered that Jessica has yet to come home. She revealed that Jessica sent her a text, saying that the meet-up was successful. Eva hasn’t heard from her since. 

The Philippine National Police’s Cyber Crime group has already responded to the situation and are now currently investigating the case

Shocking: 16-Year-Old Girl Went Missing After Meeting With Indian Chatmate!

Source:Facebook, VK


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