After She Humiliates her Boyfriend. This Guy Hit his Girlfriend!

This couple went viral online after their violent public confrontation was caught on video.

In the viral video, the girlfriend was first seen holding her boyfriend’s collar to keep him in place while she berated him. Although the specifics of their conversation couldn’t be heard on the video, reports say that they were allegedly arguing about a third party.

The boyfriend attempted to escape several times, however his girlfriend kept stopping him.

During his final attempt to escape, the woman was able to get a tight hold of him and repeatedly slapped him with the crowd gathering around to watch.

The boyfriend finally had enough and he hit her back, even following after her as she ran towards the crowd.

As soon as the couple’s confrontation started to get more violent, people finally intervened and separated them.

Netizens were divided about which side to take. Some reacted by saying the woman deserved it. Others countered by saying no matter how irritating a woman gets, no one has the right to hurt her.

Source: Kami, VK


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