After the Surgery Doctors was Shocked By What They Found Inside This Woman’s Butt

India is a country where women are typically still treated as secondary citizens and patriarchy is still largely prevalent.

This is one of the reasons why the majority of Indian men still exert authority over the women in their country, which often leads to abuse. 

Such is the case of a 38-year-old woman who was rushed to the hospital on Christmas day due to complaints of severe abdominal pain. 

The doctors immediately performed an x-ray examination on the woman. Unfortunately, the problem couldn’t be fully detected and the x-ray only showed silhouettes of a foreign material. 

To resolve the woman’s life-threatening problem, the doctors performed emergency surgery. What they discovered once they opened her up shocked them. 

Doctors Were Shocked By What They Found Inside This Woman’s Butt After Surgery!

The doctors found a 40cm rolling pin stuffed up the woman’s anus. Due to the alarming discovery, the head doctor, Dr. Kedar Shahi, alerted the police and Amita Lokhani, the vice-chairperson of National Commission of Woman in India. 

At first, the victim refused to explain what happened to her. But after three days, she confessed that her husband was the one who performed the terrible act. 

“I continued visiting her for three days and eventually she opened up on the third day while her husband was away. She told me she was infertile and her husband often tortured her,” Lokhani said. 

According to the patient, this was just one of her husband’s many acts of torture. She revealed that he forced the rolling pin inside of her and refused to bring her to the hospital. Her husband only agreed to take her to the hospital when her condition worsened and she could no longer bear the pain. 

Source: WorldOfBuzz, VK


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