Al Jazeera Featured First 100 Days of Duterte Praised by Foreign Netizens!

A lot can happen in 100 days. Here’s what’s happened in the Philippines since Rody Duterte became president.

Many foreign netizen positively reacted on this video after many controversial issues happened between the foreign country and Preseident Duterte here are some:

Edgar Sserugo said:

I think he is saving the future generation of his country which is good, to me.

Salahuddin Mohammed:

Duterte is hero president.
He is not American puppet that’s why western want to defame him.
He is elected by his people passionately and democratically.
He speaks the truth but world need liar and puppet leader.
Philippines must say no the false campaign against him.
I’m not Philippines but I know the truth.

King Ahmed Raza

Good going Duterte. I wish He had been the president of Pakistan. However congrats to all people of Philippines for having such a brave leader


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