All Naruto Shippuden Opening Songs can Sing by this GUY In Just 24 Minutes

If you’re really an anime fan, you should now Naruto, and you’ll surely love this video from YouTube sensation Per Fredrik Pellek Åsly.pellek-Naruto-Shippuden-opening-songs2-700x412

Popularly known as PelleK, he is a Norwegian actor, composer and singer, and best known in the rock and metal scene for his vocal range which spans between four octaves. Pellek is the number one most subscribed Norwegian musician on YouTube with more than 1 million subscribers.


This incredibly talented guy is widely popular in his metal covers and one thing that you’ll love about him is that he’s granting most of the request from his fans even anime songs. As an anime fan also, he later on covers anime soundtracks including theme songs from Dragon Ball, One Piece, Tokyo Ghoul, Saint Seiya, Pokemon, and a lot more.


Pellek also covers all the Naruto Shippuden opening songs which he sings in just 24 minutes. So much nostalgia here.


This epic cover will make him win the Konoha’s Got Talent!




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