Alleged mistress was beaten and stripped naked in public

On this video. A mistress  was tortured by the family of the man she is cohabiting with on public. And now viral on social media.

She was riding a car that time and was pulled out by the the wife of the man she lived with. The video was taken by a netizen who at that time was trying to stop the wife but to no avail, the resistance to torture the mistress prevailed.

The wife gradually remove her clothes and put her on shame, but the wife was not contented that time on just taking off the mistress’ clothes, so she brought out her scissors and sheared (cut) the mistress’ violet hair into half.

The wife profusely put the mistress on shame as she was so angry doing all those things but the girl can’t help but to cry as much as she could while the wife was continuously torturing her physically and emotionally.

Source : facebook

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