Angelica Visits Enter Big Brother’s House And Asks Kuya If She Should Just Go Home!

The Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7 housemates were treated by Kuya to yet another surprise, as one guest visited the house and made everyone feel happy.

Angelica Panganiban entered the PBB House and met with the remaining housemates.

During her visit, the housemates were all busy making clothes for Kuya’s challenge.

Angelica made it a point to make everyone smile during her stay. She was successful, seeing how happy everyone was while laughing at her punch lines

Before she left, her conversation with Kuya sparked interest on the Internet. She asked Big Brother if he wanted her to go home already, and Kuya answered that she is always welcome to stay.

However, Angelica opted to just go home.



Source:ABS-CBN, VK


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