Ann Mateo Transformed by Netizen from Daring Photos To This!

Viral superstar and FHM model Ann Mateo has been a trending topic on social media, in the aftermath of the rap battle between her boyfriend Shehyee and battle rapper Sinio.

Sinio said some unflattering comments as part of his rap set, including insinuating that Ann was a promiscuous girl. Such controversial remarks were heavily criticized on social media.

In light of the recent events, a Facebook user decided to lighten up the mood by injecting a little bit of comedy into this heated situation. 

Netizen Cedric Zamora showed off his photoshop skills, altered some of Ann’s revealing pictures and uploaded on Facebook. What he made was hilariously unexpected!

He transformed the otherwise sexy photos of Ann into more ‘conservative’  versions of themselves!


Di ko ginalingan dinamitan ko lang bes. Wag nyo na bigyan ng meaning gusto ko lang ipakita na pwede pala ako magka clothing line.”

The edited photos have garnered more than 11K reactions and 3,000+ shares on Facebook as of writing. 

Here are some of Ann’s photos tweaked by Cedric. The photos look pretty convincing if you ask us. 

Via: Kami , Facebook, VK


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