Apocalyptic sound heard in Slovakia with strange cloud formation! You Decide!

Strange and apocalyptic sounds were heard again this time in Slovakia just this October 15, 2016 wherein a video has been making rounds on the internet that got many people curious in regards to this eerie phenomena.

No one really knows and no one can really explain where the sounds are coming from. Many are trying to figure out and decipher what these strange sounds mean. Some have speculated that the sounds come from the Earth’s core, while others have stated that the weird sounds are a product of weather modification technology, mainly the HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program).
To keep things simple, it uses a high-power radio frequency transmitter facility to conduct an ionospheric research program and because of this, many conspiracy theories have been formed.

Could these peculiar phenomenons contain a hidden message? Or perhaps a warning to humanity that a global catastrophe is coming? A similar incident happened in the holy city of Jerusalem last October 1, 2016 where a mysterious trumpet sound was heard while the sky formed a circle of clouds, seemingly forming a gate to the heavens. Whether these circulating videos are authentic or not are a subject debated by many experts.
If these are any indication, then perhaps humanity should heed the call and be mindful of the signs because at this point, many are mind-boggled by these mysterious phenomenons occurring around the globe. But one thing’s for sure. It’s starting to freak people out and right now, we don’t have any idea how and why it is happening.
UK online publisher The Sun reported that terrifying sound is blamed on the victory of Donald Trump of the US.


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