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Must Watch A Woman Lurking the Streets Is Hypnotizing Children!

Hypnotism is a very mysterious phenomenon that has baffled many people throughout the ages. It involves the person being in a trance-like state where they are not aware of anything except the suggestions or the orders of the hypnotizer, or the one who have hypnotized them.  Scientific evidence for the phenomena is sparse, but what […]

Real Reason Why Pepe Herrera Left ‘Ang Probinsyano’

Pepe Herrera, more popularly known, as Benny opened up on the real reason why he left the top-rating show, “Ang Probinsyano.”  Benny was Coco Martin’s sidekick and a well-loved character. Popular for always seeing the positive in every situation, he is also a faithful friend to Cardo, Coco’s character. His loyalty marked his death when […]

Huge Comeback of Rbreezy Babe With This Viral Video

Rbreezy girl Mariel Jane Russel Mallillin made a huge comeback on Facebook as her video raked millions of views in just a short span of time, going insanely viral. For a new account with no followers, garnering 1.4 Million views in 8 hours was more than surprising. However, it is not hard to see why. […]

This Guy Loses His Teeth After A Vape Pen Exploded In His Face!

Vapes are initially thought to be harmless, as they are believed to cause less damage to the lungs than cigarettes. These studies, however, are inconclusive.  With people no longer needing a lighter or a match to smoke away, the odds of a fire starting are much lower. But a terrible incident proves this is not […]

The Reasons Behind the Rape Culture in Today’s Society. Must Read

A disturbing section of our population is guilty of promoting rape culture.  A post from The Malaysian Feminist tackled this issue and it has since made rounds on social media, garnering mixed opinions from various netizens. The post contained photos of two women wearing revealing clothes while riding public transportation alongside screenshots of how the […]

Mommy Dionisia Got Rushed to The Hospital! Why???

Recently, Senator Manny Pacquiao’s wife Jinkee once again went viral all over social media. This time it wasn’t because of her luxurious lifestyle or any of the numerous properties she owns, but because of her post about her mother-in-law, Mommy Dionisia. Apparently, Mommy Dionisia was recently rushed to the hospital. The cause for her confinement […]

After Wearing this Swimsuit Miss China Goes Viral! Why?

The most-awaited and most prestigious beauty pageant in the world has just begun. The 86 aspiring Miss Universe candidates walked the runway in their stunning swimsuits on January 17. The event was held at JPark Island Resort and Waterpark in Cebu.  The swimsuit presentation is just one of the many preliminary rounds that the candidates […]

Sexy ‘Revenge Body’! You Won’t Believe How Hot Sunshine Dizon Now

Netizens are buzzing over actress Sunshine Dizon’s sexy new body.  Sunshine shared her transformation through her Instagram posts on her personal account. In July of 2016, the lead actress for GMA’s ‘Ika-6 Na Utos’ shared the beginnings of her journey fraught with hard-work and frequent exercise.   In December of last year, the fruits of […]

Jhong Hilario Did Something Unexpected to Vhong Navarro and Anne Curtis!

The hosts of the noontime variety show ‘It’s Showtime’ share a bond deeper than what their fans could have imagined – their friendship extends beyond the camera. With several years of hosting experience under their belt, all of them have become more or less attuned with each other’s quirks and quips.  While off-duty and not […]