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Ellen Adarna Goes Viral Once Again After Posting This Photo!

Fresh off her Metro cover this April, Ellen Adarna shows on Instagram just how she can heat up any room to its boiling point. “Channeling Kate Moss.” If you haven’t grabbed an issue yet, Ellen channeled her inner Monroe for this month’s issue of Metro Magazine Body. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here’s the […]

This Couple Was Caught in the River Doing Something in the River!

Public displays of affection (or PDA) are often disapproved by people because it only makes everyone else uncomfortable, apart from the lovey-dovey couple who are just so into each other. They could go from mild to full-blown cringe-worthy acts–such as s*x.  This couple was caught doing the latter. They took the meaning of PDA into […]

Fliptoper “Badang” imprisoned After Molesting Minor

Fliptoper named Darwin Lerona Ferianeza or known as “Badang” faces sexual assault and harassment charges after getting accused of committing rape. Badang is a known Filipino rap artist, who is also joining several Fliptop battles. Molesting a child is one the crime hate by most people aside from being involve on illegal drugs. Child molestation […]

Taxi Driver Who Returns an Iphone SE Receives Got a Reward from Raffy Tulfo!

Roberto Elliot, a humble taxi driver, went viral when he was interviewed by Raffy Tulfo on his show, Raffy Tulfo In Action.  Roberto’s story drew the attention of many netizens due to the unusual circumstances surrounding it. Roberto returned the iPhone that his passenger left in his car. But instead of being showered with gratitude, […]

Eumee Capile Spotted Singing In A Mall And It Is Now Going Viral!

Eumee Capile got tagged as “Ang UnSistopable ng Bulacan” after she advanced to the Grand Finals of It’s Showtime’s “Tawag Ng Tanghalan” singing competition. The powerful voice of this woman paved the way to her success. However, Eumee remained humble despite all of her achievements. Recently, the singer was spotted singing a karaoke number inside […]

Kobe Paras Declared For NBA Draft; Lakers, Spurs Ready To Take Him

Filipino basketball prodigy Kobe Paras has already declared for the upcoming NBA draft and he’s already got teams getting in line for him.  According to a news update posted by Hoops Talk, teams like the Lakers, Spurs, Pistons and Bucks are already eyeing the young athlete even before the actual draft.  The Facebook post read: […]