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Guy Committed Suicide after his GIRLFRIEND left him! OMG

We all have problems in life, some which choose to bear with fortitude and strength. But not all possess the will to carry on and move forward, being completely embraced by the thought of the challenges they are facing. Just like this young man who apparently committed suicide after having arguments with his girlfriend that […]

DUTERTE dont even care about MEDIA BOYCOTT

Recently, Pre Elect Rodrigo Duterte said “Journalist is Killed Because Some of them Are Corrupt“. On this statement many media personnel decide to boycott Duterte for his next press conference but on this video he still insist that he will not apologize on his statement. Watch the video below: Source : mochusonblog

Man Trying to Fix Washing Machine But Get Stuck His Head Inside

A Fujian man’s washing machine broke down. To check out what was wrong inside, so he stuck his head inside to get a easily check whats inside and  look around and quickly discovered the problem then he was stuck. Apparently, he even carried out his inspection with the machine still on, reports NetEase. Fortunately, his roommates were there […]

Couple Caught on Act Making Love Inside the BUS!

Teenagers nowadays are doing aggressive act in making love. But this kind of thing that you should not do on public. Watch this couple doing oral s*x inside the bus. However, one of the passengers might have been disturbed by their act so they decided to film what they are doing.

Raffy Tima: ‘Catcalling My Wife Is Wrong On So Many Levels’

GMA News reporter and TV anchor Raffy Tima has broken his silence over the recent catcalling incident where President-elect Rodrigo Duterte whistled at his his wife, journalist Mariz Umali. In a Facebook post, Tima expressed his dismay over the incoming president’s actions, saying it was “wrong [on] so many levels.” “I expected that from a Mayor […]

Chinese Guy Molested and Take Video of a Drunk Girl

Whenever you will try to get drunk you should know how to handle it and you also have a good companion to drink with. On this video a guy molested a drunk girl after she get drunk and laydown on the street. Watch the video below:

Airport Employees Caught In Act Opening Luggage Bags

As passenger we assure our belongings to be safe at the airport we trust them when we are giving our luggage to authority but we don’t know some of the employees are opening our luggage and taking our personal stuffs. Check how they are doing it on this video.

YAKULT GIRL viral on Social Media

Aside from Carot Man, OTAP Man and DRI-BAE here is another person that going viral online because of her beautiful face and smile. She is selling yakult when netizen caught their eye by her beauty. Check her photos below :

Miriam Santiago rushed to hospital now on ICU

Last 2 years ago, in 2014 Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago was diagnosed with lung cancer. It was difficult for her when she ran for the 2016 presidential elections causing Santiago to rarely have any rallies. After many treatment she recover from her sickeness but this May 31. Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago is now in the intensive […]