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Restaurant Chains That Use Shockingly Poor Quality Meat

10. Arby’s via:beefboard.org Arby’s is one of those products that is well-intentioned but has turned out to be a truly repulsive product. Looking at it, however, there is no problem until you scrutinize the details of the food. The roast beef is probably the food for which they are most famous, and while it is […]

Hollywood’s Most Beautiful Faces

Beauty in all of its forms from houses, furniture, people and clothes are the things that drive our desires. Do you really buy the car that gives you slightly better gas mileage over the car that makes your heart race? As such, beautiful people (especially beautiful facial features) are always celebrated. Beauty is in the […]

Short Funny GIFs

The Moment you thought its over   I wonder what color is it     That feeling that you want to hit him but u feel too lazy to move     Take that b*tch!!         I just want to greet you “Good Morning”, What’s wrong with my new uniform?

Top 10 Powerful Villains in Anime

Compelling fiction is only as strong as its villains. They can either act as a plot device to further develop the protagonists or they can be fleshed out as complicated, conflicted individuals. Some are driven by hatred, some by power, some by revenge, it ultimately doesn’t matter. They want to cause harm and their actions […]

Most Dangerous Cities In the World

The world is a big place and there are countless countries and cities to explore. From the harbours of Monte Carlo to the deserts of Australia, the list of places to visit is endless. Well, nearly endless. Just as how there are beautiful places to visit around the world, there are places that are definitely […]

Mistress Fainted While Being Beaten By The Legal Wife!

Whenever we hear stories of cheating, we often feel the sympathy for the person who gets cheated on. Often time we tend to get a little curious over the confrontations of wife and the mistresses. Videos about infidelities are quickly gaining the response of the people over the social media sites. In this video, a […]