Before Become a Lawyer He Served as Mcdonald’s Service Crew. Inspiring!

“When I became a lawyer, I just knew that I have to be that kind of lawyer that I admire back in the days when we were struggling. I don’t have to be the smartest or the most prominent. I just want to be one of the most judicious and moral.”

Attorney Howard Chan used to work as a service crew of McDonald’s before he became a lawyer in 2015. The journey towards achieving his dream is not easy.

Based on the story that he posted on Filipinolosophy, his family came from the working class. Despite having other relatives who are rich enough to help them, he chose to ignore them during the times that they had not food, water and electricity.

Because of this incident, there is a barrier for him to the rich people who are not offering help to the needy ones. Though he stressed out that he is not anti-rich, he just said that he is more impressed with the people who mae efforts to help out others.


Source: VK, LionHearTV


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