Betrayed OFW commits suicide after learning wife having Affair with his kumpare

OFW commits suicide after learning wife's infidelity

OFW commits suicide after learning wife’s infidelity (Photo: composite image)

It’s not easy being an OFW. You need to sacrifice so much before you can enjoy your salary.

In fact, many OFWs would only leave a small portion of their salary with them and will send the remaining amount to their families in the Philippines.

Despite these sacrifices they make, some loved ones whom these OFWs consider a reason good enough for all their sacrifices, can still betray them.

Take a look at the wife of this betrayed OFW husband. She was so busy taking good care of their “kumpare” that she forgot to take care of her family. What’s worse is that she got herself into a video scandal which must have already reached thousands of people all over the world.

OFW commits suicide after learning wife's infidelity

True enough, her husband found out about it and decided that life isn’t worth living for.

The husband went to the top of a crane with a noose and hanged himself. The question now is, did his wife ever know that she was the one who signed the death warrant of her husband the moment she chose to betray him with his “kumpare?”


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