Beware On This New Scam. Must Read!

A netizen has shared a story about her friend who almost got victimized by the latest scam involving calls and text messages from an anonymous sender who allegedly targets gullible people by ‘feeding on their fears’.

In a Facebook post, Peach Lopez said a friend called her asking for help after getting threats from someone who said they were contracted to kill her.

Then the caller said the ‘contract’ was changed at the last minute and the one who wanted her killed also want her whole family murdered too. Worse, the caller warned the woman that the assassins were already sent to her place, watching them.

“And then they will say that naaawa sila sayo kaya hihingi na lang sila ng pera para pamasahe ng mga tao niya palayo para pag nalaman ng kliyente na hndi nila pinatay, malayo na sila,” the netizen shared.

“They will also ask a specific amount ranging from P20, 000 – P100,000 depending on your gullibility and intensity of fear. Then they will ask you to send it to Palawan Express,” she wrote.

To supposedly establish more proof of the authenticity of their claim, the caller will recite the victim’s personal details including name, exact address and the place of work, which could have been likely sourced from the victim’s social media accounts or from ‘online breadcrumbs’.

The sharer said her friend almost ended up paying the scammer but eventually confirmed that it was a hoax after asking some questions for confirmation. Read the full post below:



Source: facebook,VK


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