Big Time Chinese drug Lord Gunned Down in Valenzuela raid

A Chinese drug lord and shabu laboratory operator was killed by police operatives when the suspect resisted arrest in Valenzuela recently.

One suspect identified as Chinese national Mico Tan attempted to escape, gave the police highway patrol group a chase, and engaged the pursuing authorities in a shootout.

Tan was killed in the incident, the report said.

Watch the video below:

The police operatives visited the house of the suspect in Valenzuela City to serve the warrant of arrest but the suspect allegedly tried to escape on board a Honda Civic.

 A car chase and exchanged gunfire ensued between Meco Tan and the police, resulting in the death of the fleeing suspect.

Found in the possession of the alleged drug lord was a backpack loaded with suspected shabu.

On the other hand, the search inside the target warehouse yielded chemicals and equipment believed to be for shabu-making.

But as of posting time, Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency chemists have yet to issue a statement on the chemicals found in the raid.

Source : GMA NEWS


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