‘Blakdyak’ Found Dead Inside His Home in Sampaloc Wrapped With Plastic in his head

Former comedian/actor and renowned 90’s singer Joseph Formoran Amoto (Blakdyak) was found dead inside his house according to reports from ABS-CBN News. Blakdyak’s body was discovered lifeless at around 7 p.m. just this Monday in Sampaloc, Manila.

Further details about Blakdyak’s death are yet to be revealed to the public in regards to the incident. Blakdyak made waves in the late 90’s for his hit songs such asBumbay, Inday and many more.

He also made an appearance on TV shows as a comedian while also being featured in movies as well, namely Gangland and Asin At Paminta under Viva Films.
Blakdyak ran into trouble late in 2014 after being arrested for possession of illegal drugs as well as numerous run-ins with the law but quickly picked himself back up. He was working recently on a new album prior to his death, collaborating with veteran composer Lito Camo for a new album release.
The half-Filipino and half-Barbadian was born in Olongapo City and was known as a ‘reggae’ icon by many people.
Source: ABSCBN News, VK


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