Boredom While Shopping? Watch this!

Ways to spend your time laughing while inside of the grocery store. Just try to follow what the grocery pun girls is doing inside the supermarket.

On this video 2 persons are students and are both girls having too much of fun while shopping in grocery store.

The two Grocery pun girls were identified as Lanirie Caudal and Mariella Ramos. Their videos is now trending on the social media.

The video reached almost 1.9 million views and 26, 600 shares on Facebook.

Many netizens shared their videos of making fun inside the groceries stores. They are just playing like no one cares.

The grocery pun girls is now leading as one of the trend topic over the social media. Many of the netizens are waiting for their fun videos to be posted on Facebook.

The grocery pun girls are known to lurk around grocery stores relating word and pun and humor. They’re just having some time to release stress inside the super market or groceries stores by making some stories with the groceries.


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