Breaking News: Sara Duterte pregnant with triplets

The First Family is getting new members, with Davao City Mayor and presidential daughter Inday Sara Duterte announcing that she is seven weeks pregnant with triplets.

In a statement, she explained her absence during the festivities at Kadayawan 2016, while announcing the First Family’s newest blessing.

“On this happy note, I would also like to share with you the news that I am pregnant and cannot join you in merrymaking activities,” Duterte said.

“We are expecting triplets and they are doing well on their 7th week,” she said.


Sara said it’s been a difficult pregnancy so far but she vows to continue working as the city’s chief executive as long as her health permits.

“The human body is made to carry just one baby and I am experiencing threefold all the pregnancy symptoms that a woman goes through.” Duterte said.

“I will continue to work until I am allowed by the doctors to do so, however, I have been advised to avoid crowded places to lessen the chances of acquiring infections,” she added.

Source: abscbn,vk


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