Bride Disgusted on his Groom Reaction After Being Kissed. The Reason Why Will Disgust You Also

For many couples, their wedding day is the happiest day of their lives. It is a time to celebrate the union of two people who love and cherish each other. Many ladies dream of that perfect wedding – to walk down that aisle while ‘Mr. Right’ waits for them at the altar.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like this bride has much to celebrate about. In fact, she looks downright depressed. 

In a bizarre viral video circulating social media, a beautiful Chinese bride wipes her mouth in disgust after her groom kisses her! 


Seemingly this woman regretted her decision in marrying this rather excited gentleman. The groom’s friends and loved ones were in the background, cheering for him to kiss his lovely bride. 

However as soon as the man’s lips touch hers, the woman wipes her mouth and then gags! 

Double harsh.

The happy groom doesn’t seem to mind as he lovingly wraps his arm around his gloom wife. 

The video has gone viral after being posted on LiveLeak – with around 9,000 views and counting. 

A netizen commented: “That’s how I feel about going back to work.”

Other netizens were rather skeptical about the authenticity of the video, pointing out the groom’s humorously bad-looking teeth.

Another netizen wrote: “This has got to be fake, those teeth came straight from a fancy dress shop surely.”

Source:dailystar, VK


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