British ‘Pinoy at Heart’ Created An Open Letter To China’s President For Coach Luming’s Offensive Joke to Ph Team

A British national who claims that he is ‘Pinoy at Heart‘ created an open letter as a response to the offensive jab that Coach Luming of the Chinese team said towards the Philippine Team.
Before the unlikely game between the Philippines‘ Gilas versus the Chinese Team in the 2015 FIBA AsiaChampionship game, this British National sent an open letter to China’s president towards the controversialstatement of the Coach.

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british open letter to china president 2

Photo Credit: Malcolm Conlan
Head Coach Luming said in an interview before the game, “I am very confident. I am so confident that I’m willing… I’m willing to make a bet. If we lose, they can have the Spratly Islands”.
This was a very inappropriate matter for the Coach to joke upon. In the letter that Malcolm Conlan sent to the Chinese administration, he said that “you [China] cannot give back something which did not belong to you in the first place, that is generally known as theft. Secondly, the Spratly Islands are not to be treated as some kind of pawn in a high stakes gambling match. The Spratly Islands are a valuable asset which historical evidence has proven belong to the Philippine people.”
Towards the end of the letter he claims that he is a man who married a Filipina and having Filipino relatives in the United Kingdom and in the Philippines. He also said that he has much respect for the culture and nation.
Source: KickerDaily




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