Bus Driver Passes Out While Driving.Kids Did this to Save The Day!

Accidents happen every day, especially on the road. Many of them are consequences of drunk driving or overspeeding while some are just unlucky.

When faced with this kind of situation, it is of highest importance that we stay calm and immediately do the most appropriate response. This is what a group of kids did when an unfortunate scenario happened to them while they were on a bus.

Everything was caught in a cctv camera. It can be seen that the a man was driving a school bus. He was supposed to bring middle school students to their home safely. However, he passed out while driving in the middle of the road. Instead of just shouting and panicking, the kids immediately responded to the situation effectively. 

A kid named Jeremy got up immediately and grabbed the wheel. He successfully prevented the bus from plowing a local church. Another kid started performing CPR on the driver. According to him, the driver was finding it very hard to breathe during that time. The other kids even made an initiative to call 911!

Source: EliteReaders, VK


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