Call Center Agent Curses Frustrated Customer! Check it Here!

Customer named Raul called PLDT for assistance because of his interrupted internet connection. It has been two days since the last time he was able to access the internet. He said the he was in dire need of the connection because he was negotiating abroad and he is flying out of the country.

Cathy Rosana, the agent, responded to Raul’s connect. Basic procedures like asking for the customer’s details and such was done in the first parts of the call. However, Cathy said that they will be calling Raul back for updates and feedback to the said problem. Then Raul immediately said:

“So, I’m gonna be paying for the two days na hindi kami nakakapag online, nakakapag-internet ano?”

Cathy explained to him that there is a system upgrade being done in the said area.

Suddenly, the Call center agent cuts him off with, “P***I*** mo rin bakit ka magmumura eh wala nga akong magagawa.”

Source: Facebook,VK


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