Can you feel those two ‘holes’ on your lower back? That means you’re special!

Another name for back dimples is Venus Dimples. These lower back dimples are called Dimples of Venus due to how many people find them attractive and gush over seeing them. In men’s case, they are called Apollo’s dimples. But, not everybody has these beautiful marks.


In the picture below (a rear view of your bony, skeleton butt), you see your lumbar spine from up top coming down and attaching to your sacrum.  Your sacrum then has 2 hip bones on each side of it.  The red part that is highlighted on each hip bone is called the Posterior Superior Iliac Spine (PSIS).  Right above your PSIS is where your Venus Dimples are located.  Due to the way your bones are structured, an indentation is there, which allows for those stunning Venus Dimples to appear. –fitnessoriented

Can you feel those two holes on your lower back That means you’re special_1

So how can we GET these dimples if we don’t have them?

While for the most part, they are thought to be genetic, many people believe that weight loss and certain strength training exercises can help create these dimples. This is due partially to the fact that so many athletes appear to have these indentations. Building up muscles around your lower back can actually bring out those dimples in you!

Source : viral4real

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