Carlos Celdran Sign A Petition: President-Elect Duterte: You must RESIGN!

Carlos Celdran Petition: President-Elect Duterte: RESIGN. Do not take the Job.

Carlos Celdran, cultural activists and is well-known for his “Walk This Way” in the Philippines has created a petition against the President-elect Rodrigo “Rody” Duterte on “”.

Carlos Celdran is convincing and is inviting everyone to sign his petition to make the president-elect Duterte resign from his incoming duty as the Republic of the Philippines president.

In a Tweet he posted on his Twitter account, he said, “I just signed this. Are you interested in signing this @change petition as well?”.


Based on the statement that he released, Celdran claims that Duterte is not capable of running a nation with 100 million people.

The netizens gave a mixed reaction about this issue. Some were pleased but others were not.

In his Petition stated:

“In the past weeks you said that erring journalists deserve to die, disrespected women at your press conferences, used homophobic language, appointed a foreign secretary willing to compromise Philippine sovereignty to China, appointed a DPWH secretary who has interests in real estate development, insulted the United Nations, Singapore, Australia, the Pope, and people with disabilities. You also admitted that Ferdinand Marcos Jr. was your real alliance politically.

Finally, your constant surreal midnight press conferences have shown us all that you are ill-tempered, erratic, perverted, and a proud advocate of human rights violations.
You yourself have said that you will not die if you weren’t president. As a man of honor, keep your word. Do not accept the job as President of the Philippines. Please resign. Now.

Thank you.
Carlos P. Celdran Ermita, Philippines”

Here’s the link if you are interested in signing in his petition : President-Elect Duterte: RESIGN. Do not take the Job.

Source : TNP


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