Saudi Employer Sponsors All Wedding Expenses Of Their Housemaid!

Sometimes, bosses and their employees share a relationship beyond whatever business they formally have. Some bosses treat their workers as family most especially when they work and stay inside their homes. 

One employer from Saudi hosted a wedding for her beloved housemaid in Jeddah on Friday. She covered all the expenses needed to push through the ceremony. 

The bride’s friends and family were all invited to come. The boss didn’t feel that it was enough and she even offered to shoulder the newlywed’s honeymoon

Social activist Zahra Al-Muabi attended the ceremony and shared some clips on her Snapchat account.  

The happy couple are both Asians and they looked emotional during the ceremony. They are grateful for the Saudi woman who paid the cost just to make their dream wedding happen. She is truly a perfect example of a person free from racial prejudice. 

This Saudi employer is now receiving praises from people who have heard their story.  

Saudi Employer Sponsors All Wedding Expenses Of Their Housemaid, Invites Friends And Even Offers A Honeymoon Gift!

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Richard Poon’s Message to Pres. Duterte Goes Viral! Must Read!

Singer/songwriter Richard Poon is one of the few stars who doesn’t really cause too much controversy in showbiz. 

Despite his quiet nature, there are times when Poon breaks his silence in order to express his thoughts on certain issues. 

One example is his comment on President Duterte’s way of governing Davao when he was still mayor of the city. 

Poon was originally not a supporter of Pres. Duterte. However, he stated that his trips to Davao made him see what Pres. Duterte was really like. 

Richard Poon on Why He Decided to Support President Duterte: 'If one day you come FACE-TO-FACE WITH REAL EVIL, believe me, you will CALL DUTERTE for help!'

In his blog post, he said:

Years ago, I was skeptical at Duterte. I heard rumors that he was a feared “berdugo”(executioner of criminals). Curfews at night. No smoking in certain areas, Liquor bans. Maximum 40 kph on the road???!!!

But unknowingly, my MANY TRIPS TO DAVAO to sing for many years OPENED UP CONVERSATIONS with the people there. I was shocked yet CURIOUSLY AMAZED that taxi drivers, ordinary employees LOVE & RESPECT him! In their own words, Duterte was THE EXACT OPPOSITE of the MANY ACCUSATIONS. Many say this is because the Mayor PROTECTED THEM FROM EVIL.

In my circles, most of the people who judge Duterte as an ill leader have NEVER BEEN TO DAVAO to witness his reforms first-hand. And if Duterte’s ways are really off, will not Davao and the surrounding Muslim world rebel and oust him even in earlier days?

I must admit, WITHOUT MY MANY CONVERSATIONS WITH PEOPLE FROM DAVAO, I would not realize who Duterte really is. So from my heart, thank you so much Davaoenos for showing me Duterte’s truth in real everyday life.

I am voting for Duterte because he DID IT IN THE MICRO(Davao). I saw him change what many(including myself)thought to be UNCHANGEABLE—-the corrupt system of governance.

So I will put my hopes and faith that Duterte will do THE SAME in the MACRO(whole Philippines). Even if he takes more than 6 months, I’ll still support him. Rather than ACCEPT THE STATUS QUO of governance, crime, corruption and drugs.

Isn’t it ironic that Duterte—-who has DRASTICALLY CHANGED the CROOKED SYSTEM in micro Davao—- is being trashed by some as a joke in favor of those WHO HAVE NOT SIGNIFICANTLY CHANGED CORRUPT GOVERNANCE? And some expect these people to run MACRO Philippines?

I have to give a clap for Duterte opponents trying to DISTORT him being a tough, fearless, disciplinarian father THAT DAVAO LOVES & RESPECTS into a tyrant who will take away your candy, be like Marcos, choke you into Martial Law, and kill a law-abiding citizen like yourself.

If one day you come FACE-TO-FACE WITH REAL EVIL(murder, rape, robbery), believe me, you will CALL DUTERTE for help.

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Teenage Boy Fake his Cancer So That They Will Give Him Money For Chemo! SHOCKING!

On April 13, netizen Pau Vislenio met Edward Pangilinan, a 14-year old boy who claims that he has cancer, at the Sanctuario de San Antonio Parish.

Pau was told by the teenage boy that he needed P100,000 for chemotherapy. He claims he already has P92,000 and only needs P8,000 to start treatment. He sells kamote in order to make up the missing amount.

According to Edward, P70,000 of his money came from his sponsorship under singer-host-actor Billy Crawford. P20,000 was from his uncle who helped him, and the rest is from selling kamote.

Pau and her friend Annsheerina became curious so they probed Edward about his condition. He mentioned that gets his medication from the Philippine Orthopedic Center in Banawe and his doctor’s name is Dr. Christian S. Potor. He also claimed that Billy Crawford gave him an iPhone 6 which he pawned to get more money for chemo.

Despite being suspicious, Pau still helped Lawrence sell his kamote. While she was with Lawrence, she was relaying her experience to her mom. When Pau got home, her mom told her that there is no Dr. Christian S. Potor working at the Philippine Orthopedic Hospital. She called the hospital to confirm the details of Lawrence’s story. She also discovered that they do not have a cancer patient named Edward Pangilinan.

Read Pau’s full post here:

This Teenage Boy Fools People Into Thinking He Has Cancer So That They Will Give Him Money For Chemo! SHOCKING!

This Teenage Boy Fools People Into Thinking He Has Cancer So That They Will Give Him Money For Chemo! SHOCKING!


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A Beautiful Girl Posted Her Picture With Her Husband and Daughter, Netizens Reacted on It! Horrible!

Beauty standards are deeply engraved in our society whether we like it or not. Although there are revolutionary activists who are trying to alter these kinds of cultural aspects, it is difficult to disregard others’ perceptions of beauty

Just as when Cambodian Facebook user Lucy LuvElla tries to break the Western standard of beauty, some netizens seem to fail to understand the context of love without limit and boundaries.

Lucy posted on her Facebook account a series of her family photos. Netizens threw their mixed reactions upon seeing Lucy’s husband who is reportedly a black-skinned man. People are calling him ‘lucky’ for being able to capture Lucy’s gorgeous beauty. 

A Beautiful Girl Posted Her Picture With Her Husband and Daughter, You Will Not Believe How Netizens Reacted on It! Horrible!

Aside from the compliments, other netizens seem to be sarcastic. Others are accusing Lucy of staying with her husband because of his money.

Tholittz Divino :  naging praktikal lng c girl… kng saan cya mgkakaron ng mgandang kinabukasan ung mgiging pamilya nya don cya…mukha nman nkakaangat sa buhay c boy kya wlang problema n bumuo cla ng pamilya..

Eiwaweiuol Mc Eachren : Manyaman pero kung mahirap yan tingin nyu papatulan yn ng girl?

Joseph Romero Yu : owner nang beauty and skin care product yung c babae,bka lumaklak nang sampung gallon na gluthatione kaya pumuti at gumanda,bka olikba din yan kulay nya dati,at bka multi milyonaryo c lalake.hndi kataka taka ang balita na ito.

Aismark Tafalla : Marami nga akong nakikiita magasawa kay ganda na babae tapos kay swangit n lalake ,yung iba pera talaga nagustuhan sa lalake yung iba naman kahit di gusto c lalake dahil pangit nga e kaagapay sa buhay ganoon lang

The comments section of her post was a hodge podge of sarcastic and positive comments. Nonetheless, some of the more enlightened opinions include the following:

Honey Kokorokara Itsumo Habibi : Kahit pa Anu itsura ng Tao Kung true love talaga at saka maitim lng naman. Yung boy may itsura naman , Maputi Lang yung girl , ang cute nga ng anak Nila eh , maraming katangian Kaya nagmamahalan sila , Kaya it’s not a big deal hmmmmm!!!

Wally Bayawa :  masarap magmahal pag to toong pag mamahal, kahit anong itsura ng isang tao. God loves every one no matter who we are, what we are…love is the most important thing in our lives… so no matter who we are if there is love… no need to be surprise….


Disease Drastically Changes This Girl’s Appearance as Her Friend Seeks Help From Everyone.

Nephrotic syndrome is a type of disease that hits a person’s kidneys. Along with damage to the kidneys, a person with nephrotic syndrome is almost always diagnosed with Lupus as well. 

Lupus is a disease wherein a person’s own immune system attacks other cells mistaking them for bacteria and viruses that need to be fought off. This means that the body of a person with lupus attacks its own body causing a weak immune system and could eventually lead to death. 

As a concerned netizen as well as a good friend, Facebook user Rhina Montero Morales used her Facebook account to ask for help for her friend Jalen Jane Pascasio

According to Morales, Pascasio was diagnosed with kidney nephrotic syndrome lupus. Her photos show a very ill Pascasio with an enlarged stomach, lying down on a hospital bed. 

Morales said that she and Pascasio became friends when Pascasio was only 18 years of age. Despite their age gap, the two of them immediately became friends because Pascasio was easy to get along with. She told everyone how bubbly and hardworking Pascasio was. 

She was even able to witness Pascasio doing her school work before and she expressed how she admired the young girl due to her dedication in the things she does.  

She eventually mentioned that the young and quirky image of Pascasio is now gone and has been replaced with an image of a weak and suffering woman. 

Deadly Disease Drastically Changes This Girl's Appearance as Her Friend Seeks Help From Everyone. Her Before and After Photos Are Heartbreaking!

Deadly Disease Drastically Changes This Girl's Appearance as Her Friend Seeks Help From Everyone. Her Before and After Photos Are Heartbreaking!

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Reason Why This Ex-Vogue Model Got Murdered! Read it here

Vogue recently paid tribute and posted an obituary on their website for a former model who got murdered in Bangladesh.

The Reason Why This Ex-Vogue Model Got Murdered Will Shock You! Read It Here!

The Reason Why This Ex-Vogue Model Got Murdered Will Shock You! Read It Here!

Rayyan claimed in his interview with WND, an American website, that Raudha was killed due to not wearing Islamic clothing.

“Raudha’s style of clothing was branded as ‘immodest’ and ‘un-Islamic’ even though she adhered to the dress code in the college premises by wearing a veil covering her face,” Rayyan said on his interview. The ex-Vogue model was known for using her platform as a model to promote anti-bullying on religious aspects and controversies.

The Reason Why This Ex-Vogue Model Got Murdered Will Shock You! Read It Here!

The Reason Why This Ex-Vogue Model Got Murdered Will Shock You! Read It Here!

Raudha Athif, aside from being a model, is a medical student at the Islami bank Medical College in Bangladesh and is already on her second year. She mentioned in Vogue that modeling was a hobby but her real passion was to be a doctor. She became popular after appearing in Vogue India’s cover for October 2016 issue. Her Instagram page that had over 30,000 followers already was taken down after her death. 

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How Important is Virginity for Teenagers Nowadays?

Our national hero once said that the youth is the hope of our tomorrow, but is it still the same case today?

Attitudes and values now are deteriorating.  Gone are the values of chastity, simplicity, humility, spirituality and integrity. Many of the teenagers now are into pre-marital s*x. 

How Important is Virginity for Teenagers Nowadays? You Have To Read This!

Because we are now in the modern age in which most parents are both working and have less time to guide their children, a lot of women are impregnated at a young age due to lack of guidance. Most of these young pregnancies leads to broken families. 

How important is virginity for these teenagers nowadays when many scandals involving the youth are being posted online? There are also instances where these youths no longer choose the place where they will sexually interact with each other. There are clips and photos where there were caught doing it on public places such as churches, schools, public vehicles, parks. Etc.

What can you say about this story?
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These Tourists Who Posed for Pictures on the Pampanga Cross Bashed by Netizens

Holy Week is the time of the year when we relax, remember, and, reflect. It is sacred as Catholics commemorate why Jesus died on the cross.

Not everyone is a Catholic, but respect should never be forgotten. 

So what do you think of these?

Netizens Bashed These Tourists Who Posed for Pictures on the Pampanga Cross!

These photos were posted by Luigi Quisumbing, the Mayor of Mandaue. Mayor Quisumbing said that these were sent to him by his friend. 

In the post, he said, “Ok. This may be one of the worst things ever.”

These photos show tourists who pose on the cross just like Jesus and they look like they’re having a blast.

Of course, these pictures were disrespectful and netizens lambasted the tourists for their insensitive actions.

One of them was Senator Sherwin Gatchalian who asked. “Where is this?”

A netizen answered him and said that it was taken in Pampanga 5 years ago at Barangay Lourdes Northwest in Angeles City.

Angeles City Mayor Edgardo Pamintuan was not happy about the photos resurfacing and said that they’ve already made corrective measures since 2013 to prevent this from happening ever again.

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Her BF Who Passed Away Goes Viral! But The Netizens Noticed Something Which Would Shock You!

This video by a Facebook user Enrique Love Dhalia has become viral. It featured the message of a girl named Dhalia to her boyfriend who seemed to have passed away through suicide. The video starts with how they met, their sweet moments, and a lot of other things. 

However, the story took a sharp turn when the seemingly bubbly boyfriend suddenly became depressed for an unstated reason. The boyfriend when to their apartment’s window and said that he is just looking out to see his car. He then proceeded to take out his cellphone and sit on the aircon. He took a selfie before jumping off to his death.

This sad story, however, is not as simple as it seems. Some netizens said many speculations about the story. 

Some said that the woman, in fact, is the reason why the boyfriend transformed from a happy-go-lucky boy into a depressed person. Another user even claimed that the couple was involved in drugs and that the girlfriend was not allowed to go to the funeral. 

Video of Girl's Message to Her BF Who Passed Away Goes Viral! But The Netizens Noticed Something Which Would Shock You!

Interesting, right? You might want to follow the story as it unfolds on the original video post. 

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Dr. David Dao – the Passenger Dragged Away – Finally Breaks His Silence!

Remember the trending story of the poor passenger being mistreated on the infamous United Airlines flight? Well, 69-year-old Dr. David Dao has finally spoken up about the assault he suffered. 

He just released a statement that said he plans to sue the airline with two teams of lawyers.

Dr. David Dao - the Passenger Dragged Away from the Infamous United Airlines Flight Video - Finally Breaks His Silence!

Dr. David Dao was the passenger chosen at random by United Airlines to be forcibly ejected by Chicago authorities after their flight was overbooked. 

He was dragged on the floor – screaming with blood all over his face – just to make room for United Airlines employees on the flight. 

Rewatch the video recorded by netizen Tyler Bridges, who saw firsthand the maltreatment of Dr. Dao.

Dr. David Dao - the Passenger Dragged Away from the Infamous United Airlines Flight Video - Finally Breaks His Silence!

Here’s another video released by netizen Kaylyn Davis on her Twitter account:

Dr. David Dao - the Passenger Dragged Away from the Infamous United Airlines Flight Video - Finally Breaks His Silence!

In a report by Chicago Business, Dr. Dao hired two top veteran Chicago attorneys, Thomas A. Demetrio and Stephen Golan, to oversee the case filed against United Airlines. 

“Everything is injured and that he is not doing well,” reported by CBS affiliate, WKLY. 

Stephen Golan released this statement:

“The family of Dr. Dao wants the world to know that they are very appreciative of the outpouring of prayers, concern and support they have received. Currently, they are focused only on Dr. Dao’s medical care and treatment.”

Dr. Dao’s other lawyer, Thomas A. Demetrio, is an aviation litigation specialist. He has represented clients that have experienced product liability, medical negligence, and aeroplane crash cases. He has negotiated more than $1 billion in settlements for his clients.

It is public knowledge that Dr. Dao has a criminal past. The Vietnamese doctor was previously charged with offering pharmaceutical drugs in exchange for sex. He has also been charged with stalking.

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