Restaurant Chains That Use Shockingly Poor Quality Meat

10. Arby’s

Arby’s is one of those products that is well-intentioned but has turned out to be a truly repulsive product. Looking at it, however, there is no problem until you scrutinize the details of the food. The roast beef is probably the food for which they are most famous, and while it is beef, it’s loaded with chemicals, some of which may cause cancer, and others that may cause respiratory distress. Obviously these are not in large amounts, but when cancer and breathing problems are involved, a little may be too much.

With regard to what I meant when I said “well-intentioned” above, I should clarify. Arby’s is trying to be a diamond in the rough among fast food chains, offering sandwiches with slices of meat rather than just the standard “fried chicken or burger” routine. Unfortunately, their food is loaded with antibiotics and chemicals. There have been rumors for ages about Arby’s meat being sludge that gets cooked and held together with meat glue, but those are false. It is real beef and does not show up to the restaurant as gel. With that said, the meat is by no means top tier. In short, Arby’s has the best of the worst in terms of meat quality.

9. Domino’s Pizza

The only pizza chain on this list, Domino’s is the king of putting processed meats on their pizzas. Pizza Hut, Papa John’s and Little Caesar’s are by no means saintly, but every single meat product that makes its way into a Domino’s pie is heavily processed. There is little if any information available as to what the state of the meat is before Domino’s gets their hands on it, but logic indicates that all chicken, beef and sausage are pumped full of antibiotics before they are anywhere near a pizza. In the processing phase, these toppings are loaded up with msg and msg related products such as disodium inosinate, an msg enhancer considered harmful to human consumption. Add this to basic salt and nitrites, which many pizza joints use in their products.

But with all this in mind, who is looking at a Domino’s menu thinking “alright, time for something that will lengthen my life?”

8. Wendy’s