Netizen Asked For Justice After Father Died Because Doctor Refused To Help Them

The amount of influence that a doctor has on their patient is of great value. The power to save a life is something which they earned after years of dedication and hard work in medical school.

Failure to save a life can be frustrating to some, but this one doctor seemingly didn’t mind to witness the death of a patient who was battling for his life.

A certain Facebook user by the name of Joseph Custodio sought the help of netizens as he tries to find the doctor who refused to give aid to his father. 

This incident happened in General Emilio Aguinaldo Hospital located in Trece Martires, Cavite, where Joseph brought his father to the emergency room who experienced chest pains and difficulty in breathing. 

According to his narrative on Facebook, he approached Dr. Morada and asked if he can check his father. To his surprise, the doctor said “Hintayin mo tawagin pangalan mo.” “Doc, I think he is having a heart attack”, he replied. 

Dr. Morada said “Ikaw ang kulit mo, kung nagmamadali ka e di ilipat mo o kaya iuwi mo.”

Netizen Cries For Justice After Father Passes Away Because Doctor Refused To Help Them

Despite being treated poorly, Joseph still attempted to convince the doctor to help them by humbling himself, knowing that the conceited and heartless Dr Morada was the only one who can help them. 

After some time, he decided to go to the police to seek help. After coming back to the ward, he saw another doctor attending to his father.

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People Saw This in The Sky! Is This Really God’s Message to Us? Shocking

Is God feeling so unnoticed lately that he used his omnipotent power to make his presence felt through clouds?

In a series of pictures posted in Tambayan ni Berto, people were able to capture a rare sight on the sky: a cross-shaped cloud floating. 

In the video, people were shocked, terrified, and felt blessed at the same time because they felt that God was with them at that time.

People Were Shocked When They Saw This in The Sky! Is This Really God's Message to Us?

What are the netizens’ take on this?

“Sign man po yan o Hindi, pahiwatig man, mandalas pong mangyari yan dito sa Amin sa Bahamas, yan po nanyayari pag may dalawang eroplano nag cross sa kanilang way, kasi po yon usok na galing sa bawat plane e matagal mawala kasi malamig ang pressure sa sobrang taas, so nagkakaroon ng image minsan, pero hindi nman masama kung Ano man po ang gustong ipahiwatig, ng image na yan depende na yan sa paniniwala ng Tao, god bless us all,” – Juanito Reyman Pascua Jr. 

“Sinyales na malaki ang pinagbago ng kamaynilaan dahil sa bago pamumuno ni du30 i salute mr, president” – Jerome Magno Escoton 

Currently, church officials have no word on this.

People Were Shocked When They Saw This in The Sky! Is This Really God's Message to Us?

Scientifically speaking, clouds form when air is saturated and it cannot hold water vapour. It could happen through the amount of water in the air increasing or the air cooling down to its dew point.

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This Guy Caught Touching The ‘Chest’ of a Female Passenger!

Filipino women experience all sorts of sexual harassment and inappropriate language from men especially when they’re out on the streets of Manila. 

The problem is that it isn’t seen by the society as a real threat to the safety of women.

For the case of a certain Facebook user, she was out on her normal commute. While she was sitting on a bus, a man put out the hokage moves on her and tried “rubbing elbows” with her.

The victim caught him as he was trying to put a hand on her right breast, and this triggered her to speak and call him out, saying, “Kuya, kanina ka pa ah. Sumosobra ka na.”  In the video, it can be seen that the middle-aged man was startled and immediately put his elbows away.

She posted pictures and a video of this man’s misdemeanour and inappropriate behavior on Facebook, and said that he was even with his wife who tried to protect him while the harassed was confronting the man. It has reached many netizens and the reactions were aplenty.

Some advised her that she should have just moved away, clearly showing their tolerance for the man’s actions; while some took to her defense and said that it was the right move to call him out after she got the footage of the whole incident.

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This Father And His Daughter Did This to Taxi Driver and Went Viral Online! WHY? WATCH THIS!

In hopes of getting people’s sympathy, netizen Ashby Aldane Cruz or “taxi girl” went on a rant against a taxi driver. However, she did not anticipate the backlash she would get after posting.

In the netizen’s lengthy post, she accused her taxi driver of being disrespectful after asking how long her detour to mercury drug would take. The driver also asked for an additional P40.

However, the netizen and her father took it badly as she saw it as an insult. She ranted about having rights as a passenger/customer.


She even claimed at the end of her post that she could have the man behind bars if she chose to sue him.

'Drive-thru at Mercury Drugstore?' What This Father And His Daughter Did To This Taxi Driver, Created An Outrage Online! WHY? WATCH THIS!

'Drive-thru at Mercury Drugstore?' What This Father And His Daughter Did To This Taxi Driver, Created An Outrage Online! WHY? WATCH THIS!

'Drive-thru at Mercury Drugstore?' What This Father And His Daughter Did To This Taxi Driver, Created An Outrage Online! WHY? WATCH THIS!

However contrary to what she expected, the netizen’s anger was directed at her and her father for being abusive.

Netizens claimed that as a working man, there was nothing wrong with what the driver did and it was not her right to degrade people just because she was paying them.

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Pregnant Woman Refused By A Hospital! But What Happens Next inside Taxi Is Truly Unexpected!

It was an unexpected turn of events for a pregnant woman as she gave birth to her child inside a taxi while on her to a hospital in Quezon City. She was initially refused care by the first hospital she went to because of their lack of equipment for dealing with births.

In a report by GMA News TV’s “Balitanghali,” taxi driver Armando Mayaw did not expect that his passenger, Aira Arellano, would give birth inside his vehicle.

Buena Morante, Arellano’s mother in law, said that they went to a hospital in Tala, Caloocan at around 1:30 in the morning after Arellano experienced contractions in her stomach.

According to the nurses of the first hospital they went to, the baby was still behind the due date so they advised Arellano to transfer to another hospital that could better cater to her needs.

Afterwards, they hailed a taxi to go to the nearest hospital. Then the unthinkable happened, Arellano gave birth while the taxi was cruising along Quirino Highway in Quezon City.

Luckily, a rescue team near the area was able to respond immediately and brought them to Commonwealth Hospital.

A motorist overhead the story in Olan Bola’s report for Super Radyo DZBB and went to the hospital to give Php 1,000 in aid after he found out that they were having financial problems. The QCPD Press Corps also chipped in for them.

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Another Suicide Video. Man Attempts Suicide on Live But What Happens Next Is Unexpected!

A video of a man’s suicide attempt went viral on social media for an unexpected reason.

On the video which has now garnered 1.7 million views as of writing, a man can be seen ranting on about his life issues and attempted to hang himself after. However, the suicide took on a positive turn after the tree’s branch broke after failing to carry the man’s weight. 

Weeks ago, a 12-year old girl went viral all across the globe after she live streamed her suicide online.

Although this video of the man supposedly carries a message that “suicide is not an option,” many saw it as a parody made for fun.

The video has elicited joy from many netizens. However, not everyone took it lightly.

The video has caused other netizens to cry foul, saying that it is offensive for those who truly do go under depression and have suicidal thoughts.

“this is not funny at all. maraming tao ang dumadaan sa ganito… iba ibang dahilan kayat ng napapakamatay pero iisa parin ang dahilan ginawa nila yun sa sa isang mabigat na rason na di na nila kinaya, na sana di nman mangyayare kung may tumulong man lang sana na supportahan sila emotionally. PERO!!! ung ganitong video!!! para saan toh?? para dagdagan bigat nang nararamdaman ng mga taong dumadaan sa ganitong stage??? KAHIT KELAN DI NAKAKATAWA ANG PAGPAPAKAMATAY!!” said netizen Maria Doreena Dimpas Robles.

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Female Passenger Shocked After This Jeepney Barker Shows His Manhood in Front of Her!

A female passenger just experienced the most awkward and harassing thing someone might ever experience.

A certain Pauline Fortuno shared on her Facebook post about her experience with a jeepney barker who harassed her by showing his manhood to her.

According to Fortuno’s post, she was riding a jeep going to Market-Market at 3 o’clock in the afternoon when she encountered the pervert. Fortuno said that she was just scrolling her facebook news feed when she heard the barker shouting: “ATE TIGNAN MO GALIT NA”. She then noticed that the man was looking at her while playing with his organ.

According to Fortuno’s post, the jeepney barker is Archie Navarro, 34 years old and residing in Guadalupe Nuevo. 

Fortuno also reminded everyone that women should be careful of these kind of people.

“Pinost ko ‘to para maging aware at magingat sa lalaking to mahirap na nagawa niya nga to sa public place at hapon what more pag gabi at wala talagang tao sa daan,” Fortuno said.

She also wrote in her post that Navarro got arrested after she filed a complaint against him. 

“Ingat tayong lahat, napablotter ko na rin siya, ngayon hawak siya ng baranggay ng east rembo,” she said.

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Barker Showed off his manhood to a female passenger! And this what happened next!

A pervert barker was jailed after molesting a passenger by showing off his manhood to a female passenger in Market Market.

Facebook user Pauline Fortuno shared a video featuring a jeepney barker who was seen playing his manhood while throwing “harassing words” to his victim.

The barker is identified as Archie Navarro, 34, and a resident of Guadalupe Nuevo, Makati. Take a look of the video posted below:


Suspect in College Student’s Rape-Slay Killed Inside Precinct? Is this true?

Following the recent arrest of the suspect behind a 2nd year college student’s brutal rape-slay, a recent piece of news from ‘ABS-CBN-Breaking-News.blogspot.com’ recently made waves online after it made wild, unverified claims.

According to the fake news site, residents near the police station claim that 10 gunshots were heard emanating from the precinct where the suspect, Alvin Delos Angeles, was being held. The bogus news site then claims that Delos Angeles was killed after he tried to grab a police officer’s gun.

No news regarding the alleged incident has been released by the official ABS CBN website. 

Additionally, ‘ABS-CBN-Breaking-News.blogspot.com’ was unable to provide any further information that serves as proof that Delos Angeles was really killed. 

Just to be perfectly clear, ‘ABS-CBN-Breaking-News.blogspot.com’ is a FAKE NEWS SITE

Although many netizens commented in favor of the news, expressing their delight that the suspect got what was coming to him, we should all be more cautious about the information that we receive online. 

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This Guy Sexually Abused this Girl, Her Father Did This To Him!

Fathers are naturally protective of their families, especially their daughters. They treat them as princesses and try to give them a wonderful life free from harm as much as possible.

You could only imagine the immense rage and agony of a father when he finds out that one of his beloved daughters got s*xually abused. 

The heartbreaking story of Jay Maynor will definitely cause you to cry out for justice.

Jay learned that his daughter, Julia, was s*xually abused by her adoptive maternal grandfather, Raymond Earl Brooks, between the ages of 4 and 9.

This Father Was Arrested For Killing The Man Who Sexually Abused His Daughter! READ HERE!

Filled with burning revenge, Jay brought justice into his own hands and k*lled Brooks.

He pleaded guilty last November, saying that it would cause his daughter too much pain if she had to relive the awful experiences she went through by attending court.

Jay was sentenced with 40 years in prison.

This Father Was Arrested For Killing The Man Who Sexually Abused His Daughter! READ HERE!

Julia, along with her father’s supporters, praised Jay for doing what a parent should.

“My father was protecting me, like a father should do. He is an amazing father – actually the best. He loves us so much.” Julia said.

The suspect, Brooks, was charged before as a registered s*x offender and was imprisoned for a mere 27 months.

Jay thought it wasn’t enough punishment. 

This is not the first time that Jay involved himself in his daughter’s life. He shot Julia’s abusive ex-boyfriend but he survived unharmed. Because of that, Jay faced attempted manslaughter and was sentenced to 20 years in jail.

Jay’s supporters continue to take action on what they believe is unfair punishment for a father who only wanted to protect his child.

There is a petition launched on Change.org to collect signatures that will be sent to the Governor of Alabama to ask that Jay be granted pardon. The petition says:

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