Man starts hunt for unfaithful OFW wife in Saudi

Most of the ofw (not all) are missing their love ones in their country so some of them are trying to have relationship even they have already. Fortunately, it’s easier to catch any wrongdoings, especially in the height of social media.

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Screen capture from facebook post

This is true for a Reylan Celis, who posted a photo of a couple being intimate, even kissing. Celis claims he’s married to the woman in that photo, but the man in that photo is not him.

Husband Post

Celis’ wife is an OFW in Saudi Arabia. She is also the provider of the family.

Celis calls on netizens to help find his wife so they can have a husband-and-wife talk. Hopefully the issues can be resolved.

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Source : kwentongofw

Mayor Herbert Bautista number 1 in list of Drug Lord Protectors

In Metro Manila, Quezon City may play prominently in the President Rodrigo Roa Duterte SONA speech since former National Capital Region Police Office chief Director Joel Pagdilao was a Quezon City Police Department chief before his promotion to head the Metro Manila police force.

Police District director Chief Superintendent Edgardo Tinio was QCPD head until he was relieved from office by the Duterte Administration. Both PNP top ranking generals were pinpointed by President Digong as among 5 high ranking uniformed protectors of DRUG LORDS.


President Duterte also mentioned that at least 35 mayors/governors are involved in the DRUG TRADE in their respective municipalities, cities or provinces.

Among the most prominent names that may be named in today’s SONA are Ozamis City Mayor Parojinog and 4 municipal mayors of Misamis Occidental Province (Navarro, Yap, Gutierrez and Mahilac). Iloilo City Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog could also be named and publicly shamed.
Metro Manila, which has the greatest concentration of drug users in the whole Philippines, SHOULD NOT be spared from the Presidential speech with a number of city mayors subjected to ridicule. Mayor Herbert “Bistek” Baustista (drug protector or simply incompetent?) could be negatively mentioned since Quezon City has one of the highest drug rates in the Philippines. A brother of Bistek, now city councilor Hero Bautista, is a known drug user.



B60 | Nagbanta ang presidente ng Whistleblowers Association of the Philippines na si Sandra Cam na isisiwalat ang diumano’y sex video ni Justice Sec. Leila De Lima kina Cesar Mancao at sa isa pang drayber. Alamin ang buong detalye sa panayam nina Jove Francisco at Chi Bocobo kay Sandra Cam