Another Cohort of Peter Scully Was Arrested, the Australian Sex Fiend, look like an Innocent As The First One!

Cut off the head of a snake, and the rest of its body dies.

That seems to be the case for Australian sex fiend Peter Scully’s operations when another one of his cohorts fell into the hands of the police this Thursday, February 16.

The suspect, Ma. Dorothea Chia Chi, was apprehended in Barangay 18, Cagayan de Oro City.

Chi was one of Scully’s recruiters who would go around the country luring poor children with promises of food and money. The children are filmed being sexually abused and streamed online to depraved patrons.

Currently detained in Barangay Lumbia, Chi will be facing four counts of qualified trafficking charges. 

The organized group led by Scully, was behind the infamous ‘Destruction of Daisy’ video that sparked outrage among many netizens.

The Australian pedophile was arrested in Malaybalay back in 2015 after authorities discovered two naked teenage girls chained inside his apartment.

Just this January, Scully’s 23-year-old girlfriend, Liezyl Margallo, was also arrested in Daanbantayan, Cebu. Dubbed by the police as ‘Savage Girl’, Margallo was filmed torturing ‘Daisy’ in the horrific and obviously illegal video.  

Police have also recovered the skeleton of a girl in February 2015 inside one of Scully’s previous apartments in Surigao. Scully allegedly killed the toddler back in 2013.

Margallo said the little girl was killed after they learned that she started telling neighbors what they were doing inside Scully’s apartment.

Other individuals linked to Scully’s illegal activities were Christian Rouche, Alexander Lao, Haniel Caetano de Oliveira and Marshall Ruskin.

Source: ABS-CBN, VK


This Love Story Will Definitely Make you Believe in Forever

A video spread on the internet like wildfire after showing a one-of-a-kind love story last Valentines Day.

It is about a man named Rufino Rop Gueverra who never left the side of her ailing wife. They first met in school where Rop said that he fell in love with her at first sight. He said that he knew that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Rose, so he asked for her hand in marriage even though they haven’t graduated from college yet. 

They had four children and their kids can testify how the couple spent years loving each other more deeply as the years went by. However, their relationship was tested when Rose was diagnosed with bronchial asthma. At one point, she fell into a comatose. The machine was the only thing that kept her breathing, but when the doctors asked Rop if he would want to give her up, he firmly said no. He knew she would wake up one day.

True enough, Rose opened her eyes one day and regained her consciousness. However, the illness took its toll on her and caused her to be bedridden for four years now. Their youngest child, Oan, is the one who takes care of her. Despite the situation, Rop didn’t forget to surprise her last Valentine’s day. He brought her balloons and cake and said that he is never going to lose hope for her. 

Source:ABS-CBN, VK


This Guy Falls Asleep While Driving A Motorcycle!

A certain motorist went viral across social media after he fell asleep while driving his motorcycle!

The incident occurred in Thailand and another motorist was able to capture the bizarre moment. At the start of the video, the rider can be seen driving along the road. But after some time, the rider’s body began to slump over his side, appearing to lose his consciousness. While he regained his control again briefly, he began to drive towards different directions and was clearly out of his senses. 

The driver of the car who was capturing the video tried to blow his horn loudly at the rider but to no effect. The motorcycle ran in a zigzag before almost crashing to the pavement, after which the car’s driver screamed in panic. However, the motorcycle was able to veer at the last minute and survive the crash.

But the rider was out of luck. At the end of the video, he was seen to have crashed into one of the bystanders. The motorcycle was seen lying on the ground but it was unclear whether its rider was injured or not. 

Source: Facebook, VK


Netizens Who Shared Video of ‘Destruction of Daisy’ Will Go To Jail Too!

Everyone who has shared, planning to share or get a copy of the infamous “Destruction of Daisy” video will face persecution. 

This the stern warning of the Philippine National Police to all netizens who will, in any way, distribute the said video. 

Netizens got curious about the disturbing film after the police revealed its existence following the arrest of Australian pedophile Peter Scully and his cohort, “Savage Girl” Liezyl Margallo

Although the video is no longer available online, some netizens were able to grab hold of a copy before it was banned. Others even share it to boost online traffic to certain websites or simply to get their temporary online fame.

PNP Warns: Netizens Who Shared 'Destruction of Daisy' Will Go To Jail Too!

Some even went as far as sharing the illegal video on their own feed.

PNP Warns: Netizens Who Shared 'Destruction of Daisy' Will Go To Jail Too!

The Anti-Child Pornography Act of 2009 Section 4 states that:

(d) To possess any form of child pornography with the intent to sell, distribute, publish, or broadcast: Provided. That possession of three (3) or more articles of child pornography of the same form shall be prima facie evidence of the intent to sell, distribute, publish or broadcast;

(l) To possess any form of child pornography.

That means that netizens who have shared the video in any way is also liable to the same crime as Sully and Margallo.

The penalty for such crime is reclusion temporal and a fine of 750,000 to one million pesos.

Source: pinoytrending, VK


Erase ‘Chikinini’ Easily With These Home Remedies!

A “chikinini”, hickey, love bite, or kiss mark can tell a thousand stories about what kind of night you had before. One look and people would already jeer and giggle as if the person had already told them everything about his/her steamy encounter.

Although these red spots can pass off as insect bites, it’s hard to make alibis especially when they show up in the most suspect areas like the neck and chest. Or when you’re already stuttering in embarrassment.

Much like a bruise, hickeys appear when a person sucks too hard on the skin causing the dilatation of blood capillaries. The red or bluish marks will eventually disappear, but you can spare yourself the judging stares and annoying giggles by doing these simple home remedies.

Aloe Vera

Apply aloe vera on the affected areas twice a day for 10 minutes each. Do these for two days and the aloe vera’s moisturizing and healing compounds will return your skin to its flawless state.

Banana Peel

Take the peel of a ripe banana and place the inner side on your chikinini. Do this for 10-30 minutes for the next two to three days. The banana peel cools off the skin helping it recuperate faster. 

Toothbrush bristles

Massage your hickey with a toothbrush and see to it that you put pressure outward from the center to spread the blood clots. This will help promote blood flow in the affected areas and clear the red spots in no time. Do this for about 5-10 minutes.

Warm Compress

Dip a cloth in warm water and place it on the red spots for five minutes. The warmth will promote better blood flow in the area that will help wash away the blood clots in the affected veins. 


Put a spoon in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes and place it over the chikinini. This remedy is most effective when used immediately after acquiring the hickey as it minimizes the dilatation of the blood vessels resulting in smaller hickeys. Smaller hickeys means faster healing.

Source: danified, VK


Woman Exposes the Mistress of her Husband On Facebook!

A day before Valentine’s day, a female Facebook user took to the internet to talk about her so-called “bloody valentine”. Don’t worry, readers, there was nothing truly bloody about it. 

But we can definitely say that there was a lot of shaming involved. 

The Facebook user who goes by the name of Anne Atayde posted a long status update yesterday afternoon that caught the attention of many netizens. 

The post was apparently directed at a certain Rhona Rose Bringino Brillo, who apparently had an affair with Anne’s husband. Anne accused Rhona of a lot of things. It was also accompanied by 2 videos. 

Based on Anne’s post, it looks like she tried to settle her issues with her husband’s alleged mistress at their local barangay station. However, it seemed like the accused did not want to cooperate. 

“Rhona Rose Bringino Brillo Ilang beses na kitang kinausap dahil sobrang mahal ko pamilya ko at may mga anak kme ayoko masira pamilya namen pero hndi mko pinakinggan pinagmukha nyo kong gago at tanga!! Pruweba gusto mo sabe mo bago ko mag react dba? Eto o pruweba tlga

Etong babaeng to kundi ba naman makapal ang mukha,alam mong may asawa’t mga anak na kme pinatulan mo padin. Sobrang kapal kapal tlga ng pagmumukha mo wala kang kahihiyan!!! May gana kapang mag-f*ck you tibay mo ikaw na tlga ibang iba ka Di na talaga nahiya hindi daw sya desperada!!!!!! Sobrang nkkhiya ka!!!!! TAS INN PA MORE Pasalamat ka nirespeto ko khit papano mga pulis di kita nabugbog ng bongga. Gawa gawa ka kalandian mo takot ka namang panindigan! Sikat kana tutal yan naman gusto mo mangyari eh! Sanay kana sa mga ganyan galawan mo girl!!! Naninira ka ng pamilya hayop ka peste ka tlgang babae ka!!!!!!!!!!!! Ingatan nyo mga asawa nyo sa babae na yn dhil lahat pinapatulan netong pesteng babae nato walang pinipiliti to! Trabaho nya na talga yang ganyang gawain nya. Well God bless nalang senyong lanat!!!!!!!!!!  BLOODY VALENTINES!!!!!!

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Worst Valentines Ever! This Couple Caught Making Love in a SUV

Warning: The following video contains graphic images unsuitable for minors. Viewer discretion is advised. 

It’s Valentine’s Day and the season of love is in full swing. 

Relationships, whether romantic or otherwise, need time and commitment for it to work.  Yet an important detail in any relationship that most people tend forget is money.  

It helps to have your own money to shoulder expenses like gifts, dates – or the occasional trip to a hotel. 

Some couples are either too cheap or too impatient for such things. Like immature teenagers, some of them decide to hook up at the back of a car. 

It’s the least romantic Valentine’s date ever 

For this couple, their ‘romantic’ rendezvous inside an SUV was cut short when the police caught them in the act.

In a viral video shared by Facebook pages Tulfo Trending News and KUYA Erwin Tol, this couple was seized by policemen at the back of a black SUV.

The short video features a lady pulling up her leggings to hide her naked hips from being exposed any further. Meanwhile the man was caught literally with his pants down. 

Unlike his female companion who avoided showing anything too graphic, the man’s bare rear was exposed for all to see.

The two were getting dressed as policemen surrounded the car. 

To be fair it is Valentine’s Day, so surely all the hotels must be booked. Talk about embarrassing. 

Source:Tulfonews, VK


Brei The Cured Zombie Husky Already Passed Away

Many netizens still remember the inspiring story of Brei and her adopter/pet owner Raevin Bonifacio. Raevin cured the wounded, scabbies infected dog that he named Brei last year. The story of dedication that Raevin showcased captured the hearts of many people.

 Much more surprising is that Reavin didn’t seek the help of veterinarians to aid Brei in her recovery, yet he succeeded. From the scabbies infected zombie dog, it turned out that Brei is actually a part husky. Unfortunately, Brei passed last February 11 2017 5:22AM(GMT+8 ) according to Raevin’s heartbreaking post.

Raevin narrated their memories on his post. He narrated of how he did everything to aid Brei in her recovery. Despite his limited financial capability to send Brein to a veterinary he did everything to take care of Brei from her sorry condition, recovery phase, healing and up to her untimely death. Raevin is devastated because of her untimely lost. Brei also thanked the local mainstream media for sharing or featuring their story to millions of readers and viewers here in the Philippines.

Her memories will still remain in Raevin’s heart and the millions of people who witnessed their inspiring story. Raevin’s empathy towards stray animals should be emulated. Stray dogs should not be left in the streets to die. They should be taken care of, and be treated as companions or partners.

Photo Courtesy: Raevin Amante Bonifacio



3 Thieves Caught by CCTV doing this New Modus!

There are a handful of methods done by both amateur and expert thieves in the Philippines. It seems like every year they plot another strategy to fool people or to  get away with their crimes.

These criminals struck and got caught on CCTV footage exercising another modus. 

Source: Facebook, VK


Pervert Guy Asked a Cosplayer for Nudes and He gets What He Deserve!

Cosplayers are really good at their craft. Their passion for dressing up really deserves recognition and adoration from their fans. Moreover, their ability to express themselves in whatever kind of costume they wear is something not all people can do.

These are some of the assumed reasons why Facebook user Miguel Oozomaki is really fond of cosplayers. However, this guy’s attraction for cosplayers was taken toba different level as he asked a cosplayer for some nude pictures. It seems his simple adoration went unexpectedly wild.

His conversation with a cosplayer suddenly hit the internet by storm as netizens did not expect this to happen to him!

Miguel approached a cosplayer through an online chat. In the beginning of their conversation, everything seemed to be normal. This guy praised the cosplayer and expressed his admiration. The cosplayer on the other hand was grateful and thanked him for his affection. Moments later, Miguel started to send provoking remarks to the cosplayer.

Not long after, Miguel directly asked the cosplayer what he wanted. He asked the other person to send him nude photos.

Apparently, the cosplayer responded! Miguel received a photo from the cosplayer! The cosplayer even asked him if he wanted to get more!

Miguel then said a big yes!

However, what happened next is something he did not see coming!

This Guy Asked a Cosplayer for Nudes and Surprisingly Gets What He Deserves!

This Guy Asked a Cosplayer for Nudes and Surprisingly Gets What He Deserves!

This Guy Asked a Cosplayer for Nudes and Surprisingly Gets What He Deserves!

This Guy Asked a Cosplayer for Nudes and Surprisingly Gets What He Deserves!

This Guy Asked a Cosplayer for Nudes and Surprisingly Gets What He Deserves!

This Guy Asked a Cosplayer for Nudes and Surprisingly Gets What He Deserves!

This Guy Asked a Cosplayer for Nudes and Surprisingly Gets What He Deserves!

This Guy Asked a Cosplayer for Nudes and Surprisingly Gets What He Deserves!

Ryuki Akira himself posted their conversation in his Facebook account. He garnered hilarious reactions from netizens as his story gained more than 3,000 Facebook reactions and was shared 10,000 times!

Source: Facebook, VK