Fliptoper “Badang” imprisoned After Molesting Minor

Fliptoper named Darwin Lerona Ferianeza or known as “Badang” faces sexual assault and harassment charges after getting accused of committing rape. Badang is a known Filipino rap artist, who is also joining several Fliptop battles.

Molesting a child is one the crime hate by most people aside from being involve on illegal drugs. Child molestation is shameful act and violation in the law, which has corresponding charges.

The Fliptop rapper Badang is now making round in the social media after his video getting accused of child molestation and attempted rape was posted in the internet. Badang was covering his face in the video due to shame.


noong nag biro kami, isa siya sa mga TUMIRA samin at GALIT na GALIT!


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Okay lang yan, Hindi ka naman talaga magaling na rapper.. Panggap ka pang mapera.

Plastik mo! Puno ka ng inggit sa katawan… Eto na natupad na pangarap mong sumikat!



SIRA ANG CAREER! ay wala nga palang career! hahaha! isa sa mga pabida!



Taxi Driver Who Returns an Iphone SE Receives Got a Reward from Raffy Tulfo!

Roberto Elliot, a humble taxi driver, went viral when he was interviewed by Raffy Tulfo on his show, Raffy Tulfo In Action

Roberto’s story drew the attention of many netizens due to the unusual circumstances surrounding it.

Roberto returned the iPhone that his passenger left in his car. But instead of being showered with gratitude, he was greeted with rudeness from the irate phone owner.

The phone’s owner displayed sickeningly ungrateful behavior to the honest taxi driver who went out of his way to return the lost phone.

Shaking with anger, Raffy Tulfo lambasted the rude phone owner on his show. 

But now, things are looking up for Roberto! He returned to Tulfos show to claim his just reward – a brand new Samsung Galaxy 7 and PHP 15,000!

Read the Raffy Tulfo In Action Facebook page post here:

“Ang matapat na taxi driver na si Roberto Elliot, nagsauli ng “iPhone SE from Singapore” kay Mr. Luigi Lim.”

“Niregaluhan siya ng Samsung Galaxy J7 at mga cellphone accessories ng CELLBOY para pormang-in siya sa high tech cellphone.”

“Niregaluhan din siya ni Idol Raffy ng 15k upang makapagbakasyon sa Bicol kasama ang kanyang buong pamilya ngayong Semana Santa. Dahil matagal na siyang hindi nakakauwi ng kanilang probinsya.”

The Honest Taxi Driver Who Returns an Iphone SE Receives a New Luxurious Phone and a Bicol Getaway Worth 15k From Raffy Tulfo!

Source: Facebook VK


Bulacan Beauty Queen Was Killed By the Delivery Boys Who Gave Her Flowers and Chocolates!

On April 5, the town of Plaridel, Bulacan was stunned when a 23-year-old former beauty queen was shot and killed by unidentified gunmen who delivered a box of chocolates and a bouquet of flowers to her home.

The victim was identified as Mary Christine Balagtas. She won the title of Lakambini ng Bulacan in 2009. 

Shocking! Bulacan Beauty Queen Was Shot By the Delivery Boys Who Gave Her Flowers and Chocolates!

According to Plaridel Chief of Police Supt. Julio Lizardo, the victim was visited by two unknown males at 9:10 AM at the 1st La Mirada Subdivision, Barangay Banga. After the victim opened the door and received the gifts, the two assailants shot the young woman in the head before fleeing the scene of the crime.

Ms. Balagtas was rushed to the Our Lady of Mercy Hospital in Pulilan Town. Unfortunately, the victim was pronounced dead on arrival. 

Chief Lizardo stated that the gunmen fled the scene via motorbike. The on-going investigation may have found leads which may bring the suspects to justice. 

Source:inquirer , Facebook, VK


OFW Sent Money for Her Daughter but Her Husband Spent It On His Somewhere!

What would you do if, while you were working in another country to provide a better life for your family, you found out that your spouse was cheating on you? 

What’s worse is your cheating spouse spening your hard-earned money on the unwanted third party.

It may sound like the plot of a Filipino teleserye, but this is what happened to netizen Diane Munto, who found out that the money she was giving to her husband was being wasted on his mistress. 

Munto shared her sentiments on Facebook and called the illicit lovers “mga baboy.” She lamented that the motorcycle she worked so hard for was being ridden by the two traitors.

HEARTBREAKING! This Pinay OFW Found out That Her Husband Spent the 10,000 Pesos She Gave Him on His Mistress!

An excerpt of her caption read, “Malaking kawalan mga lectche kau.shhhett katatapus lang mag pakasarap s*x or else mag cs*x plang…mga p*ta ina nyo may asawa yang shet na babae hotel mambo clan…” 

HEARTBREAKING! This Pinay OFW Found out That Her Husband Spent the 10,000 Pesos She Gave Him on His Mistress!

The above photo features her husband and his mistress in a motel. How she obtained the pictures weren’t disclosed but it’s possible that she might have seen them in her husband’s smartphone. 

HEARTBREAKING! This Pinay OFW Found out That Her Husband Spent the 10,000 Pesos She Gave Him on His Mistress!

The source did not cite what country Munto was working in and what her occupation was. It was also not revealed whether or not Munto’s husband commented on the issue. 

Source: Kami, VK


Pinay Celebs Share Their Secrets to Staying Fabulously Hot at Forty

With summer just around the corner, the need to slim down for that toned bikini bod becomes even more important. 

While there are many local stars to look up to in terms of discipline and tenacity to stay fit, who better to tell you about getting in shape than these three Pinay celebrities who can still rock a bikini at forty?

Mylene Dizon is already 41 years old and has two children, but can go toe-to-toe with any women half her age when it comes to fitness.

Because what most other people do not know, she’s an avid surfer, making regular trips to San Juan, La Union to hit the waves. 

Surfers like her have toned summer bodies because the sport requires not just overall physical strength, but also flawless coordination and an acute sense of balance.

These 3 Pinay Celebs Share Their Secrets to Staying Fabulously Hot at Forty

Ina Raymundo made the cover of FHM at 40 and that’s a statement in itself.

She’s now 41 and has 5 kids, so just imagine what kind of discipline she has to keep herself in shape. 

Ina is into several physical fitness programs like Zumba and circuit training. Mixing up her exercise routines enables her body to use different muscle groups.

These 3 Pinay Celebs Share Their Secrets to Staying Fabulously Hot at Forty

Alice Dixon maybe the oldest on our list at 47 years old, but she proves that age is just a number. She made headlines last year when she posted photos of her in a bikini, making people wonder just how she managed to stay beautiful and fit throughout the years.

The actress says it’s all thanks to her dad who taught her to keep an active lifestyle. Alice is into several sports like biking, badminton, and swimming. She also does strength training, hot yoga, and cardio workouts on the sides. 

These 3 Pinay Celebs Share Their Secrets to Staying Fabulously Hot at Forty

Source: ABS-CBN, VK


Graduated In Ateneo Is Now A Porn Star In America!

Porn stars are usually thought of as people who are not that sophisticated, cultured, mature, or at the very least, educated. 

The public usually perceives them as “lower class people” who lack decency and integrity. However, that is not the case with this woman, who holds a degree from the prestigious Ateneo de Manila University. 

According to Esquire Philippines, May Ling Su is a Communications graduate from the Jesuit school who migrated to the United States to start a self-publishing porn online with her husband Jay in 1996. 

She described them as being “frisky newlyweds.” In her interview, she stated. “We were a couple of horny newlywed artists with a camera.” 

“Taking sexy photos came naturally. We posted photos online anonymously and under various aliases at first just for kicks.” 

“It wasn’t until a couple of years later that we got comfortable with presenting a cohesive body of work and website. People started to notice and we gained a following,” she said. 

Su was nominated for a Feminist Porn Award and her portrait can be seen at the Erotisch Museum in Amsterdam, Germany.

Su said that she does her job because she believes that the society needs her to be a “spokesperson for health, sex education, women’s rights, freedom.”  

She reiterates that sex is an important part of health and that “it’s good for the body and soul.” Su also believes that if one has a healthy sex life, then all the other aspects of an individual’s life will “bloom” as well.

“When you’ve had good sex, di ba ganado ka? You feel good about life,” she said. The porn star also mentioned that her porn is different from all the others because it presents sex as a “wholistic” way.

The best part of the job, according to her, is when she starts to connect on a deep level with her husband—-emotionally, physically, artistically. In fact, she considers him her partner and collaborator in everything.

Su also stated that she won’t retire from her profession, and instead will evolve herself as a spokesperson for women’s rights, reproductive health rights, sex education, and women’s health and freedom. 

When she was asked on how people—-specifically Filipinas–would react to her if they think that what she was doing is “evil,” Su said, “If they set aside their preconceived notions of my job description, they might be surprised to see that the person behind it is someone worth getting to know.”

“I say this also on behalf of all the Filipino sex workers. Don’t judge us by our job description. We are people just as deserving of love and respect as you,” she continued. 

Her advice to fellow Filipinas who still find themselves limited by their sexuality is the following, “Be true to yourself. It is our nature to be sexy. Sex is how life happens. There’s nothing wrong with being shy or a ‘good girl.’” 

“And there’s nothing wrong with being a ‘bad girl’ either. Do what is right for you. Life is short. Love as much and as deeply as you can in this life.” 

Source: TNP,Esquiremag:, VK


This Guy Caught Taking Up-Skirt Video on a Train! Shocking!

Commuting is an everyday battle. You have to tread the urban jungle with a bunch of people whom you’ve grown to view as enemies because all of you regularly scramble for the most comfortable seats on public transport.

It’s bad enough in Manila—with the heat, grime, and pollution—but it’s worse in China, where the population is bigger and the commute, extremely unforgiving.

The Diplomat reported that the police of Beijing have introduced new guidelines in 2013 that pertained to females in public transportation. According to them, females should cover up and avoid wearing “minimal clothing” in their commute to avoid being sexually harassed.

They also advised females to “sit on higher levels of buses and to stand on lower stairs, to avoid being the target of inappropriate picture-taking, and they should shelter their bodies with bags, magazines and newspapers.”

The source also claimed that women in China frequently complain about being groped or touched inappropriately while they ride extremely crowded buses and subway trains in Beijing.

However, this might not be something exclusive to Beijing. Facebook fan page ‘Shanghaiist’ uploaded a short clip that showed just how sexual harassment is not just limited to touching, but to being inappropriately filmed as well.

The video has gained 21 million views as of writing and has drawn many furious comments from the netizens, especially the females.

Source: Facebook, VK


This guy Touched The Chest Of Maine Mendoza While Walking In The Streets!

Ever since she became a household name because of her viral Dubsmash videos, Maine Mendoza has been capturing the hearts of Filipinos everywhere with just her mere presence. 

It’s not enough that she appears on billboards, commercials, and product endorsements—people want to experience her for real and this is exactly what one of her male fans did. 

A short clip was uploaded on YouTube by the account ‘AlDub Loveteam’ which showed Maine being allegedly being groped by one of her fans. He was a guy in a black shirt.

The video was uploaded just early of this year. It also showed several tweets from fans who saw the incident and here are some of their comments: 

@annlizz: “tsk BAD MANONG! wala c gov @aldenrichards02 knina, pro buti na lang at andyan c dean. tsk tsk #ALDUBSoars2017” 

@daoa_marissa: “bastos namn ng lalake nayan, wala galang sa babae sarap sapukin sa batok #ALDUBSoars2017” 

@jeensoo68: “pisti nmn na guy yan. wag nmn png ganun!”

Maine’s fame rose when she was taken by GMA Network to play the role of ‘Yaya Dub,’ who is the personal assistant of Lola Nidora (played by Wally Bayola) in the ‘Juan For All, All For Juan’ segment of ‘Eat Bulaga.’ 

Her character was accidentally paired with Alden Richards, who was a co-host of the show. Ever since then, the two have never failed to make the public laugh and giddy with their antics and quirks not just on the segment, but also on the show. 

Despite all the fame, Maine has stated that she doesn’t let the fame affect her and remains the down-to-earth girl that her fans have always known her. 

What do you think? Was Maine really groped in the chest? 

Source: <Youtube, VK


Woman Was Touched By A Man On Her Chest While Riding A Bus And What The Conductor!

It is puzzling how, at this day and age, women still suffer from inequality and patriarchy.

Take, for example, the post of Facebook user Alyssa Paula Fernandez who experienced not only sexual harassment but humiliation on her route to work. 

On her post, she recounted the series of events. She boarded a bus going to Cubao. The bus was full and she had didn’t have the luxury of choosing her seat, so she grabbed the vacant seat between a student and a man on his 30’s. 

To pass time, she put on her earphones, listened to some music and closed her eyes. Moments later, the man next to her seemed to have touched her. As a courtesy, he gave the man the benefit of the doubt and assumed that it was coincidental. 

But it didn’t end there. 

Just as she was about to stand up, the man cupped her boobs in his hands. Alyssa, was of course shocked and speechless at first. Imagine how perplexing that could be for her.

She came back to her senses when she remembered what happened to Aika, another victim of sexual harassment. So she slapped the man, and even punched him. The man seemed to be caught off-guard and apologized to her. 

All the other people were looking at them because of the commotion, that’s why the conductor asked them what’s happening. Alyssa told the conductor that the man violated her. But instead of acting on it, he simply dismissed Alyssa. 

It was unbelievable. 

We are familiar with cases like this, and we have the capacity to make it stop. Being a decent human being is not an obligation but a trait that we all must inherently possess and practice.

Source :Facebook, VK


Man Touched This Woman’s Leg Inside a Bus And This Is What the Passengers Did!

Sexual assault is a prevalent issue nowadays. Numerous headlines featuring stories of sexual assault go viral almost on a daily basis. This only shows that there are people who cannot control their lustful desires.

Another alarming story of sexual assault is circulating online

Facebook user Angelica Macalisang witnessed the incident and immediately posted it to warn ladies about people who are ready to take advantage of them even in public places.

Macalisang’s post is accompanied by pictures and videos showing how passengers of a public transport vehicle handled the situation between an alleged sex offender and his victim

A Man Touched This Woman's Leg Inside a Bus And This Is What the Passengers Did! Watch This!

In the video, a crying lady was yelling at a man she was accusing of sexual assault. She repeatedly said that the unidentified offender rubbed his manhood on her legs. 

Although the video did not capture the exact moment he did it, the lady is certain of her allegations against the male passenger. She cried as she kept narrating the incident. She also reiterated that she just gave birth to a child. Meanwhile, the alleged offender repeatedly denied all accusations.

A Man Touched This Woman's Leg Inside a Bus And This Is What the Passengers Did! Watch This!

The other passengers on the bus sided with the lady as they backed up her claims. They said that she would not have cried if the accusations were untrue. 

They cornered the guy and did not let him get off the bus. One man encouraged Macalisang to take a video and pictures of the alleged suspect. They also asked her to post it online so that the suspect will be shamed publicly for his indecent act.

Source: Facebook VK