This Story of a Gay Guy Who Finds Love Has Gone Viral!

Finding love for gay people has become way easier nowadays. With society continuously progressing towards a more open-minded attitude that embraces all kinds of people, love is no longer as forbidden as it was before for members of the LGBT community

However, due to traditional morals that claim only men and women should be together, intolerance is still present.

Luckily, this viral story of a gay guy and his foreigner lover might change the way people think.

On February 27, photos of two guys together in a beach circulated online due to speculations that the two were dating. 

“Kung feeling mo na maganda ka, then you’re not feeling well! 

Uwian na mga bes! May nanalo na! Kabog ang beauty niyo!” the Facebook page who posted the photo wrote.

The gay guy, clad in blue swimwear, was photographed with a foreign man wearing pink board shorts. Both men remain unidentified. 

This Story of a Gay Guy Who Finds Love Has Gone Viral!

The post was able to rake in about 18,000 reactions, 7,000 shares, and 4,600 comments. Many netizens also shared their insights regarding the post.

“Walang kinalaman ang pagkakaroon ng gwapong/magandang kapareha sa iyong pisikal na itsura. Pero, mas lalong walang kinalaman ang iyong itsura kung ang nararamdaman talaga ay tunay na pag-ibig,” commented Airish Novelas.

“why do people feel the need to share this on social media gusto nyo ba ipost din pic nyo ng mas maganda o pogi nyong syota para mafeel nyo na di nyo pala deserve ang ganun kasi panget kayo o kasi bakla o di kaya ay makapansanan o mahirap lang tas mas mayaman mas angat??” wrote Mack Jhed Soriano Anarcon.

However, some netizens also claimed that the photos might have been edited. Netizens Sejnom Al Yrrag and Nazheera Saudhie pointed out what they perceived as flaws in the photo’s editing.

This Story of a Gay Guy Who Finds Love Has Gone Viral!

This Story of a Gay Guy Who Finds Love Has Gone Viral!

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Face of the Suspect Involved in QC Road Killing Revealed!

On February 25, 2017, information technology (IT) professional Anthony Mendoza was gunned down by the driver of a sports utility vehicle (SUV) in a fit of apparent road rage in Quezon City.

The 27-year-old victim died at the scene from gunshots to the head.

An investigation by the authorities confirmed that Mendoza was riding on a Yamaha Fino motorcycle with his brother Michael. Witnesses described the gunman as a middle-aged male who drove a white Toyota Land Cruiser with the license plate “AHA 3454”

According to the victim’s brother, Mendoza confronted the driver of the SUV after the vehicle had nearly sideswiped the brothers’ bike. 

Their verbal altercation got very heated until the driver of the SUV pulled out a gun and shot Mendoza. 

The suspect immediately left the crime scene located at the corner of D. Tuazon street and Quezon Avenue in Barangay Doña Josefa.

Now a composite sketch of the suspect, provided by the Quezon City Police Department, has trended, circulating all over social media. 

This Just In! Face of the Suspect Involved in QC Road Rage Killing Revealed!

The suspect has been described to be somewhere between the ages 35 to 40.

QCPD Director, Chief Superintendent Guillermo Lorenzo Eleazar stated that the police will coordinate with the Land Transportation Office (LTO) to identify the owner of the white Toyota Land Cruiser. 

This Just In! Face of the Suspect Involved in QC Road Rage Killing Revealed!

Mendoza’s family has been distraught over the awful news. They revealed that he was about to marry his girlfriend in Singapore and had been preparing for his wedding before his untimely demise. They voiced their grievances on Facebook.

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This Road Rage Incident Killed Groom-To-Be after SUV Driver Shot Him Dead!

Another road rage incident led to bloodshed after a motorist murdered a 27-year-old fellow motorist last February 25 in an intense traffic conflict.

The victim was identified as Anthony Mendoza who works as an IT professional at HP (Hewlett Packard). According to the reports by Inquirer, the incident happened at the intersection of Quezon Avenue and D. Tuazon Street. Mendoza drove his motorcycle together with his older brother Michael from Banawe, Quezon City, to buy some car parts.

When he reached the intersection, an SUV nearly hit him and started the heated argument. The driver of the Toyota Land Cruiser with plate number AHA 3454, then pulled out a gun and shot Mendoza in the head. The victim died on the spot after suffering two gunshot wounds. The suspect, on the other hand, drove away instantly and is still at large as of the moment. Authorities are now conducting an investigation and will release the sketch of the suspect who is believed to be around 35-40 years old. 

Netizens were brokenhearted over the incident after learning that the victim is preparing for his wedding. His cousin even bought a wedding room for the forthcoming event before the horrible incident. 

Groom-To-Be Killed By SUV Driver in Road Rage! READ HERE!

Groom-To-Be Killed By SUV Driver in Road Rage! READ HERE!

Groom-To-Be Killed By SUV Driver in Road Rage! READ HERE!

Groom-To-Be Killed By SUV Driver in Road Rage! READ HERE!

Kickerdaily , Facebook

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Photo of A ‘Headless Body’ Goes Viral Online!

Filipinos are deeply-rooted to their culture and beliefs, an attribute heavily influenced by the Spaniards and the Filipino ancestors before the colonization.

These included beliefs on spirits and supernatural beings.

An odd photo has been circulating around Facebook last Wednesday, February 22, and has been the talk of a few hundred netizens. The picture was an image taken in Trinity University Asia by a certain Jewel Billones, containing what seemed like a headless body inside the chapel and “sitting” alone. 

The uploaded photo didn’t contain a caption, leaving much for the passing netizens and their imagination.

Student Shares Photo Of A ‘Headless Body’ in Her School Chapel! Is it True? Check it out Here!

Most people assumed that it was indeed a supernatural and headless being, haunting the chapel’s benches for some reason. A good part of the comments section also suggested different ways to deal with situations such as this, sharing superstitious beliefs to help fend away bad things that might fall on the witness. 

“Sabi nila sunugin daw ung damit na ginamit mo that day ??,” one netizens said. Another also said, “no! dapat ang ginawa mo tinapik mo sya kase ganon daw un e huhu katakot.” Others in the comments section shared their experience in the school’s chapel, saying that it was indeed haunted and that it wasn’t the first time someone saw an unexplainable entity. 

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‘Creepy Posts Before The Tanay Tragedy!

Earlier this week, a bus accident that in Tanay, Rizal injured almost 50 students of Bestlink College of the Philippines in Novaliches.

At least 15 died and the rest were wounded when a bus with plate number TXS 325 was travelling along Sitio Bayucan, allegedly lost its break and bumped into an electrical post. 

Students' Creepy Posts Before The Tanay Tragedy!

Students' Creepy Posts Before The Tanay Tragedy!

Students' Creepy Posts Before The Tanay Tragedy!

Students' Creepy Posts Before The Tanay Tragedy!

Netizens looked into some of the accounts of those who died in the crash and were surprised of what they saw. Some of them posted statuses that appeared to be premonitions before the trip.

Students' Creepy Posts Before The Tanay Tragedy!

Due to this incident, the Department of Education (DepEd) released a memo prohibiting schools to conduct field trips unitl June. They also reminded the parents and institutions that such trips are never mandatory

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Survivor Tells True Story of Tanay Accident: Bus Driver Apologized Minutes Before Crash!

Recently, a field trip turned into a tragedy after a bus rammed a tree in Tanay Rizal, which killed 15 people and injuring 40 others. Survivors can’t help but recall how they were left with prayers minutes before the tragic accident. According to one of them, Joever Sumugat, the bus driver apologized to them when he realized that the brakes aren’t working. 

“Nagsisigawan na po kami kasi sabi ng bus driver nawalan daw po siya ng preno, nagsosorry siya sa amin. Sabi niya, ‘Sorry nawalan ako ng preno’ tapos nagtayuan na po kami, sigawan, tapos iba po nagdadasal,”he said.

Another survivor, Jason Cristobal, a first-year student taking Information Technology, shared how he heard a screeching sound when the driver hit the brakes.

“Nagpreno po sya. ‘Pag preno po niya may tumunog po, may pumilantik na lang po kaming narinig. Bumangga na po kami sa gilid ng bundok tapos sa mga concrete barrier, tapos muntik na kaming mahulog sa bangin pero naiwas niya po,”he said.

“Ginawa na lang po naming mga nasa likod kumapit na lang po kami tapos nagsign of the cross na lang kami ng sign of the cross, nagdasal na lang po kami na si God na po yung bahala,” he added. 

Anthony Melgarejo, who also survived the accident, said: “Amoy sunog po na goma po talaga. Tapos yung sahig po kasi ng bus ramdam na po kasi naming mainit na,” 

“Wala namang kibo. Tuloy-tuloy lang po siya pagda-drive niya… sabi ko Lord kayo na bahala sa amin. Tapos namalayan ko po, bumunggo na po,” he added. 

Cristobal and another 17-year-old survivor named April also shared how they saw dead bodies scattering upon the impact. 

“Puro na po sila nakabulagta, tapos pagdungaw ko po sa gilid yung mga classmate ko na iba dun gumagapang na po. Yung iba buhay, yung iba patay,” Cristobal said.

“Yung iba nakita ko nakaupo pero natusukan sila ng bakal sa paa tapos yung iba po biyak na yung mukha. Nung nakita ko po yun nablangko na ko, naghanap na ko ng daan palabas,” he added.

“Nakapatong na sa akin yung mga kaklase ko po na wala na pong buhay, sir. Tapos po yung katawan ko po hindi ko na magalaw,” April said.

“Kahit ganito po nangyari sa akin, ipu-push ko pa rin po yung pangarap ko.”she added. 

Meanwhile, 18 victims are still admitted at the Amang Rodriguez Memorial Medical center with one of them still at Intensive Care Unit. 

Source: GMANetwork, VK


Husband Caught His Wife with Her Lover in a Motel Room! OMG

We often hear about stories of husbands cheating on their wives. Most of these stories end up with the wives beating the mistresses up or begging their husbands to stay. 

However, the opposite also happens. This is exactly what happened in this viral story of a wife caught sleeping with another man in a motel

The video starts with the husband and another man, trying to force entry into a room. A topless man opened the door for them and the husband immediately hit him in the head. He punched him some more before he turned to his wife who was hiding under the bed sheets

He immediatelly pulled away the sheets and hit her square in the face. He then got his belt and furiously whipped his wife multiple times. 

The video garnered different reactions from the netizens. Some took pity on the wife saying that the husband shouldn’t have resorted to violence despite what happened. 

However, others noted that they might have done the same thing, especially if you caught your partner redhanded

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Survivor Share the Story From the Recent Tanay Bus Accident

On February 20, 2017, Filipino television viewers were stunned after learning of a tragic bus accident which claimed 14 lives.

The tragedy happened on Monday morning. A rented tour bus from Quezon City bound for a resort in Tanay reportedly hit an electrical post. The accident occurred when the bus was on its way to its destination. The trip abruptly ended in tragedy when the party was at Magnetic Hill, Peligrino Farm, Sitio Bayukan, Barangay Sampaloc, Tanay Rizal.

The tour bus was carrying students from  Bestlink College, Novaliches.

The survivors were brought to the Tanay Community Hospital immediately after the accident was discovered.

Now, a video of one of the survivors being interviewed about the tragedy has surfaced.

Source: Wiredjournal, VK


Bestlink College Bus Accident in Tanay Rizal! 10 Confirmed Dead!

One of the leading causes of road accidents is overspeeding or reckless driving, especially in the Philippines where drivers of buses, jeepneys, and taxis floor the gas pedal like they’re the kings of the highway. 

Under the Republic Act No. 4136, trucks and buses can only travel at the maximum speed of 80 kilometers per hour while traversing expressways. In boulevards and avenues, they can only reach up to 30 kph. Any number above the designated figure is already considered reckless driving.

Even if the driver is careful, circumstances such as the machine or the engine of the vehicle breaking down can also be one of the causes. 

This was what presumably happened to a tourist bus who traversed to Tanay, Rizal, who got into an accident in the vicinity of Magnetic Hill, Peligirino Farm, Sitio Bakuyan, Barangay Sampaloc

JUST IN: Bestlink College Bus Accident in Tanay Rizal! 10 Confirmed Dead! Must See!

According to a report by ABS-CBN News, the bus was carrying the students of Bestlink College Novaliches and were supposed to go on a camping activity in a Tanay resort. This was relayed by the chief of the Tanay Disaster Risk Reduction and Management, Engineer Carlos Inofre

JUST IN: Bestlink College Bus Accident in Tanay Rizal! 10 Confirmed Dead! Must See!

JUST IN: Bestlink College Bus Accident in Tanay Rizal! 10 Confirmed Dead! Must See!

JUST IN: Bestlink College Bus Accident in Tanay Rizal! 10 Confirmed Dead! Must See!

The bus had the plate number TXS-325 and was rented from the Harana Tours. A total of 50 passengers were inside, Inore stated. 14 people were already confirmed dead from the accident. 

JUST IN: Bestlink College Bus Accident in Tanay Rizal! 10 Confirmed Dead! Must See!

The rest of the corpses were brought to San Isidro Funeral Homes. DZMM Teleradyo was able to gather a statement from a student, who said that they smelled something burning before the accident took place. 

The bus wasn’t speeding but the student claimed that they were on a steep road. It was reported that the bus itself lost the ability to brake and immediately rammed to the nearest electric post. 

JUST IN: Bestlink College Bus Accident in Tanay Rizal! 10 Confirmed Dead! Must See!

Source: ABS-CBN, VK


Grade 10 Student Found Dead In Masbate After Uncle Raped Her!

Mariah Aira Po, a 17-year-old grade 10 student of Alejandro delos Reyes Integrated High School (ADRIHS) got raped and slain by her own uncle in Barangay Cagay in Masbate City.

Police found her body at a nearby creek at Purok 6, also in Masbate City, on Thursday around 7 a.m., days after she was last seen on February 14

Authorities have arrested the suspect, who is the brother of the mother’s victim Amador Dalanon, 32, and is now facing charges of rape with homicide in Relation to Republic Act 7610, otherwise known as the “Special Protection of Children Against Abuse, Exploitation and Discrimination Act” or the Anti-Child Abuse Law of the Philippines.

According to the reports of SPO1 Arlene Jones of the Women and Children’s Protection Desk (WCPD), the suspect later confessed to the crime, saying that he choked the victim and sexually assaulted her lifeless body.

Source Facebook, VK